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41 Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len

Awesome. This ship is just adorable, no matter how you put it. No, they don't have many duets, but they look so cute and sound so cute together you just have to ship them.

Wait this is on twice

They're cute, but I ship Miku x Luka wayyy more.


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42 IA and Yuuma

The height difference is so cute! IA is so much shorter than Yuuma, and they're both (sometimes) tsunderes!

Honestly, I dislike this ship. They don't sound particularly good together and well... I feel people only ship them because of the designs.I definitely prefer IA x Yukari and Yuuma x Mizki or CUL. - SueDonom

Yes, this is my OTP too. But, about the sound.. I like gumi x yuuma and IA x arsloid. Maybe I like IA x yuuma because of fashion.


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43 IA and Gumi

Going back to what I said about Rin x Gumi applies to this too. Although, they don't have many songs together, but damn. What an adorable couple.

[Judge the ship by the ship not the sex of the two in the ship.]

44 Sukone Tei and Kagamine Len

Have you ever even heard their voices together? So cute. So so so cute. I love it.

No. Absolutely not. Think about poor Len-kun...

Ship him with Rin, Miku, Neru, Katio...i don't care. Just please not with Tei! - Okochama-san675

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45 Rin Kagamine and Piko Utatane

Piko would be all 'Yo Rin wanna go out' and Rin would be all shy, and eventually she'd give in. ALSO THE VOICES

Nah, it would probably be the other way around anyway

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46 Gakupo and Luka

This almost didn't make it onto the list, because I don't really like it, but it can be super cute.

I really don't like it, but I guess it can be cute too

Come on. Who else is Luka gonna go to?

47 Meiko and Luka

This is one of my BROTPs. They just seem like best friends because they are both so mature.

This couple is so hot. They'd be so chill and cool together too. Voices are a strong point on this ship.

[Judge the ship by the ship not the sex of the two in the ship.]

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48 Akita Neru and Kagamine Len

They're so cute together!
I'm sorry but I hate Hatsune Miku and Len because Miku looks terrible with Len
Neru is cute with Len

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49 Kagamine Len and Utatane Piko

Oh mah god

I am out

This ship

It's my OTP

And they're both short

I love short people

I really love this ship... like so much... so much... I have no words.

Aww, this ship is too adorable for words!


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50 Kagamine Len and SeeU

I shipped this before I shipped Len x Piko, but it still factors into my stories. It turns out so sad though ;.;

51 Meiko and Kiyoteru

This one may be a little odd, but still. If we think past the addiction and temper, Meiko could have a whole lot going for her going out with Kiyoteru. Plus, now Yuki has a mommy!

I ship it a little tiny bit but I prefer Miki/Kiyoteru and Meiko/ Kaito

I would ship it, but in my MMD series Meiko gets killed by kaito so yeah

52 Ryuto and Yuki

Okay, it's awesome.

Aww, this is just sweet.

Aww, I can just imagine them playing with Legos and blushing the whole time!


53 Kagamine Rin and Mikuo Hatsune V 1 Comment
54 Lily and IA

Honestly, this ship is so perfect. Their voices, their designs, everything just matches so well. I first heard their duet cover of Matryoshka and began shipping it like crazy. It's really underrated, with only few duets and little fanart, but it's adorable.

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