Top Ten Cutest Steven Universe Couples

Steven Universe Has A Lot Of Cute Couples and ships. Which One is Your favorite?

The Top Ten

1 Ruby and Sapphire Ruby and Sapphire

They are literally the cutest ship ever! They are always there for each other and fusion as the best character ever, Garnet!

2 Steven and Connie Steven and Connie

I don't know y this isn't #1...

3 Pearl and Amethyst Pearl and Amethyst

This ain't cute at all. Look I like both characters people. But honestly a relationship between the would never work out. Amethyst likes to eat, pearl doesn't. Amethyst likes her room a complete mess, pearl likes things cleaned. Both would make each othe miserable, think about it people! They r good as sisters & that's it!

4 Greg and Rose Greg and Rose
5 Lars and Sadie Lars and Sadie

Lars and Sadie are so cute together

Lars should go & get hit by a train that'd make my day. Ronaldo is better 4 Sadie

6 Peridot and Lapis Peridot and Lapis
7 Jenny and Sour Cream Jenny and Sour Cream

I'm the only person who ships this, but I think it could be cute. - Stevenuniversefangirl

8 Kiki and Ronaldo Kiki and Ronaldo

I don't think many people ship this, but I ersonally find it very cute. - Stevenuniversefangirl

9 Vidalia and Yellowtail Vidalia and Yellowtail

I'm glad Vidalia found someone to treat her right.

10 Leggy and Navy (Rubies)

The Contenders

11 Pearl and Peridot Pearl and Peridot

They've really haven't communicated much with each other though

cute nerds - Stevenuniversefangirl

I ship this, and I would much rather this be endgame than Lapidot or Amedot.

12 Yellow and Blue Diamond Yellow and Blue Diamond

I ship it... - Stevenuniversefangirl

13 Pearl and Rose Pearl and Rose
14 Jamie and Kevin Jamie and Kevin

It could be cute.

I'm pretty sure they r both straight, or at least Jamie seems to b.

15 White and Pink Diamond
16 Pearl and Lapis Pearl and Lapis
17 Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl
18 Doc and Army (Rubies)
19 Pearl and Mystery Girl Pearl and Mystery Girl
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1. Steven and Connie
2. Ruby and Sapphire
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