Top Ten Cutest Things About Dogs


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1 Their little faces V 2 Comments
2 They are very happy animals

Of course... Everything about them is great! - Ananya

My Labrador retriever is so happy and really loves us

There are some anmals

3 They love you if you love them
4 You can tell when they are dreaming

How can you tell, when they are sleeping?

5 They are very soft and easy to cuddle with

I have a Labrador Retriever and is softly as a pillow - YanRocky

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6 They curl up when they sleep

I think they think that they are little kittens. - Kevie16

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7 They can actually smile

It may not be real smiling, but at least they always do it when they are happy. - Kevie16

8 They enjoy people
9 They love each other

My dogs are hard to imagine as the happy creatures they are when they go it solo. - PositronWildhawk

Unlike some animals, dogs really enjoy each others company. - Kevie16

10 They are entertained very easily

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11 They are intelligent

My dog understands faces and words and hand signals. She can navigate to several places too! - Wolftail

12 They play with you
13 They stick out their tongue
14 Whenever you're hurt they come and check on you.

Sometimes they don't.

15 Their love
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1. Their little faces
2. They are very happy animals
3. They love you if you love them



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