Top Ten Cutest Steven Universe Couples

Steven Universe has a lot of cute couples and ships. Which one is your favorite?
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1 Ruby and Sapphire

They are literally the cutest ship ever! They are always there for each other and fusion as the best character ever, Garnet!

They are the sweetest things and one of the best lesbian and fictional couples in general!

Ruby and Sapphire is one of the cutest ships on any cartoon ever

Happy 2-year and 1 day anniversary of your wedding! 7/7/20

2 Steven and Connie

I want Connie to sweep Steven off of his feet and save him from a top of a tower!

They are so cute togheter why the hell aren't they girlfriend and boyfriend yet

They are pretty cute together. Plus, I love their fusion, Stevonnie.

They were OTP since we first seen them, we all knew it was coming.

3 Pearl and Amethyst

This is most definitely my top ship. It's one of those classic "opposites attract" relationships. On many occasions, they make each other blush and there has even been some hints at them being much closer. Especially in the episode shown in the picture, they often comfort each other and make each other happier.
In "Last one out of beach city", Pearl was willing to do things she otherwise would always refuse for Amethyst.
Overall, they are very close to each other, and extremely great together.

This ain't cute at all. Look I like both characters people. But honestly a relationship between the would never work out. Amethyst likes to eat, pearl doesn't. Amethyst likes her room a complete mess, pearl likes things cleaned. Both would make each othe miserable, think about it people! They r good as sisters & that's it!

They are just literally in love with each other. If you haven’t even seen all the signs of it then I don’t know what to say.
Top ship here!

This has to be the best ship in steven universe! And I'm hoping in this next season that they're ship will sail!

4 Peridot and Lapis

This is literally the cutest couple on Steven Universe (to me). I personally love this couple they love some of the same stuff and I had always though that I was the only one who shipped them, they make each other laugh and occasionally blush and I think Lapidot or Peris would be a good ship name (I like Lapidot better), please anyone tell me what you think about Lapis and Peridot (I have no idea why they are not first). I LOVE this couple so much!

I have always seen a sisterly relationship here, and when I found out this was a ship, I felt awkward about it since I think sisters fits the relationship best. #1 Sister ship though.

My friend and I role play this couple! I am peridot and she is Lapis. I used to have a crush on her and she knew... when she reads this she will probs tell me off. I am on the phone to her rn! Yes I am a girl you judging people!

I don't know why but Peridot has always seemed really cute and Lapis isn’t really my type but my friend loves Lapis and is her favorite character but my favorite is Peridot so it seems kinda cute to see them as a ship. This ship is sooo adorable

5 Greg and Rose

Rose did the bad with the dad. If you don't get the joke, then I'm going to tell you that the joke was about SEX.

They are only a cute couple when Greg is young when he gets old and ugly she leaves him amen to that.

I always thought they were ADORABLE together!

6 Lars and Sadie

They are no longer together. In the epilogue series, it turns out that Sadie has a new boyfriend (I think).

10/10 but not Lars with rockstar Sadie no. Only Petite girly Sadie.

Why did Shep come into the show and ruin this ship?! *screams*

Lars should go & get hit by a train that'd make my day. Ronaldo is better 4 Sadie

7 Vidalia and Yellowtail

I'm glad Vidalia found someone to treat her right.

No. Yuck. She deserves way better than that ugly hack.

Canon. Plus my friend wrote a mini-fanfiction. :3 yay!

8 Leggy and Navy (Rubies)

They are so cute together! The innocent one and the smart one! I always liked that kind of thing I guess...

9 Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl

One of the current episodes with them was cute! Blue told Steven she likes to draw, & yellow looked at her drawings and saw she drew her, so she wanted her to draw her & modeled for blue! Too cute!

Technically they are sisters or cousins since they are the same class of gems, but I guess it really doesn't matter since gems don't have genders. I still ship them though...

Yellow pearl's relationship with *clears voice* herself, doesn't exist. SO I voted for this.

Whats yellow doing to blue in the picture?

10 Jenny and Sour Cream

I'm the only person who ships this, but I think it could be cute.

I want this to happen so BAD-

cute and nice

I DO! I DO! I DO! I DO! I DO! And I thought that ship would never sail.. CRIES JOYOUS TEARS.

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11 Kiki and Ronaldo

I honestly want this to happen, despite Ronaldo being with a different girl... honestly I forgot her name.

Better than Jenny and Ronaldo. Plus it was canon at one point.

I don't think many people ship this, but I ersonally find it very cute.

12 Blue and Yellow Zircon

The space lawsbians should have had more screen time in Steven Universe Future.

Ok but like come on guys... it is really cute

OTP of the minor characters(gems)
Opposites not only attract, but complete each other.

No they ugly.

13 Yellow and Blue Diamond

I can't tell if they're a thing or if they're sisters. I pick them as a thing cause it makes sense to me, but so does sisters :P.

Pink Diamond's mothers and consequently Steven's grandmothers.

Umm... No they are not a couple, they are like sisters!

Oml I live for this ship
Plus yellow is my favorite character

14 Amethyst and Peridot

I know people here gonna be upset with this, but they are great together and actually show a healthy relationship built on trust, happiness, care, and understanding. If you see that as ‘a sibling like relationship’ something is wrong with you...

This is beautiful

The Best one yet

BOOooo Pearlmytheyst for da win. This was a thing for like 5 episodes. also for the comment about japis being your 2 fave. It was abusive

15 Pearl and Pink Pearl

You bet that this is the best in the show!

Should be higher

They are really cute together ❤

mega pearl is so cute

16 Pearl and Rose

Rose didn't DESERVE pearl. However, Peal's crush was cute...

17 Pearl and Mystery Girl

I think the way pearl acts awkward around mystery girl at first is so adorable. And also the fact she sees her like rose.

I like pearl with mystery girl or bismuth... but bismuth is never coming back :( but this ship is pretty cute! I hope mystery girl & pearl interact more!

It's either mystery girl or amethyst. I like opal. Sorry human :(

my top 4 ship

18 Bismuth and Pearl

#1 pearl ship here (with pearlmystery a close 2nd). It was cute how excited pearl got to see her again when she 1st came back & bismuth teasing her “somebody lost her pearl...! ” With her being cool with it. ALS bismuth is back so it’s somewhat possible again!


19 Kevin and Death

Despite this being a joke (at least I think it's a joke) this would be a very good couple. Please, let's see it blossom, shall we?

Yes. It needs to happen. Let it be canon.

let this happen now


20 Jamie and Kevin

There straight. And don’t say Kevin isn’t. Did you see the way he was with Stevonnie. And yes I know there non binary, but in the eye’s of humans they look more female.

I would like to see this happen

It could be cute.

I'm pretty sure they r both straight, or at least Jamie seems to b.

21 Pearl and Pink Diamond

These too are so cute! Pearl was a gift to pink, she helped her escape the roles of a diamond, and helped her notice earth really is more than meets the eye. I loved this couple from day 1!

A love that never happened :'(

Should be above Lapidot

22 Spinel and Pink Pearl

These guys have been through almost the exact same thing. I mean with losing Pink, but I SWEAR... I want to see this happen.

Lol Mickey Mouse and Princess Leia getting married lol!

Yes my two children they're so adorable together in the fan art- screeech

I love these perky pink lesbians!

23 Pearl and Peridot

They've really haven't communicated much with each other though

I ship it 10/10 needs more screen time though.

I ship this, and I would much rather this be endgame than Lapidot or Amedot.

24 Spinel and Steven

This should be higher on the list

Yes I love dis ship so cute

best ship on wattpad and everywhere

25 Jasper and Lapis

Why would you ship an abusive relationship!?

Kawaii UwU I ship it

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