Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples that Should Exist

The Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples that Should Exist

1 Graystripe x Sliverstream

They do exist...

I seriously love nothing more

2 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

I love this ship! they are both heroes in their own way and both amazing cats!
-Blackberry of the RainWings

3 Firestar x Sandstorm

They do exist!?

4 Dovewing x Tigerheart

Even though it was forbidden, they loved each other, and I love them! I mean, they were truly in love, I don't mind forbidden when there were really in love with each other and though they were so adorable together, Tigerheart made a BIG MISTAKE betraying Dovewing, and Dovewing was right to stop seeing him. <3
~Swiftdawn of Doveclan (my OC, stealing NOT allowed! )

5 Berrynose x Honeyfern
6 Jayfeather x Half Moon
7 Dustpelt x Ferncloud
8 Leafpool x Crowfeather

Already exists(they had kits)

I feel like there was always tension between them. Like they didn't really love each other. Well more on the Crowfeather side. I'm pretty sure he said something like, " You mean nothing to me Leafpool. " Not in Twilight. One of the P3 books. I still love them together though. #Crowpool

9 Lionblaze x Cinderheart
10 Sorreltail x Brackenfur

The Contenders

11 Cinderpelt x Firestar
12 Swiftpaw x Brightpaw
13 Sandpaw x Ravenpaw
14 Ashfur x Scourge
15 Smudge x Princess
16 Bluepaw x Crookedpaw

These guys r sooo cute together <:3, plus they're so similar as well

17 Thrushpelt x Bluestar
18 Amberheart x Ravenfeather

I made them up

19 Graystripe x Firestar
20 Briarlight x Jayfeather
21 Ivypool x Hawkfrost
22 Firepaw x Spottedleaf
23 Pinestar x Shanty

CUte Right?

24 Brambleclaw x Sorreltail
25 Squirrelpaw x Shrewpaw
26 Dustpelt x Sandstorm
27 Leafpool x Mothwing
28 Bluestar x Redtail
29 Longtail x Mousefur
30 Blackstar x Russetfur
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