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Some of my classmates who was still new on this Vocaloid thing keeps asking me what are the Vocaloid pairings and I keep telling them they can pair anyone but then the questions transforms into what pairing I like and find the cutest. Though I included gender-bents and UTAUs here.

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21 Rin Kagamine and Nero Akita

Haha! Please don't ask. - samputen

I think they're cute together but I prefer Rin and Len - MyNguyen

I wanna see Neru x Rin /;n;/

I kind of regret shipping Rin x Len a while ago, because it just confuses me now! I think I’ll just let the fans decide for themselves 😂
But Len can have Neru all he wants, just so long as Rin is with Nero forever! ❤️

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22 Luka and Kaito

They deserve more attention.

I wish people would like this ship more because in my opinion its adorable

If I didn't ship Meiko x Kaito and Luka x Gakupo I would probably ship this!

Luka and Kaito are way better because they both are mature in looks and how they sound. The ages are the same even! Miku and Kaito, Just no. NO NO NO NO. Luka x Kaito, yes, YES YES YES, YES, Yes Yes! They are perfect for one another.

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This is actually 1 of 3 hetero ships I ship. They are just so much like buddy lovers it's adorable!

They ARE quite literally made for each other.

Nothing to say except that Kaito and Meiko were actually made for each other. They were going to be released as a couple but Kaito's VB malfunctioned.

This is the original ship. They were MADE for each other. Kaimiku can for in that hole.

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24 VY2 Yūma and Gumi

YES! Their voices are perfect for each other. Both of them have incredibly clear and realistic voices that can sing pretty much anything. The roro design just looks insanely cute with any of gumi's. That plus, neither of them have a set age so we can literally do anything we want with the ship and not break canon. I wish more people would pay more attention to them!

THE ULTIMATE SHIP, I BOW DOWN TO THIS. Their voices just complement each other so well.

I love them together! The way their voices sound! Awesome!


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25 Oliver and Fukase

This is my BROTP, but something tells me I like them shipped romantically...

I don't know why, I find this ship really cute! otogi of the silver country made me ship them

What made people ship these two? I'm just curious o_O

26 Oliver and Len

It's a ship me and my friend actually started supporting just for some giggles and then we both fell in love with the ship. We think their voices sync rather well together and the head cannons support this ship somewhat. We both see Oliver being shy, but once you get to know him he is incredibly bubbly and adorable. Len, we see him as the jealous type, and he doesn't like to apologize or admit any of his feelings. We just thought that they clicked, and we couldn't stop seeing the upsides of their relationship. Of course, not all people agree with this, some people think Oliver is a snob and hates Len, which is completely understandable. But, I just can't stop seeing the upsides of the relationship. I still respect other ships though, but this one must be my favorite.

I absolutely love this ship, it makes my heart flutter and I squeal inside, they're so adorable together!

Underrated their voices sound wonderful together.

When you have 2 shotas, my fave vocaloid ( Len), someone from your country (Oliver, England) and they sound so kawaii together, who wouldn't want to ship it?

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27 IA and Kaito

Love this ship. I don't know why I ship them but they look cute together.

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28 Len and Gumi

After listening to Ah it's a wonderful cat life, dragon rising and arigatou I can honestly say that their voices go well together, they both sound so powerful when singing. plus gumi doesn't really have an official age so no one can say anything about their age distance. I'm not sure why they're not popular because they are a likeable couple!

Come on, it's a really good ship, their voices are good together, but people don't acknowledge it!


Yea Len and GUMI 's voices are so cute togetherr >3 falling in love with them hehe

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29 Gumi and Gakupo

They two just look cute together hehe

I think this shipping is the BEST and also FUNNIEST EVER! Just knowing that they were best friends when they were little completely BLOWS MY MIND. With Gakupo's deep voice and Gumi's realistic one, I'm sure this ship will totally BLOW THE WORLD'S MIND WITH THEIR CUTENESS.


30 IA and Len Kagamine

THIS SHIP NEEDS MORE LOVE LIKE THEY SOUND SO GOOD TOGETHER? come on yeah I know I hate LenKu but I agree that they sound good together so why not just let Len and IA have more duets even if you hate them? Like do it for music man, I really love their voices together ;-; Also, there are seriously some ships that are way too overrated and now the other ships don't really have a chance to show how good they can be especially in terms of voices

Even though I don't ship it, I'll admit there voices are absolutely beautiful together.

So cute together!

Vote for LenIA!

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31 GUMI and Kagamine Rin

Possibly the best Vocaloid ship the entire fandom has to offer of yuri. Gumi and Rin suit each other so well. No, they wouldn't be having sex all night, they'd be watching shoujo anime and snuggling, and kissing each other and the like. Also, so many great duets! Luvorty!, Invisible, Reincarnation, even an amazing magnet cover! I love Gumi and Rin together, I don't care if it's Yuri, I just think we should be ships by the actual ship and how they are together instead of what gender they are.

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32 Oliver and Gumi

Meh. Isn't Gumi confirmed to be around Miku's age and Oliver to be 12? Sorry if I offended your ship diehard Oliver x Rin and Gumi x Lily fan :3

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33 Kaai Yuki and Oliver

Like imagine Yuki having a crush on Oliver and only going to Kiyoteru about it
Ship 'Em harder with different people though - SueDonom

Hell yeah!
I can just have an AU about it, like, Oliver having an EXTREEEMELY BIG crush on Yuki, and always challenging kiyotwru since he's kinda her dad and yuki begin all shy around him and asking always for help to miki, I ABSOLUTELY SHIP THEM >\<
Even because, Oliver is English, and yuki Japanese, so it would also be cute to think of yuki trying to talk with him all the time since he doesn't know Japanese very well

34 Akaito and Kaito

I always thought that if you thought of Akaito as being seperate from Kaito, they're pretty cute.

But the're the same people so wouldn't he be shipped with himself?

35 Megurine Luka and Kagamine Len

Even though the only thing very good about this ship is how well the voices go together, I couldn't think of anything else. It can be a very cute ship, and it can be creepy.

I wouldn't prefer it. The idea that Len the playboy would be interested in mature Luka, is weird to me. In his song SPICE he cheats on Luka countless times, so the ship is kind of ruined for me.

They are awesome together

Okay, this ship is NOT disturbing at all. Personally, I hc Luka as 17 and Len as 15, so there really isn't anything wrong with it. It's been my OTP ever since I got into VOCALOID, and I don't care what anyone says about it. Plus, I like to think of Len as a cool and cold boy, who is a nervous wreck around Luka (whom he likes) while Luka is a kind and caring girl, who has a big crush on him.
Like, please stop it with the "I can't ship this because of SPICE! ".
Playboy Len is the absolute WORST, okay? I hate that hc of him so much. I have never even seen SPICE!, and NEVER will, so don't tell me about how Lenka can't work. Please just let me ship this. It's a ship that just makes me really happy... ;;

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36 Luka x Luki

This is adorable!

This is too cute!

Just like Miku x Mikuo, I read a fanfiction and approved of this immediately

37 Luka and Kiyoteru

Yup, it's confirmed. I'm the one Vocaloid fan in existence who has ever shipped these two.

They look and sound good together, and Luka's 20 while Kiyoteru's 22 so we're good in that department. I ship them with different people though.

38 Piko and Miki

Honestly Piko is to gay to be with anyone other than Len

Their voices mingle together and become one whenever they sing. I think this makes them a good pairing.

This needs to be higher up

Can someone explain why is this a ship? Is it because their ahoges? Or the future theme? Because miki v4 doesn't look like the future. - phoenixmagicstar

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39 Piko and Gumi

Yes, I know nobody ships this, but this ship is adorable! Honestly, there voices blend so well together and everything. This ship needs more love! ^^ - RubyAoT

40 Oliver and Nekomura Iroha

I like this couple because I like cats

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