Top 10 Cutest Sinnoh Pokemons

The list below gives you the top ten most popular and cutest Sinnoh-introduced Pokemons... " Pokemons that are introduced to the world by the Sinnoh Region".... They may not have the same type... but they are all CUTE as said earlier... VOTE WISELY.... who do you think should be crowned Sinnoh's cutest ever Pokemon????

The Top Ten

1 Pachirisu Pachirisu

Pachirisu is adorable. He looks more adorable with Dawn in the contests.

Pachirisu is way cuter than Piplup, and deserves very much to be at the top of this list.

Are you kidding me
I only came here to see someone deserving at the top
Like pachirisu

I love this guy in the show! So funny and cute!

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2 Piplup Piplup

Dawn's Piplup is so adorable, especially when it's either cheering for Ash or for Dawn. And where's Pikachu on the list?

Piplup is just much cuter than the other options. - Thousandeyesrestrict

piplup is super even cuter than picachu

I love piplup! Piplup is so adorable

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3 Glaceon

Glaceon is so cute!!!!!! She is the best!! She is a silver gleaming iceicle and the most beautiful star in the sky! Everyone vote for her and all your dreams will come true. She deserves everybodies vote so give it her please. For beauty's sake!

Glaceon has got to be at least number 3, which it is.
It amazing! And I also would like if she could be Vaporeon's girlfriend

Glaceon is way more cooler, stronger and cuter than piplup than the rest

Not only cute but bad ass

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4 Chinchar

Chimchar is so adorable! It sounds like a baby monkey being picked up in tears for fears!

Chimchar is so cute. I love monkeys and penguins and turtles!

Chimchar is the very very very very best
It is so cute and powerful

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5 Turtwig Turtwig

Cutest grass type. The cutest Pokemon of all time is Cyndaquil.

6 Leafeon

Leafeon is a great, cute, and strong. It is my favorite Pokemon that evolves from eevee. Tip: if you have an eevee, evolve it into leafeon.

If I get an Eevee, I'm going to evolve it into either a Vaporeon or Leafeon. That's it. Probably Vaporeon, but nvm

7 Shinx

My first Pokemon game was dimond so I went for the cutest, this is how it went: "Oh, the Penguin is cute! " And then " A bird? So not cute." And of course " Is that a beaver?! Gross! " And then " Aw! It's a monkey on four legs! I'm gonna catch it! ". And that's how the whole game went

It needs to be higher on this list! Like, way higher!

He is cute but I like pachirisu better

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8 Vulpix Vulpix

It is just so cute and powerful it is definitely my favorite Pokemon of all time for me a fox is just so cute I would so get it

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9 Mime Jr. Mime Jr. V 1 Comment
10 Snover

The Contenders

11 Budew

Budew looks like a cute little stuffed toy x3

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12 Finneon
13 Ralts V 1 Comment
14 Chatot

You have to admit, Chatot can be so cute! Chatot is my favorite Pokemon and I wont buy a Pokemon game where you can't catch it in the wild. If anyone else loves Chatot like me out there, please vote! I want to hug a Chatot so much! :3

15 Gible

Look at its adorable eyes and adorable mouth! So adorable! - Pokemonfan321

16 Munchlax
17 Hippopotas
18 Bidoof
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