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141 Rockruff Rockruff V 2 Comments
142 Bounsweet Bounsweet V 2 Comments
143 Jumpluff

This Pokemon is adorable, but so underrated! I think it's cuter than Jigglypuff by far. - xMagnoblade

Cute little fluffy balls SO CUTE

OH MY GOOODNESS! This thing is just too cute. The smile and how it looks! You could just squeal at first sight!

144 Espurr Espurr

Poor little guy, all the way down here at number 167. Espurr should be #1!

Espurr is NOT creepy. The poor thing may be found in a haunted house but it will be lonely and it won't be his fault he is really cute

Espurr is so spookily cute! I love spookily cute Pokemon! It's evolution boy or girl is flawless!

It's so cute how can anyone hate it ;3;

V 18 Comments
145 Litleo Litleo

You gotta admit, if this thing was real you'd be hugging it all day

Litleo is my kind! Me and Litleo equals friends for life baby!

Litleo is always at the top of my party! Just look at it! And if you touch it's little flame head thing in Pokemon Amie, aww!


V 4 Comments
146 Seel

Seel is just adorable with it's big tongue!

Why at 153? Seels voice is adorable and it's tongue is so cute!

V 2 Comments
147 Togekiss

Togekiss is the most cute and a powerful Pokemon
Its fantastic dazzling appeal always make me won every battle (almost) and contests

Togekiss is magnefique! It will protect you! And dawns togekiss is just adorable, who can't love those wings?

V 1 Comment
148 Patrat

Oh my gosh I love his eyes! I mean, I'm glad MY eyes don't look like that, but still. I love how serious patrat always looks. He probably doesn't realize that whenever I see his angry face I start laughing because of how cute he is. Come on, peeps! VOTE!

Everyone seems to hate this pokemon for it's eyes. Come on! His eyes are sort of weird but he's still kind of cute.

He will stare into your soul the he will kill you then he will win the Pokemon league

V 2 Comments
149 Sentret

, they're like the most adorable pokemon EVER!
I love their little stripy tails :3

Sentret and Azumarill would get along.

150 Spoink

Google a picture. You will find it cute.

Who wouldn't love a tiny pig with a spring for legs and an obsessive passion for pearls

Of course Spoink is the cutest especially when he says "Spoink"!

Spoink is the cutest Pokemon

V 3 Comments
151 Goomy Goomy

Cutest dragon I've ever seen. It looks so harmless and gentle just cute little bundle of slime :3

How is this cute Pokemon not in the top ten? should be beating Mew

This is my 2nd favorite. Azumarill and Goomy would get along.

Goomy and axew are the best dragons they're so cute

V 9 Comments
152 Lopunny Lopunny

This Pokemon is superb cute! She is one of my top listed Pokemon. Shes so beautiful that every girl wants. I better like this than buneary. I can see a picture of a woman in this Pokemon. So cute for me! I know for you too. This Pokemon deserves at the top of this chart!

You know it like a fashion girl with big ears.

Why is Lopunny over here in #125? It is obviously a good Pokemon. Well, in my eyes.

Definitely should be at the top! Very pretty Pokemon!

V 2 Comments
153 Rattata Rattata

He should be number ONE HE IS THE CUTEST POKEMON EVER AND I SAY THAT EVERY POKEMON IS CUTE IN ITS OWN WAY rattata is not that good but when he evolves he kicks but mightyena poochyena and rattata are my favourite pokemon I do hope mightyena is on this list

V 5 Comments
154 Wailord

I love you wailord. such a big Pokemon

V 3 Comments
155 Ninetales Ninetales

I think ninetail is so beautiful with its ninetails

Ninetales evolves from vulpix and vulpix is 5 so nietales is cute and beautiful.

Ninetales evolves from vulpix and is 5 so ninetals is cute to and beautiful.

V 3 Comments
156 Banette

How in the world could you possibly think this guys ugly! He is SO. CUTE. I will never understand why people don't like him!... Of course, I AM the one who named a spider I found on my desk Jeffery instead if squishing him... But come on! He does not deserve all the hate! Come on, peeps! VOTE!

Who doesn't love an animated girls toy that was abandoned?

He's cute and creepy

I think it needs to be at least 999.999.999

V 5 Comments
157 Duskull

His little skull mask makes me want to have him as a pet. How is he not #9 on the list.

158 Ponyta

I love ponyta. It would be so awesome if it were real. Except he probably wouldn't be very fun to ride, considering he's on fire. And he would probably escape from me because he'd probably burn down the barn id keep him in. But still! He should totally be up higher. Come on, peeps! Vote!


Ok guys, are you seriously kiddinge? Ponyta is the cutest pokemon like, ever! Its a pony, who breathes fire and is crazy powerful all while battings its wide eyes. Like, does anyone else notice this? AND it evolves into Rapidash, which is like a super BA pokemon, so whats to hate? You just can't go wrong with Ponyta!

How is this 99? And how is this lower than Luxray?

V 8 Comments
159 Quilava Quilava

I ALWAYS thought that Quilava is the cutest thing. I just pick it up and hug it to death, even if I did burn to my death

I really love Quilava. It's my favorite fire type.

V 2 Comments
160 Poliwag

Little cute eyes and swirly tummy! Since when has little Poliwag ever been so mean? J

What the heck is wrong with you people?! Poliwag the cutest everyone knows that!

Wow. Just wow. Poliwag is my favorite Pokemon and you put it at #146!

Why is this so far down?

V 8 Comments
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