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1 Firestar x Sandstorm

One word
I mean seriously! They had wonderful kits
How is RavenxSand above this? That is the WORST couple I can think of!
Go SandxFire!
Anyways, Sand hates Fire until Fire's a worrior and ends up saving Sand's life. Sand begins to show more appreciation and becomes a bit more fond with Fire. Dust gets really jealous and acts meaner to Fire and a bit to sand
(In other words)
Fire joined the clan and Sand and Dust hated him. (Now read aboves above lolz)

They were meant to be together. Greatest couple ever (sandstorm could be more nice to him though).

This couple is amazing! After Graystripe left it was really hard for Firestar so Sandstorm came into his life and made it better. Firestar and Sandstorm are just meant to be. They show each other love until Firestar's last word. They had the great kits that grew up to be loyal to the clan no matter what. It will be really hard for Sandstorm to live without Firestar.


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2 Lionblaze x Cinderheart

I love this couple. I just wish that Cinderheart would accept Lionblazes love and not just reject him all the time making him do things like loosing in a fight with shadowclan on purpose. I still think that this is still the best warrior couple. I can't wait for them to have kits

Did anyone know Lionblaze and Cinderheart are related? Leafpool's mom is Sandstorm whose mother is Brindleface whose Great grandson is Lionblaze and her grand niece is Cinderheart.

I love them so much! They are #2 for me (after Firestar and Sandstorm, obviously). I love that scene before the battle against the Dark Forest, where Cinderpelt's spirit leaves Cinderheart! They have awesome kits and really love each other, and I am happy that they both have found a way that they can be together!

Yes! They both thought they had different destinies, but ended up together!

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3 Graystripe x Silverstream

You know a couple is good if it has two things
1. How much they love each other(they love each other so much because they wouldn't obey the warrior code)
2. If they complete each other (they complete each other)

Gray stripe was so loyal to thunder clan, and once he meets silver stream, he doesn't think twice to break the warrior code to be with her. Even after she dies, ( saddest death ever! ) he goes to river clan to have his kits! So sweet! Obviously, he goes back to thunder clan, but it's still sweet he went to river clan in the first place

GrayStripe and SilverStream were probably the best warrior cat couple. They were so wonderful together! I don't like GrayStripe anymore because he got together with a former kittypet! Millie stinks! SilverStream must be so sad that he chose HER for a mate. He's the cat you'd least expect to be with a kittypet! I hope Millie dies! If he were with a clan cat, then it wouldn't be too bad but still, Millie? Ewww! She just isn't the right choice GrayStripe. Tsk tsk tsk!

I hate millie too!

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4 Jayfeather x Half Moon

They the best because I love half moon and jayfeather and he found out he liked her to late he should of said he did like her and half moon will wait 4 him even if shes dead so said he will never forget her and she even was willing to fight him SHE WAS THE REASON THAT THE ANCIENTS FOUGHT WITH THE CLANS that is brave she gets full respect from me. In dusk of clans pr prologue she even said that he said to stay there and she was so Loyal to him HALF MOON JAYFEATHER DESIRVE TO BE TOGTHER!

I don't really think of them as "cute", but I think they make a great couple of cats. Forbidden love aside, they make a great team. Reading about them gives me shivers 'cause their chemistry is just brilliant together. Half Moon is very mysterious and gives Jayfeather the strength he needs to carry on when he's down, whilst Jayfeather just cares so much about Half Moon and tries to accept that his lover isn't quite "real". They share a sort of spiritual connection that's absolutely worthy of reading and desiring.

This is the best pair ever! I cried so much when Jayfeather had to leave her. She was the only one (apart from Doves Wing) to get prey for him! She and Jayfeaher are the bes

Jayfeather: Ugh the battle against The Dark Forest is here in the camp and my herbs blah blah blah blah
*Half Moon shows up*
Jayfeather: -HALF MOON!

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5 Bluestar x Oakheart

They are perfect for eachother! Bluestar didn't like him in the begining but then he showed an interest and they sort of fell in love. I love when they sit together in the tree, so cute!

They totally match each other, I love Oakheart because he can be so cheeky at times while Bluestar is so gentle and wise. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle!

Perfectly matched, their both brave, strong, loyal and wise, and their kits were amazing warriors that became A deputy and leader

This is really one of my favorite's I loved "Bluestar's prophesy" and I loved and still love this couple, reasons why here ill explain...

When Bluestar first met Oakheart he was sitting on her territory, (SPOILER ALERTS) Bluestar scowled but then as they talked and when Oakheart twitched his ears that made Bluestar angry but soon she became jelous the Rosetail liked his too. She began to grow closer to the Riverclan warrior her relationship seemed to last forever even though Thrushpelt a nice Thunderclan warrior liked her too. This love took away a lot of her focus on her prophey "LIKE FIRE YOU WILL BLAZE THREW THE FOREST" cool prophey right?! Goosefeather the old med cat had known the whole time! As Bluestar's sister had her first kit (*squeals*) Whitekit the wittle ball of fluff adorableness, the nursey became VERY crowed with Tigerkit, Whitekit, Brindlekit, Frostkit, and Redkit, Willowkit, and Spottedkit, but soon Poor Snowfur was too tired and needed ...more

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6 Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

Totally the best couple! It should be #1! I mean, nothing can keep these two apart. At the beginning of Midnight, we see what Brambleclaw first thought of Squirrelflight. An annoying, know-it-all apprentice. But she proves to him over and over again that she can be a loyal and trustworthy companion during the journey to find Midnight. I thought it was kinda cute that Brambleclaw was Tigerstar's son, and Squirrelflight was Firestar's daughter, especially when they started falling in love. Even though Squirrelflight hung out with Ashfur for a while, she eventually realized that it was Brambleclaw who held her heart. I just HATED how Brambleclaw treated his former mate when he found the truth about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. "Sometimes aggression is necessary. StarClan gave us claws for a reason." That was really harsh of him. But I was happy how at the end, he finally forgives Squirrelflight and picks her as his deputy. When Jessy comes into the picture, I guess Bramblestar ...more

This needs to be number 1! They've been through so much, yet they always manage to come back together, and they aren't that couple that lasts for 1 book and falls apart*cough*Leafpool and Crowfeather*cough* First they hated each-other, then they fell in love during the journey to the sun-drown-place, then stupid Hawkfrost caused problems and disputes between the two, and then the badger attack brought them back together, Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost and all was well between them, and THEN the truth about the three came out, causing Bramble to get mad, but THEN he forgave Squirrel at the end of the last hope, then Jessy, and then they fell in love again because Squirrelflight was the only cat for Brambleclaw! THE FEELS!

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight are meant to be they should walk in the stars forever. When they first went to find the sun drown place Squirrelflight was so different she was squirrelpaw the fun loving, not listening, and to proud she cat. The more time she spent with Bramblestar the more she became a better cat. She stared to listen, be more loyal and ask for help sometimes. This showed so much after they came to there new home. When Brambletsra stared to hang with his half brother she lost it. I know he was evil but she could be less unhappy it was just some brother time. She and Ashfur were not meant to be. I am glad she did hang with Ashfur a little because we got to see his loving side which we do not see from Ashfur a lot. I think Bramblestar should be mad.

Squirrelfligt and brambleclaw are the best couple (besides holly√ - fallen leaves) they are perfect for each other.I know a lot of people think squirrelflight is a beep because she used ashfur,but she didn't.some people are like"she brushed noses with him breifly,she had to love him" she just wanted to have a friend to replace brambleclaw's spot since she probably felt like half of her heart was gone.give me a j- give me an -essy what does that spell the worst warrior cats name,JESSY.I hate jessy because she tried to get bramble Claw to like her.she was always perfect and always got something right like,when the kittypets went hunting with dovewing and bramblestar,she was the only one out of the three kittypet to catch something.I think she really tried to kept bramble Claw and squirrelflight away from each other but in the end she was like your love can't be washed away in a storm. And with that I finish my rant

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7 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Never ever, EVER in a million years would I like this couple. Dovewing doesn't even think of Bumblestripe as a mate. Besides she used him on multiple occasions like to get Tigerheart jealous because she actually likes him. She also toyed with his feelings a lot. Dovewing even said to herself that she didn't feel her heart race when she was with Bumblestripe and that she didn't feel passionate about him either. However, she did feel passionate about Tigerheart. They're not cute at all. They shouldn't even be together. DovexTiger FOREVER!

They've been through so much, and Dovewing needs mental support. Bumblestripe deserves her, he's proved her that he's the best. They're so nice, so calm, so... AWESOME

These guys are AWESOME! Bumblestripe is cool and nice and Dovewing is just awesome!

So much better than Dove x Tiger!

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8 Leafpool x Crowfeather

Most people really hate this couple, mostly because Leafpool is a stereotypically perfect she-cat. However I liked the way Leafpool was shy and innocent and Crowfeather was tough and defensive. Their personalities clashed in a really good way and you could really feel the romance between them. Erin Hunter portrayed this relationship perfectly and it was one of the most detailed. Also I liked to see Crowfeather show his gentle and caring side, a side that I thought he didn't have when he was an apprentice.
Overall, I disagree with many people: this couple are cute!

Why does everyone hate this couple? Ok, first of all, Leafpool DID NOT kill Cinderpelt! Leafpool couldn't have possibly know that badgers were going to attack! They didn't magically fall in love either, there were moments when their relationship blossomed. Their personalities clashed perfectly, their really cute together!

They are really cute together, I don't think CrowxFeather is a good couple, and neither CrowxNight. CrowxLeaf is perfect and I'm happy that Leafpool kitted Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

I couldn't stop reading when it got to these parts!

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9 Cloudtail x Brightheart

So cute when Brightheart got so badly hurt and Cloudtail was by her side the whole time! He even taught her a whole new range of battle and hunting strategies, still insisting she was the prettiest cat in ThunderClan!

When brightpaw/heart was attacked by the dog pack and cloudtail took care of her even though everyone said she wouldn't be a warrior he helped her prove them all wrong despite her having only one eye, they should definitely be in the top 10 if not the top 5!

This couple rocks the world. If they ever came apart somehow, I would stop reading the books. They are by far the cutest couple in the warriors world. BO STUPID DAISY. Cloudxbright rules!

I love this ship as Cloudrail was always there for bright heart even in the hardest times of her life - Frostcloud

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10 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

Hollyleaf was so sad and lost and alone, but Fallen Leaves rescued her and saved her. He showed how much he cared about her so much in Hollyleaf's Story. And in the end, he had to love her enough to let her go. :'( But after Hollyleaf's death in The Last Hope, they can be reunited together forever. :D I love it!

I love this couple so much! It could never beat Jay's Wing X Half Moon but this is still a fantastic warrior cat couple. I am so glad Fallen Leaves was cursed to live in the tunnels so he could rescue Hollyleaf. He showed how much he cared about her so much in Hollyleaf's Story. And in the end, he had to love her enough to let her go. I love this cannon so much! RIP Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves! May your spirits be together forever!

I love it, even if he's dead. Hollyleaf just wanted to be accepted and have a friend, and then Fallen Leaves gave her that. He took care of her injuries and gave her prey. They became very close over the months they were together, and eventually he let her go. He let her go because he wanted her to be happy. The sadness he had when she died in The Last Hope was heartbreaking and adorable.

Wait do they have kits?!

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11 Dustpelt x Ferncloud

So sweet! Dustpaw loves Sandpaw but then once they become warriors she falls for Fireheart (who he does not really like) and they become mates. Then he meets a pretty pale gray she-cat (Fernpaw) and helps her when she is an apprentice. They fall in love and have to wait for Fernpaw to become a warrior until they can officialy be mates. After a long time, the grumpy Dustpelt finally finds his true love and can be happy, but still deep down liking Sandstorm a little. They have kits, and 5 out of 7 of them die. Many seasons of happiness later, Ferncloud died and then Dustpelt comes to find her dead he grieved so much and didn't even want to live all he wanted to do was be with Ferncloud. He keeps her bedding (a little weird but sweet) and stays a warrior so he could get his mind off her death. He has dreams of her but can never save her from Brokenstar. When he dies, Ferncloud comes from StarClan and they twine tails and bend heads with their lost kits all around them, crying tears of ...more

Ferncloud is a GREAT warrior/queen. 2 of her kits died! ! Dustpelt is normally rlly prickly but he rlly loved her. He even liked her as an apprentice! And the scene when she died and Duspelt came almost made me cry! I think they were perfect for each other and they birthed like 4 litters. It was so sad when two of their kits died in one book! Please vote for them

Dustpelt loved ferncloud from the day she was born so sweet STUPID HAWKFROST :( now Dustpelt will be sad forever who's with me?

So sweet!

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12 Crowfeather x Feathertail

Why did Feathertail die she and Crowfeather were meant to be obviously Feathertail's love for Crowfeather was much stronger then Leafpool's because she risked her LIFE to save him and what does Leafpool do? One word NOTHING. All I'm saying is that Feathertail loved Crowfeather she would've killed 10 000 giant badgers so he's safe but, that won't happen cause she DIED for him if you ask me Crowfeather deserved Feathertail and Leafpool deserved to be ALONE. If you ask me if it wasn't for Leafpool when Crowfeather goes to StarClan, then they could be together through thick or thin. Crowfeather also obviously loves Feathertail more because he came up with feather if he loved Leafpool more he would be name Crowleaf ask yourself which sounds better? Leafpool and Crowfeather NEVER should have gotten together if they hadn't Leafpool wouldn't have ran away when the badgers attacked and Cinderpelt wouldn't had died but, if you ask me if Leafpool wanted Crowfeather as a mate she should have ...more

Why did Feathertail have to fall off the cliff and die?! It was so sad! Crowfeather and her could have made a perfect couple if Feathertail didn't die! I was so sad when she died! Crowfeather too!

Feathertail should've lived! Couldn't one of them go to the other's clan (preferably Crowfeather goes to river clan because he's away from Nightcloud)? I mean seriously, he asked to be named after her. I don't think she's too too old for him. If Feathertail hadn't died, Crowfeather could've left wind clan( Nightcloud) but he still could've saved Leafpool and met her in secret. Then, Leafpool would've been there to save Cinderpelt from DEATH! I miss Cinderpelt. Feathertail gave up her LIFE for Crowfeather, Nightcloud didn't do CRAP for him. Yeah, yeah, Leafpool left her clan for a bit, but sacrifice wise, life trumps clan, don't u think?

Why did Feathertail have to die she and Crowfeather where way better then Crowfeather and leafpool! leafpool didn't do anything for Crowfeather, while FEATHERTAIL DIED for him! leafpool deserves to be alone! Feathertail never left Crowfeather, even though she died, because she died for Crowfeather! leafpool just left Crowfeather behind her tail! This pair should be #1! leafpool and Crowfeather weren't even mates, really! Crowfeather TRIED to love leafpool, but he couldn't get over Feathertail! If leafpool wouldn't have been Crowfeather's mate, than Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and jayfeather would be RiverClan cats! And they wouldn't be so shocked about there mother and father! I wish Hollyleaf killed leafpoop! I will now call leafpool leafpoop because I hate her so much! it was all leafpoop's fault that Cinderpelt died! Ieafpoop sucks! Crowfeather definitely is with Feathertail! And, if Crowfeather actually loved Ieafpoop, he would ask Onestar to change his name to Crowleaf! See? Feathertail ...more

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13 Sorreltail x Brackenfur

How can you not love this couple? Their personalities are some what different, Sorrel being cheerful and keen, and Bracken being calm and mature, but they go so perfectly together and Sorrel matures later in the books. They are always there to support one another and make wonderful parents. You can really tell they love each other and would do anything for one another. Brackenfur was devastated when Sorrel died and I literally started bawling, ecspecially when Lilykit and Seedkit think she is sleeping and that just upsets Bracken even more. And for people that think there is a huge age gap, not really. Brackenfur and Cinderpelt are apprenticed in Fire and Ice, only being four moons old. I forget when Sorreltail and her brothers are born but it is either Rising Storm or A Dangerous Path. Rainwhisker and Sootfur are made warriors sometime in between Darkest Hour and Midnight, and Bracken made a warrior in Forest Of Secrets. Sorrel is made a warrior late due to her injuries from the ...more

They are the so cool together! I love their kits! All awesome! It's so cool when she has the kits in the middle of the badger attack! It's just weirdly romantic they are my 4th favorite couple!

I love this couple because Brackenfur was so sweet to her and I loved it when he asked her to go out hunting together just him and her.

I was so happy when Brackenfur got a good mate and I love this ship it's amazing and probably my favourite in the whole series - Frostcloud

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14 Tigerheart x Dovewing

Besides jayfeather and half moon which you should look at, this is my favorite couple because I really felt pulled in and drawn to them and I really believed they were in love because it was the sexy villain/hero's name (tigerstar mixed with fireheart = tigerheart) with the secret more isolated pretty daughter of the cute couple of birchfall and whitewing which we all knew was going to happen shes also one of the 4. I really thought it would and should work between them. Tigerheart is also the son of the deputy and an amazing warrior also tawnypelt's son which makes it entwined with each other because tawnypelt's brother is brambleclaw and he lives in thunderclan I just really felt pulled in to their relationship tigerheart is just so protective of dovewing but also lets her do stuff for her self unlike bumblestripe which I don't think deserves dovewing bumblestripe just felt to me like he was her father rather than her soon to be mate I really think they should be together. Also ...more

I do really support this couple manly because I thought that they developed more than Dovewing/Bumblestripe I felt like throughout the books it was obvious that they were in love, and every time that someone asked Dovewing about mating she thought of Tigerheart, not Bumblestripe. I was thoroughly upset when they didn't become mates because I never saw the Bumblestripe/Dovewing thing coming! They never really developed! The focus was on Tigerstar and Dovewing but they never actually got together! I love Tigerheart and Dovewing because I really believed their love!

Okay, I said I would do this on the Bumble Dove post so here goes. First, Tiger is a childish noob. And Dovewing is struggling between him and the nicest tom in her clan. Also, this relationship isn't passionate. It's stupid and reckless. Look, these cats were just out of adolescence. This couple was cute, but the least developed couple ever. If they had kits, They would be horrible and whining. Deal with it Dove Tiger shippers. This person is blowing holes in your ship. And she doesn't want Dovewing to have any love. Boom.

Purrfecttt it's the grandson of the evil tigerstar and she's related to Firestar.. wow too cute..

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15 Berrynose x Honeyfern

Tragic, sad and beautiful love!
Shame on BerryxPoppy

Shame BerrynosexPoppyfrost! Shame!
This is just the perfect couple; they wanted to have kits, but then Honeyfern died from the dumb snake, then Poppyfrost stole Berrynose away just because Honeyfern was dead, and thought it wouldn't hurt Honeyfern when I'm 99.9% sure it did!

These guys are the PERFECT couple. LEAVE, BerryxPoppy just LEAVE! Honeyfern didn't deserve to die CARRYING HIS KITS! They were so cute but only two moons, ONLY TWO after she dies, he hits on her SISTER. What a cat... What a cat

This is the cutest couple. But I know why Erin killed off Honey. She needed a reason to have deathberries in camp so that Hollyleaf could tell Leafpool to eat them. So she figured someone could be killed by a snake and Leafpool could,stuff a mouse with deathberries and trick the snake. So she needed someone to kill off. But WHY did she pick Honeyfern! So sad. Berrynose isn't great but if Honeyfern had lived I bet he could become the best cat ever.

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16 Birchfall x Whitewing

I personally don't like Birchfall but this couple is okay. Whitewing delays her warrior ceremony so Birchfall doesn't have to be to the only apprentice. I kinda like WhitewingXShrewpaw together though.. If he had lived I would want them together not WhiteXBirch. I love their kit, Ivypool, but hate their other kit, Dovewing. And for people that think Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool because of the color, I'm sorry, but that's stupid. Cats don't always have to look like their parents. And even if they did, Birchfall's mother, Ferncloud, is gray, Birchfall's grandmother, Brindleface, is gray, Whitewing's aunt, Cinderpelt, is gray, Whitewing is white, Whitewing's father, Cloudtail, is white, Whitewing's mother, Brightheart has some white, and Whitewing's grandmother, Frostfur, is white. There. because Dovewing is gray and Ivypool is silver-and-white.

They are such an amazing couple. They had Dovewing and Ivypool. Also they love each other so much

Predictable and boring, but it's okay. I don't like Birchfall but I like Whitewing I think she and Ashfur are better together but Birch and White isn't bad at all

I agree with the person below on Dovewing. She sucks.

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17 Tigerstar x Goldenflower

I really don't understand how a sweet cat like Goldenflower and an evil brutal cat like Tigerstar could have kits! Plus if you've read Bluestar's Prophecy that only makes it more unbelievable because you get a glimpse at their backgrounds

Ugh hello he tried to kill his own mate

Actually better than Tigerstar x Sasha! Plus um they made Tawnypelt and Bramblestar!

I like the idea, but this ship didn't have much development if you ask me.

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18 Mousefur x Longtail

Longtail died when a tree crushed him. Mousefur would've had kits if she wasn't so old. After Longtail died Mousefur went on moping and grieving for her lost friend.

I find it so cute in The Last Hope when Longtail seeks out Mousefur to fight beside her and defend her. They're the cutest couple in my opinion. I was sad when Mousefur died, but at least now, they can be together in StarClan! :D

I think they really developed something when they became elders and how the last thing mousefur saw when she died was longtail fighting beside her they really deserved each other and it was sad but also happy when she died because now they can be with each other. I feel like they would have had kits if they werent elders

I cried at Mousefur's death because long tail was fighting for her - Frostcloud

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19 Yellowfang x Raggedstar

I feel so sorry for Yellowfang becuase she was so loyal to Raggedstar and she loved him with all her heart. But when she gave birth to Brokenstar he lost interest in her and only loved Brikenstar which I find so sad. All Yellowfang wanted was for Raggedstarr to comfort her and love her, even though their relationship was breaking th warrior code. I love Yellowfang, she didn't deserve that!

I love this couple, stupid Foxheart, trying to steal RaggedStar away from Yellowfang, these to cats were perfect for each other, they are such a cute couple

Yellowfang is a great cat, and Raggedstar was very cool.
They were great couples.
Foxheart may have been foolish.
She knew Raggedstar loved Yellowfang.
But, curse Brokenstar!
But, I wonder why Brokenstar became evil.

This cut e copEl me love ing it

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20 Whitestorm x Willowpelt

When Willowpelt had been telling her friends she was expecting Whitetorm had looked so proud I thought they were cute but they both die, Whitestorm because of bone and Willowpelt saving her kit from a badger

Willowpelt mated with her brother... WHAT THE HECK - Leaftail

I like this couple a lot. I mean, they had Sorreltail! If you like this couple, a good fanfic would be Bumps in the Road. Start from Chapter 9!

Whitestorm only ever had willowpelt as a mate. He didn't go with frostfur or brindleface because they were his FOSTER SISTERS. Willowpelt had sucky mates like her brother which I'm sure was an accident. Tawnyspots was just... uh... sick. Literally he had cancer. Then Whitestorm came along! GO WILLOW WHITE

I suggest reading a warriors fanfiction called Bumps in the Road.

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