Cutest Skylanders


The Top Ten

1 Wrecking Ball


2 Trigger Happy

Come on, who can resist a mad guy with a long tongue and loves gold

I love him so much I love TRIGGER HAPPY!

Well trigger happy is creppy - bashfulfox

I <3 Trigger Happy - bashfulfox

3 Camo
4 Pop Thorn
5 Zap

My brother thinks he's cute

6 Hot Dog

Love and kicks butt with his fiery Spirit

7 Stealth Elf
8 Warnado

Wrecking ball isn't cute- he's just creepy.

9 Hex

How is steal f elf and hex cute

10 Whirlwind

Why nobody else thinks this is beyond me.

The Contenders

11 Ghost Roaster

Heis adorable and cool

12 Sunburn
13 Terrafin

Have You Met My Kids (HYMMK). Look Terrafin on the figure looks like a psycho but on game he is cute with the way he summons his babies. As a matter of fact series three Terrafins wow pow ability HYMMK involves digging down summoning his babies you can do this three times in one dig

14 Weeruptor

Tiny eruptor and cute - j37

15 Funny Bone

Dead but Still cute

16 Pet-Vac

Another really cute mini

17 Sonic Boom
18 Eye Brawl

His babies are so cute

19 Double Trouble

Baby are so cute

20 Breeze

In my opinion, the cute mini there is.

21 Bop

He is so CCCUTEEE!

22 Mini-Jini


23 Thumpling

The cutest Skylander ever!

24 Eye-Small

Cutest mini Giant ever!

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