Top 10 Cutest Sonic Characters

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21 Helen

She's arguably the most loved of the humans in Sonic X

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22 Chao

My favourite creature, it was a cute one, I've never seen this before!

23 Froggy

I hope big finds his cute frog before it's too late!

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24 Kiki
25 Cream

Cream is cute she is a rabbit.

No Fair, She's On Here Twice!

26 Honey the Cat
27 Sally Acorn Sally Acorn
28 Holly

A sweet little kid.

29 Jet the Hawk

Age 14 quack quack quack I'm a duck on a hover board quack quack quack I can't fly quack quack quack

30 Sticks the Badger
31 Modern Classic Sonic

Cuter than the original classic Sonic the Hedgehog, but doesn't say ANYTHING in Sonic Generations - :-(!

32 E-102 Gamma
33 Storm the Albatross
34 Mina Mongoose

Dangit, this list needs more mic characters! Of course Mina here is my top pic. I mean LOOK at her!

35 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic

Really? Metal sonic is nowhere even NEAR cute

36 Chris Thorndyke

Chris Thorndyke is ugly and he needs to go die. Shadow needs to shoot him or something.

EW! I hate Chris Thorndyke, because he is so whiny, like, 'Sonic… I hope you're OK.

37 Eggman
38 Sonic the Werehog V 1 Comment
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