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1 Emolga Emolga

It's a flying squirrel! I swear, it is like the cousin of a Pikachu or something (Pikachu and Pichu are among my most favorite Pokemon of ALL time). :D

Flying squirrels rock. That includes Rocky from that old show "Rocky and Bullwinkle". Seeing him reincarnated as a butt-kicking electric squirrel blew my mind. Go Shocksquirrel!

I think Emolga is so cute! I think it should be at least #5 on the list. Plus it is a strong Pokemon.

Emolga used attract.the most cutest attract ever!

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2 Victini Victini

It is very cute fire type Pokemon

Cute victini 4rever best cute Pokemon in unova :3


Cute and powerful

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3 Oshawott Oshawott Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.

Finally! One deserving of number one!

Oshawott will make all other Pokemon pee in the fur butts

What? How is Archen a cute Pokemon? It can't beat Oshawott. Victini?! Look, I like Victini it's just that Oshawott is the number 1.

To good

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4 Zorua Zorua

Zorua is a lot more cute than oshawott, Seriously, I think that charmander still overcomes oshawott in cuteness, Mudkip also does the same.

Pikachu still owns joltik and mew still coomes to claim it's throne back that was stolen by that evil victini.

Back on topic, Zorua is the most cute dark type and unova Pokemon ever, He evolves into ZOROARK, who defeats lucario in a battle (Just try to do that 3,2 and 1. ) All in all, this thing can illusion into the cute guys, Need an eevee, Viola, Need a skitty? Poof! Need a bidoof? Presto!

Suprisingly it can't learn transform.

I love this pokemon
It can change into anything
Really like victini but am rating this on Pokemon that can be caught and kept

Zorua is so cute! It can make it look like it's the cutest Pokemon on earth! It's also very tricky. It's on MY top ten cutest Pokemon that's for sure! I also like Eevee and Ditto

I like zorua and all, but vinciti is way better

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5 Minccino Minccino

Cutest Pokemon ever! It is also strong. It can use sing which puts the other Pokemon asleep. And I taught mine retaliate and she was killing every Pokemon one by one. I did a lot of training otherwise battling wild Pokemon to practice and level her up for every gym battle and basically every trainer that battles me which are super annoying especially gym leaders and elite fours and the champion. They keep using hyper potions and other healing stuff. Minccino is like a little chinchilla Pokemon with big fluffy ears. I am kinda mad at game freak about normal types in X and Y. They made them weak :( Come on people we all love normal types! Normal types are original :) Anyway, when it evolves into Cinccino, It's still cute but I like Minccino better. Minccino is the best Pokemon ever. Minccino is probably my favorite Pokemon

Teach yours thunderbolt then they can tear through other Pokemon like crap! - Goatworlds

I agree that Minccino is so cute. Even then, it is a very, very sacred Pokemon. If I have a Minccino in Pokemon Black and White, I'll never evolve it! I don't want her to lose her cuteness!

Minccino's so cute, my heart melts!

Minccino should be higher, it's so cute! It has great attacks and it's adorable. I have a cute Minccino plush and I love it so much. It's the cutest Unova pokemon ever!

Very very very very very cute

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6 Joltik Joltik

I'm surprised this thing wasn't already on the list. It's a tiny little electric jumping spider, and it's adorable. How can you not love it?

Being the smallest Pokemon ever, at a mere 4 inches, really helps its cuteness.

First of all I HATE spiders but this little dude just cured me! It's adorable!

It's so tiny and cute

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7 Snivy Snivy

Snivy is cool and calm and cute snivy is my second best starter till 2015 fist is turtwig still I vote snivy as my cutest unova Pokemon. I love gen 5 I love dragons I love zekrom I love mostly everything happy face#

Snivy is so cute.

I love her appearance in the anime and she is just adorable.

This should be in top #5 also it is a cool and SO STRONG STARTER

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8 Litwick Litwick

Sure, it pretty much eats your soul, but that doesn't make it any less cute.

He is adorable and looks like a little emo! I will never make him evolve.

A ghost candle with a face... ADORABLE. Cutest ghost type ever. This needs a better rating than this.

Litwick is so cute I could snuggle it all day.

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9 Axew Axew

It is so cute and then it turns into a killing beast what more is there to a pokemon

A baby dragon with tiny arms and legs. Cutest Dragon ever. Best Dragon ever.

AWW! Axew is one of my favorite pokemon of all time! He so cute, but he evolves into an aggressive yet kind killing machine! He is really cute and caring in the anime, his dragon rage is powerful and when he evolves into a haxorus, he looks like I can kill you any second! So try to grab yourself an axew, teache it dragon dance and you will kill everyone with haxorus! -Justice girl

Oh my holy Arceus YES! Axew is so cute! It should be #1... no wait, it WILL be #1! *Picks up innocent Axew and puts it on Emolga's head* Boom! so cuute!

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10 Sewaddle Sewaddle

Sewaddle looks so cute I'll love him/her for my whole life and I'll never forget about him/her.

I instantly fell in love with it when I first saw it in the anime.

Sewaddle is a also strongish for as it has not evolved.


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11 Archen

He's the cutest fossil ever. He's coloful, quick, has a great typing, and he's this cute little bird. A bird with razor sharp fangs. I mean he's so cute that I don't even take his tough qualities seriosly.

When I on nacrene museum in black/white 2 I ever pick archens fossil! (i forgot the name laugh out loud)

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12 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

You call this CUTE? Read the EEeEE creepypasta and you won't think it's so cute anymore. That creepypasta is about an eevee that wants to evolve but the trainer prevents it from evolving so it gets mad, turns all his pokemon into bad eggs and basically kills him

Woah woah woah, I thought we were talking about Unova Pokemon.

She is so undoubtedly cute, I mean, how can you not like this?!

Awww a normal type pokemon would not be this adorable just look at her eyes its like she wants to cuddle somebody today

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13 Whimsicott

Whimsicott is just so adorable.

14 Petilil

Aww the most cutest Pokemon ever I have about ten because of their cuteness

15 Deerling Deerling

My precious Bambi that I save from being an orphan!

He is so cute - Piplup



16 Cubchoo Cubchoo

Isn't he so cute

It's like a frozen teddy bear with a cold!

Vote lillpup and cubchoo HIGHER!


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17 Tepig Tepig

Are you kidding me this pokemon adorable! Search on google images and see when it is crying, come on its Adorable!

Tepig was my starter! COME ON! The others are cute, but I LOVE my starter and would not trade it for the strongest Pokemon in the universe!

Tepig is adorable with its little pig shape and little cute eyes... But it evolves into another fire fighting

Tepig is adorable. How is he not at least top 10

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18 Scraggy Scraggy

Scraggy is cute too


So true cute

He's just cool and is basically a gangster jit

19 Lillipup Lillipup

It's so cute so especially in the anime just look it up and you will fall in love my team has lillipup always

I love lillipup. The only reason I hate him is because he looks slouch likely cousins dog Minnie that passed away a while ago :(

It's a little cute puppy. Stout land is beast too.

Lillipup is my favorite Pokémon and always will be. It GOT ME INTO POKEMON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It has a cute design and it's Evolutions are so cool! I don't understand all the hate for this Pokémon...

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20 Vanillite Vanillite

This thing should be of fairy type because of it's cuteness and why don't this cutie belong to top 20. - Coolbear

It's a ice cream cone with a smiley face!


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