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161 Duskull

His little skull mask makes me want to have him as a pet. How is he not #9 on the list.

162 Ponyta

I love ponyta. It would be so awesome if it were real. Except he probably wouldn't be very fun to ride, considering he's on fire. And he would probably escape from me because he'd probably burn down the barn id keep him in. But still! He should totally be up higher. Come on, peeps! Vote!


Ok guys, are you seriously kiddinge? Ponyta is the cutest pokemon like, ever! Its a pony, who breathes fire and is crazy powerful all while battings its wide eyes. Like, does anyone else notice this? AND it evolves into Rapidash, which is like a super BA pokemon, so whats to hate? You just can't go wrong with Ponyta!

How is this 99? And how is this lower than Luxray?

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163 Quilava Quilava

I ALWAYS thought that Quilava is the cutest thing. I just pick it up and hug it to death, even if I did burn to my death

I really love Quilava. It's my favorite fire type.

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164 Poliwag

Little cute eyes and swirly tummy! Since when has little Poliwag ever been so mean? J

What the heck is wrong with you people?! Poliwag the cutest everyone knows that!

Wow. Just wow. Poliwag is my favorite Pokemon and you put it at #146!

If I made a YouTube video, I'll make top ten cutest Pokemon. The number one will be the cutest and it'll be poliwag.

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165 Ledyba

Ledyba is really cute, but something about that face never sat right with me...

Even Misty, who's afraid of bugs, thinks they're cute.

Ledian is my fave pokemon so I love the fact that its pre evelotion is on this list

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166 Venonat Venonat V 3 Comments
167 Glameow

What... I'm shock Glameow should the 1st I tell you. The things I like in Glameow 1st: elegant 2nd: cute of course 3rd: powerful 4th: Trusting 5th: always Behave and last a friend of the characters

Glameow is way cuter than most of the Pokemon before her on this list. What a snub.

I really love it. I just don't know who put it so down this list.
It is so adorable! Love you glameow.

Glameow is catty Pokemon! I love cats

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168 Budew

I caught one in my game and became obsessed with him. I gave him an everstone so I could keep him at his ultimate cuteness. I beat every contest on the Normal Rank with it and fed only it poffins because it was the only Pokemon cute enough to be a contest winner.

Go Budew! By far the cutest grass Pokemon there is. Love that little bud guy. Really though, Budew should at least be in the top 50

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169 Combee

So cute with its cute trio heads friends forever aw

It's cry makes me squeal with cuteness and I just want to nuzzle it's little faces.
Bees are horrible but combee, it's just the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Combee or the tiny Bee Pokemon, is a Bug/Flying Type Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Female Combees evolve into Vesiquen, while Male Combees don't evolve at all. Male or Female, Combee is equally as cute. With a honeycomb shaped body with 3 little simple faces, this Pokemon is simply adorable. Combee also has 2 wings as well and 2 antennas. Combee is a rather simple Pokemon but that's what makes it so cute. It doesn't need a fancy design to be cute. Female Combees have a red mark on the top of the lowest face, while Male Combees don't have this mark.

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170 Abra Abra

They just make me want to pick them up and hug them, until they evolve into Kadabra and then the unstoppable psychic powerhouse that is Alakazam. Mrs Bellows' Abra's teleporting antics in the anime made me chuckle too! - Entranced98

He looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rucka Rucka Ali looks like JOseph Gordon Levitt as well (says KSI)

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171 Ninetails

Sweetest and most protective thing EVER. Gotta love the Alolan form

I know a bff who loves this pokemon! its one of my favorites as well,but it's a little underrated...Oh well!

172 Mismagius

I have always loved ghost types, its just weird that mismagius is #141. Its just SO cute! I really don't get why most people overlook some Pokemon just because they're not furry?

Creepy cute! Also purple is my favorite color, it's mouth is so spooky... I LOVE IT!

173 Foongus

Worst Pokemon ever, cutest card ever, best tasting mushroom ever. Goods outnumber the bads if your not him

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174 Mime Jr. Mime Jr.

Mime jr. Is SO cute I think my head is going to explode into a cloud of marshmallows from looking at him too long. No kidding. I think somebody accidentally put him at number 141 when they were really trying to put him at number 1. Come ON peeps! VOTE!

Mime Jr is so underrated come on guys

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175 Flaaffy

How could this have not been 1? This beats eevee by far!

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176 Bunnelby Bunnelby

Come on 159 how is it not cute my opinion it should be in top 20

Love it It has a wonderful cry and a little puffy tail

Bunnelby is a awesome Pokemon cutter then pikachau.her face is so so so cute.

177 Skorupi

Skorupi is SOOO cute! I'm really starting to think I see the world upside down because it seems like no one likes the super cute guys but me! If skorupi were real, I would SO want him as a pet. I'm not sure how my mom would feel about that because she didn't really jump for the idea I get a giant pet spider, though... But whatever about pet spiders. The point is COME ON, PEEPS! VOTE!

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178 Deino

Deino is adorable! This Pokemon should be in at least top 50!

In Greek language, deino means terrible - JolteonIsAwesome

Deino is so cute!

179 Staryu

I've always thought living things without faces were cute for some reason, and Staryu is no exception! I just think he's so adorable! And should be a little higher on this list.

I think Staryu should just stay right here.

It can't be cute, it has no face. But still awesome though.

180 Dwebble

Dwebble is SO CUTE! How come I'm the only one who thinks so?!?... Of course, at school when there was a huge spider on my desk everyone else was screaming while I was saying "aw... ! Your so cute! I'm gonna name you Jeffery" to the spider... But whatever about Jeffery the spider. I'm supposed to be talking about dwebble. But yeah. Dwebble is so cute it's hard too look at him he's so cute. Come on, peeps! VOTE!

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