Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples

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1 Firestar x Sandstorm

I love them but where I am in the books, Fire is dead.

One word
I mean seriously! They had wonderful kits
How is RavenxSand above this? That is the WORST couple I can think of!
Go SandxFire!
Anyways, Sand hates Fire until Fire's a worrior and ends up saving Sand's life. Sand begins to show more appreciation and becomes a bit more fond with Fire. Dust gets really jealous and acts meaner to Fire and a bit to sand
(In other words)
Fire joined the clan and Sand and Dust hated him. (Now read aboves above lolz)

FireXSand is the power couple here- they balance out perfectly

I think they are a awesome couple and the are both so brave, and sandstorm and firestar have Awesome kits

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2 Graystripe x Silverstream

I think that this is the best seeing as Graystripe betrayed his clan just to be with Silverstream, and he even attacked his best friend to defend her.

Graystripe only knew Silverstream for a few moons, while he knew Millie for years. I can't believe that in StarClan Graystripe is going to leave the cat who gave up everything to get him home for some pretty swimsuit model he barely knew. - RoseWeasley

You know a couple is good if it has two things
1. How much they love each other(they love each other so much because they wouldn't obey the warrior code)
2. If they complete each other (they complete each other)

Wow. Graystripe took such a huge risk, betraying his Clan and going behind their backs just to be with the one cat he loved. Now THAT'S a loyal cat to his love. And Silverstream? I can say the exact same thing about her, she's so kind and caring, I can see why they loved eachother.

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3 Lionblaze x Cinderheart

I love this couple in my Thunderclan they are my parents. But Dovewing x Tigerstar is my favorite couple. -Sparkfire


I love this couple. I just wish that Cinderheart would accept Lionblazes love and not just reject him all the time making him do things like loosing in a fight with shadowclan on purpose. I still think that this is still the best warrior couple. I can't wait for them to have kits

And then they start having more and more kits in the next series! - Pebblepaw

Best couple ever

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4 Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

Totally the best couple! It should be #1! I mean, nothing can keep these two apart. At the beginning of Midnight, we see what Brambleclaw first thought of Squirrelflight. An annoying, know-it-all apprentice. But she proves to him over and over again that she can be a loyal and trustworthy companion during the journey to find Midnight. I thought it was kinda cute that Brambleclaw was Tigerstar's son, and Squirrelflight was Firestar's daughter, especially when they started falling in love. Even though Squirrelflight hung out with Ashfur for a while, she eventually realized that it was Brambleclaw who held her heart. I just HATED how Brambleclaw treated his former mate when he found the truth about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. "Sometimes aggression is necessary. StarClan gave us claws for a reason." That was really harsh of him. But I was happy how at the end, he finally forgives Squirrelflight and picks her as his deputy. When Jessy comes into the picture, I guess Bramblestar ...more


Sorry bramble claw and brook lovers but I ship stormfurxsquirrel flight. I just think they would be a cute couple. But if they did become mates, the authors would throw out the whole leaf pool x crow feather thing, the power of three series, and Hollyleaf, loin blaze, and jay feather. So I like bramble law to, he's cool. WARRIORS NEEDS A DRAMATIC STORY!

This needs to be number 1! They've been through so much, yet they always manage to come back together, and they aren't that couple that lasts for 1 book and falls apart*cough*Leafpool and Crowfeather*cough* First they hated each-other, then they fell in love during the journey to the sun-drown-place, then stupid Hawkfrost caused problems and disputes between the two, and then the badger attack brought them back together, Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost and all was well between them, and THEN the truth about the three came out, causing Bramble to get mad, but THEN he forgave Squirrel at the end of the last hope, then Jessy, and then they fell in love again because Squirrelflight was the only cat for Brambleclaw! THE FEELS!

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5 Bluestar x Oakheart

I HATE this couple. Oakheart made a GOOD cat go sappy and forget her duties. Then she had kits and ONE OF THEM DIED because Bluestar had to "become deputy instead of caring for 2 week old kittens". Oakheart doesn't deserve Bluestars love. And Bluestar doesn't deserve his.

Three words: Best couple ever.

They are perfect for eachother! Bluestar didn't like him in the begining but then he showed an interest and they sort of fell in love. I love when they sit together in the tree, so cute!


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6 Jayfeather x Half Moon

I have to say... This is my all time favorite warrior cats couple. Over Jayfeather X stick, Firestar X Sandstorm, Cloudtail X Brightheart, I choose this mainly because of how much they really love each other, but they both know that they can't. Jayfeather will live for seasons to come, but Half moon is almost invisible is Starclan/ Tribe of endless hunting. She may already be gone for good by the time Jayfeather gets there. Another reason is how committed Half Moon is to Jayfeather/Jay's wing. Literally, so far the last words you hear from her is, " I'll wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! " I think its sad that they can't really be together, But I still ship them as the cutest couple. CX - pepperfrost

I say that even though they were never a true couple I still believe that they should be together

Curse you Rock!

Yes yes yes!

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7 Cloudtail x Brightheart

It is adorable! They're mates even though BrightHeart isn't a normal cat and CloudTail could pick anyone else, but he chose her! When I think of cute Warrior ships, I think of this. How is this not number one? I don't really see much in FireStar and SandStorm.

I love this ship. It deserves number one, because most cats here thought about how pretty or nice looking the other cat was. Cloudtail love Brightheart for her personality.

So cute when Brightheart got so badly hurt and Cloudtail was by her side the whole time! He even taught her a whole new range of battle and hunting strategies, still insisting she was the prettiest cat in ThunderClan!

This should be waaay higher. Come on people! They are the CUTEST! Brightheart is so sweet and cloudtail was so sweet for still loving her after her injury. Aftercall, who WOULDN'T love brightheart and cloudtail?! Bright+Cloud forever!

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8 Leafpool x Crowfeather

Most people really hate this couple, mostly because Leafpool is a stereotypically perfect she-cat. However I liked the way Leafpool was shy and innocent and Crowfeather was tough and defensive. Their personalities clashed in a really good way and you could really feel the romance between them. Erin Hunter portrayed this relationship perfectly and it was one of the most detailed. Also I liked to see Crowfeather show his gentle and caring side, a side that I thought he didn't have when he was an apprentice.
Overall, I disagree with many people: this couple are cute!

I'm honostly pretty pissed, I understand people have their own opinions but like this ship? It's just yes. They broke the warrior code to be together. How much more do you want? Plus they loved each other enough to leave behind EVERYTHING they knew-or at least Crowfeather did ( I really don't like how Leafpool is this stereotypically perfect she cat who doesn't know what a mistake is but I still think even she doesn't deserve all this hate, *sigh, if only Leafpool didn't chicken out of running away).

Morale of the story:
Get yourself a tom like Crowfeather.

Why does everyone hate this couple? Ok, first of all, Leafpool DID NOT kill Cinderpelt! Leafpool couldn't have possibly know that badgers were going to attack! They didn't magically fall in love either, there were moments when their relationship blossomed. Their personalities clashed perfectly, their really cute together!

I honestly don't hate this couple, but I don't honestly think that they are cute together either. They may have been together for like 1 book, and then Crowfeather goes to hate her for the rest of her life. - pepperfrost

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9 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Never ever, EVER in a million years would I like this couple. Dovewing doesn't even think of Bumblestripe as a mate. Besides she used him on multiple occasions like to get Tigerheart jealous because she actually likes him. She also toyed with his feelings a lot. Dovewing even said to herself that she didn't feel her heart race when she was with Bumblestripe and that she didn't feel passionate about him either. However, she did feel passionate about Tigerheart. They're not cute at all. They shouldn't even be together. DovexTiger FOREVER!

The Crush Song MAP made me have a new respect for this couple even though it shouldn't have.

You guys are all just pushing this higher up the list the more you vote for it just to hate on it.

Thank you and HE'LL NO
I would never ship this. He's like a over protective dad - CloudyDaze

I HATE this couple. The more you think about it, the more horrible it is. Bumblestripe is amazing and always will be. Dovewing is so annoying. It started sweet and all. But its like Dovewing is cheating on him for Tigerheart (Tigerstar now! ) and she's really rude to him later, and plays with his feelings. Bumblestripe would be an amazing mate, better than Tigerheart. I think it's harsh of her, though, at the of the Last Hope when she gets all close to Bumblestripe when she knows Tigerheart is watching. She literally did that just to let Tigerheart know that she didn't like him anymore when she really did. She makes poor Bumblestripe hopeful, then breaks up with him, runs away with Tigerheart, and joins ShadowClan. I know it's stupid, but Rosepetal would be a GREAT mate for Bumblestripe. - Pebblepaw

Come on. He harassed and manipulated Dovewing constantly, and you say it's HER FAULT?! - RoseWeasley

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10 Sorreltail x Brackenfur

This should be way higher on the list! I mean these guys are #couplegoals. I don't understand how Crowfeather and Leafpool beat these two because they are a horrible couple.

Also Dovewing and Bumblestripe came above!? They aren't even a couple...

So cute but I felt so bad when sorreltail died poor brackenfur.

I fwlt so bad en sad when sorreltail died I almost cried my eyes out

Sorreltail and Brackenfur are too cute. I haven't met anyone who don't like them together.

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? Bristlefrost x Rootpaw

Rootpaw is HELPLESS! That is all I have to say!

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11 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves was such an iconic character when it came to the Power of Three And Omen of Stars, and the fact that he finally got someone to be with him is beautiful. I just think that Fallen Leaves problem of being stuck in the tunnels is so heart-breaking, I can't help but vote for this couple!

Oh my starclan...YEES

Hollyleaf was so sad and lost and alone, but Fallen Leaves rescued her and saved her. He showed how much he cared about her so much in Hollyleaf's Story. And in the end, he had to love her enough to let her go. :'( But after Hollyleaf's death in The Last Hope, they can be reunited together forever. :D I love it!

These are the cutest! I hope they get together in star clan!

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12 Crowfeather x Feathertail

I've shared how much I ship them on LOTS of other things but all I'm going to say is I ship them so much

Feathertail and Crowfeather were meant for each other! Crowfeather only moved onto Leafpool because she reminded him of Feathertail. FeatherxCrow are my favourite couple!

Crowfeather and Feathertail were meant for each other! Feathertail literally sacrificed her own LIFE for Crowfeather. It's so unfair that Crowfeather went on and got another mate :c

Why did Feathertail die she and Crowfeather were meant to be obviously Feathertail's love for Crowfeather was much stronger then Leafpool's because she risked her LIFE to save him and what does Leafpool do? One word NOTHING. All I'm saying is that Feathertail loved Crowfeather she would've killed 10 000 giant badgers so he's safe but, that won't happen cause she DIED for him if you ask me Crowfeather deserved Feathertail and Leafpool deserved to be ALONE. If you ask me if it wasn't for Leafpool when Crowfeather goes to StarClan, then they could be together through thick or thin. Crowfeather also obviously loves Feathertail more because he came up with feather if he loved Leafpool more he would be name Crowleaf ask yourself which sounds better? Leafpool and Crowfeather NEVER should have gotten together if they hadn't Leafpool wouldn't have ran away when the badgers attacked and Cinderpelt wouldn't had died but, if you ask me if Leafpool wanted Crowfeather as a mate she should have ...more

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13 Dustpelt x Ferncloud

Boy likes girl. Girl gets taken by another boy. Boy is sad. Boy starts to like a different, younger girl, they grow up and have children. Girl dies. Boys gets very, very sad. Boy dies and they live together forever in StarClan.
(Sorry, I wanted to do that. Amazing couple! ) - Pebblepaw

I just love that they started off as warrior & apprentice, boy flattering girl, then they got together, and I like GOSH! they go thru so much, then ferncloud dies and poor dustpelt only has 2 kits left. and he keeps a piece of her bedding, then the scent of her fades away and I am like, OH MY GOSH STARCLAN COME ON! I HATE U BROKENSTAR, I WISH YOU COULD BE BROKEN. FRICK I HATE U - sydneyhelget

So sweet! Dustpaw loves Sandpaw but then once they become warriors she falls for Fireheart (who he does not really like) and they become mates. Then he meets a pretty pale gray she-cat (Fernpaw) and helps her when she is an apprentice. They fall in love and have to wait for Fernpaw to become a warrior until they can officialy be mates. After a long time, the grumpy Dustpelt finally finds his true love and can be happy, but still deep down liking Sandstorm a little. They have kits, and 5 out of 7 of them die. Many seasons of happiness later, Ferncloud died and then Dustpelt comes to find her dead he grieved so much and didn't even want to live all he wanted to do was be with Ferncloud. He keeps her bedding (a little weird but sweet) and stays a warrior so he could get his mind off her death. He has dreams of her but can never save her from Brokenstar. When he dies, Ferncloud comes from StarClan and they twine tails and bend heads with their lost kits all around them, crying tears of ...more

Ferncloud is a GREAT warrior/queen. 2 of her kits died! ! Dustpelt is normally rlly prickly but he rlly loved her. He even liked her as an apprentice! And the scene when she died and Duspelt came almost made me cry! I think they were perfect for each other and they birthed like 4 litters. It was so sad when two of their kits died in one book! Please vote for them

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14 Berrynose x Honeyfern

Sweet Honeyfern. AWESOME NAME by the way - sydneyhelget

Berrynose acted all sad about her death and then he went after her sister. Jerk. - Pebblepaw

Honeyfern should not of died, WHY ERIN HUNTER WHY PUT THAT IN THERE! *Cries*

Tragic, sad and beautiful love!
Shame on BerryxPoppy

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15 Birchfall x Whitewing

Ashfur is not the father of Dovewing and Ivypool! Three reasons.

1. Birchfall was Whitewing's mate, not Ashfur. Ashfur loved Squirrelflight.

2. Cats don't have to look like their parents.

3. Their are gray and white cats in their family. Here are some of their same-coloured family members:

Ferncloud: Birchfall's mother, pale gray with darker flecks and green eyes

Brindleface: Birchfall's grandmother, pale gray tabby with darker flecks

Cinderpelt: Whitewing's aunt, dark gray with blue eyes

Brightheart: Whitewing's mother, ginger-and-WHITE

Cloudtail: Whitewing's father, white with blue eyes

Princess: Whitewing's grandmother, tabby with a WHITE chest

Whitewing: mother of Dovewing and Ivypool, white with green eyes

I don't like how Birchfall was complaining on how whitewing got an apprentice first! I mean come on... She's you mate, and she's older. LIVE WITH IT BIRCHFALL! I also hate his friend Berrynose, because he acts like he's the leader! He also doesn't show respect for Firestar.

I personally don't like Birchfall but this couple is okay. Whitewing delays her warrior ceremony so Birchfall doesn't have to be to the only apprentice. I kinda like WhitewingXShrewpaw together though.. If he had lived I would want them together not WhiteXBirch. I love their kit, Ivypool, but hate their other kit, Dovewing. And for people that think Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool because of the color, I'm sorry, but that's stupid. Cats don't always have to look like their parents. And even if they did, Birchfall's mother, Ferncloud, is gray, Birchfall's grandmother, Brindleface, is gray, Whitewing's aunt, Cinderpelt, is gray, Whitewing is white, Whitewing's father, Cloudtail, is white, Whitewing's mother, Brightheart has some white, and Whitewing's grandmother, Frostfur, is white. There. because Dovewing is gray and Ivypool is silver-and-white.

They are such an amazing couple. They had Dovewing and Ivypool. Also they love each other so much

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16 Tigerstar x Goldenflower

I prefer Sasha but whatev - CloudyDaze

no - sydneyhelget

What da... *faints*

Actually better than Tigerstar x Sasha! Plus um they made Tawnypelt and Bramblestar!

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17 Whitestorm x Willowpelt

Willowpelt actually did mate with her brother patchpelt - Dawnmist

When Willowpelt had been telling her friends she was expecting Whitetorm had looked so proud I thought they were cute but they both die, Whitestorm because of bone and Willowpelt saving her kit from a badger

Willowpelt mated with her brother... WHAT THE HECK - Leaftail

I like this couple a lot. I mean, they had Sorreltail! If you like this couple, a good fanfic would be Bumps in the Road. Start from Chapter 9!

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18 Jayfeather x Stick

Yes, but sadly, his mate died(stick). I love this couple! This should be number one! If only jayfeather was a girl, maybe they could have kits.

See funny and cute amazing!?!?!

Oh, my gosh, YES! cutest couple ever!

They're perfect for each other! - Heathersong

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19 Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

My favorite!

Crookedstar is just a really awesome cat, and Willowbreeze suits him perfectly! It was so sad when Willowbreeze died, and Crookedstar's kits too!

Pour Crookedstar, he and Willowpaw became friends and in love so fast! But She died, I hate Mapleshade and when she KILLED shellheart, Quietrain, silverstream, willowbreeze, Feathertail... - Gingerbobo

Crookedstar and Willowbreeze forever! "Oh, my precious love, be strong for me..." It breaks my heart and makes me cry every time, so I don't know why I keep reading it...

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20 Mousefur x Longtail

So one up my favorite ships. - CloudyDaze

Ahem...Pebblepaw...HAVE YOU NOT READ SOME SUPER EDITION BOOKS? In a warriors book, (I forgot which because I read all of 'em) Dovewing HAD KITS. Tigerheart asked, "Are those my kits? " and Dovewing answered," Of course they're your kits! Did you really think they were Bumblestripe's? "

Longtail died when a tree crushed him. Mousefur would've had kits if she wasn't so old. After Longtail died Mousefur went on moping and grieving for her lost friend.

I find it so cute in The Last Hope when Longtail seeks out Mousefur to fight beside her and defend her. They're the cutest couple in my opinion. I was sad when Mousefur died, but at least now, they can be together in StarClan! :D

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21 Tigerheart x Dovewing

People say they're related since
Golden + Tiger = brambleclaw and tawnypelt
Tawny + Rowan = Tigerheart and sibs
Fire + sand = squirrelflight and leafpool
Cloud (fire nephew) + bright = whitewing
White + Birch = Dovwwing and ivypool
Squirrel + Bramble become mates.
But that doesn't make them Blood.
Sorry if I hurt your brains - CloudyDaze

Besides jayfeather and half moon which you should look at, this is my favorite couple because I really felt pulled in and drawn to them and I really believed they were in love because it was the sexy villain/hero's name (tigerstar mixed with fireheart = tigerheart) with the secret more isolated pretty daughter of the cute couple of birchfall and whitewing which we all knew was going to happen shes also one of the 4. I really thought it would and should work between them. Tigerheart is also the son of the deputy and an amazing warrior also tawnypelt's son which makes it entwined with each other because tawnypelt's brother is brambleclaw and he lives in thunderclan I just really felt pulled in to their relationship tigerheart is just so protective of dovewing but also lets her do stuff for her self unlike bumblestripe which I don't think deserves dovewing bumblestripe just felt to me like he was her father rather than her soon to be mate I really think they should be together. Also ...more

I really like Dovewing!

best ever

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22 Stormfur x Brook

Stormfur is totally awesome! Of all the cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place he is my favorite with Brambleclaw. But he is not better than Firestar Graystripe and Ravenpaw.

I like storm fur but I kept hoping it would work out with him and squirrelpaw

I really wanted him to live more peacefully than his kin because theyve all suffered so much I wanted him to find someone in his clan to be his mate and I don't really like brook, I don't really like anyone in the mountins because of what happened to clan cats there... He would have been better with someone more like lepordstar I just don't like this couple

Sorry I don�'t really like this couple because Stormfur is so great and Brook... well meh. Besides Brook made Stormfur leave to the tribe at first... which means he is more loyal to Brook than his clan.

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23 Snowfur x Thistleclaw

This is briar song and I regret so much

Snow fur was ok, but Thistleclaw? No, no,no. One of the worst pair ever. - Willowmist

Actually really like his couple, because marine ever give up!

I think thistle was a VEARY GOOD mate by briar song (I'm inacent! 😹)

24 Whitestorm x Brindleface

Ugh u guys are dumb ash fur and fern cloud's father is whitestorm, sandstorms dad is redtail


We all know they were made for each other and plus I love Ashfur I don't think anybody is his father except whitestorm. Brindleface a great and strong warrior/queen and Whitestorm a loyal warrior to the bone! Best couple ever!

Redtail was the father of Ashfur and Ferncloud, not Whitestorm. Whitestorm's nothing like Stormtail, leaving his mate for another cat. He would have waited until the kits were born, and when they were warriors before deciding that maybe she wasn't the she-cat he thought she was and break up. Redtail is the father though, not Whitestorm. The Warrior cats Wiki does say Whitestorm is the father, but it's not cannon. - Lightfang

They had Ashfur and Ferncloud, what can I say?

Redtail was the father of Ashfur and Ferncloud, not Whitestorm. The Warrior cats Wiki does say Whitestorm is the father, but it's not cannon. - Lightfang

Okay I love you whitestorm but how many mates do u have? 3?

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25 Firestar x Spottedleaf

They had like 4 conversations and he mostly likes her for her looks and scent.
Then when she died he's like goodbye SWEET spootedleaf.
what - CloudyDaze

Firestar was horny for spottedleaf. It's like a crush in pre-school "cute" but not gonna last. (SandxFire is much better) - Dawnlight

Wow just wow, first of all they were never a couple so they shouldn't even be on this list and second of all, STALKER. Also, Spottedleaf was Sandstorm's aunt. Spottedleaf was medicine cat when Firestar just came into the clan, so that's just gross.Fire x Spot is DODO.

Okay I love sand but... I miss him and spootedleaf if she never died they would be together. he even annoyed sand by talking to much about her

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26 Brackenfur x Sorreltail

How is this only 64?!?! They are so cute together! They make wonderful warriors and parents and would make wonderful and respected leaders.

I love this couple. I want Brackenfur to become Brackenstar!


27 Briarlight x Jayfeather

No. Half x Jay.
They didn't even have chemistry - CloudyDaze

Jayfeather: Be happy Briarlight.
Briarlight: No.
Jayfeather: I SAID BE HAPPY! - RoseWeasley

Briarlight obviously has a crush on Jayfeather. And now for once, I wish Jayfeather could break the medicine cat code like Leafpool and mate Brairlight. It is so sad when Briarlight dies though. - Willowmist

I love this couple. It's my all time favorite ship. ❤

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28 Yellowfang x Raggedstar

I used to like this couple, and I still kind of do, they were cute in the beginning of the book. But when she becomes a medicine cat, Raggedstar gets all upset at her. And he gets mad at her because she won't give up being a med cat, even though she still loves him. It's really sad because you can see she obviously still loves him and is willing to break the code for him. When she was an amazing warrior he adored her, but when she becomes a med cat he acts all disappointed in her. Then she has Brokenstar and now all Raggedstar can think about is his darling little son. He acts so proud of Brokenstar even though Brokenstar isn't very nice to Yellowfang, and is kind of stuck up. This ship is pretty nice, and I hate Foxheart for tryin to steal Raggedstar away, but it's just not my favorite.

I don't like this. Really, after Yellowfang gave birth to that Hell spawn Raggedstar didn't care what happened to her. He wanted the kit and just shoved Yellowfang back in the meddie den like," Your a medicine cat, I anted you for one thing. You did it and now I don't need u." - pepperfrost

Curse you Brokenstar! - Pebblepaw

I feel so sorry for Yellowfang becuase she was so loyal to Raggedstar and she loved him with all her heart. But when she gave birth to Brokenstar he lost interest in her and only loved Brikenstar which I find so sad. All Yellowfang wanted was for Raggedstarr to comfort her and love her, even though their relationship was breaking th warrior code. I love Yellowfang, she didn't deserve that!

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29 Leafstar x Billystorm

Random cat: Leafstar, do you take Billystorm as your husband?
Leafstar: I do.
Random cat: Billystorm, do you take Leafstar as your husband?
Billystorm: I do.
You may kiss and straight after get slaughtered by da storm of the billygoats.

I think this couple was coming. This was a perfect couple, tasteful to the readers that read SkyClan's Destiny, and you seemed to cry with Leafstar as she struggled. I think that lots of people (including me at one point) thought that Sharpclaw and Leafstar would become a really good couple. Leafstar had a few feelings for him, as portrayed in the books. I think this couple perfectly completes each other, as an arrow, and a three.

They were so good together I love billystorm.

They are good, and there kits are cutes

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30 Ashfur x Squirrelflight


Their related! Squirrels mother is Sandstorm whose mother is Brindleface, Brindleface has Ash in a different litter. But then most Thunderclan cats are related.

Hello, Ashflight lovers, Ashfur tried to KILL Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and FIRESTAR! Just because of a simple break up. He should have seen it coming that Squirrelflight didn't really love him. How dare he try to get in the way of a friendship during a life-and-death trip! *Rewind, during when they are together* He loves her too much. He tries to protect her! What does he think Squirrelflight is, an unruly kit who needs taming?! He is not her mentor, he is not her mate. Simply a friend. *Fast forward-at breakup* He doesn't trust Brambleclaw because of his FATHER! Who do you think has a better reputation: Someone who's mother died, or someone who was practically stared to death because of his LOOK, which was identical to his father's! And his father was one of the cruelest creatures in the forest! And his brother was too ambitious! His sister in another Clan! His half sister was a medicine cat who didn't believe in StarClan! There seemed to be something wrong with every part ...more

What break-up? In his mind, they were mates, in reality, Squirrelflight needed a friend. That was all they were. Friends. - Lightfang

Wait. What? Ashfur tried to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, three innocent cats, and Firestar (Also innocent) to make Squirrelflight suffer! If Ashfur really loved her, why is he trying to kill Squirrelflight’s loved ones? - Willowmist

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31 Tawnypelt x Rowanclaw

Cute couple! Is it just me or does this remind you a lot of Bramble and Squirrel which is really weird because Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw are siblings. Both Tawnypelt and Squirrelflight are arrogant, short-tempered, and bold as apprentices then mature after a long time and Brambleclaw and Rowanclaw are fierce and ambitious young warriors then turn into wise and calm warriors but can still be fierce and formiddable. Both couples started out as hating each other then warmed up to each other and fell in love! So alike! Plus they both had three kits that they raised. And Bramble and Rowan are both made leaders.

They are perfect. Both level-headed. That's good in a couple.

Okay so where are the other comments? Like I love this couple they have TIGERHEART
Who loves dovewing which I like that couple EVEN more plus I like tawnypelt in general I mean she could have stayed in thunderclan but she stayed loyal to her father even though he was evil and stayed in shadow clan even after he died it was really hard for her too because she had to prove herself which I think she did many times before they truely trusted her I personally like this couple

Why does everyone make such a big deal just a shadow clan couple I have an idea lets get all gooy about random couples
-clovermoon of treeclan

32 Darkstripe x Tigerstar Darkstripe x Tigerstar

Great ship! Darkstripe was only evil so he could impress his crush Tigerstar. ((It's really obvious)) - Dawnlight

I love this ship to death. I definitely think Darkstripe had a crush on Tigerstar. I ship Tiger with both Darkstripe and Goldenflower.


Yeah great couple... (I’m SO sarcastic by the way...) That Is the perfect mate Tigerstar. When u get put into exile and ask Darkstripe to follow he refuses. A boy will be mate with a boy. So ADORABLE.

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33 Alderpaw x Needlepaw

and its alderheart and needletail FOR YOUR INFORMATION - pepperfrost

The first time Alderpaw met Needlepaw at the gathering, he thought she was so rude and disrespectful to her clanmates. But when they went on the journey together I could tell that they started to "Like" each other **hint hint**. I was so sad when they were mad at each over who got the kits. But overall I love AlderxNeedle!

Is this even a real couple?

I like them,but I agree that Needletail became a *censored* - Attuna

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34 Graystripe x Millie

Sorry to all of those people who like Millie. I HATE Millie more than all of the other warrior cats I hate COMBINED! (Beside Sandstorm)

Millie STOLE the father of MY kits! She doesn't even care 'bout blossomfall or bumblestripe. - sydneyhelget

*barfs internally*

this should be #1 I don't care what you think, they're the best

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35 Tallstar × Jake

Love this ship! Cute as ravenpaw and barley! - CloudyDaze

Whoever calls this and other gay ships "disgusting" and say "this is a children's book! " may I remind you that this "Kid's book" includes things like mental illness, war, murder, death, racism (in a way), & child abuse, and you complain about GAY COUPLES?!
1. You disgust me
2. If you children are ready for themes like the ones listed above, they should be ready for homosexuality

Ooh, I didn't vote for this but it was a very close second. - Heathersong

Tallstar X Jake is beautiful. They deserve nothing more than each other, and it was horrible when Tallstar died. At least he got to the his only real friend in his last moments before starclan! (read the mangas if u dunno what I'm talking about) - pepperfrost

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36 Gray Wing x Turtle Tail

I love Gray Wing, and I love Turtle Tail. Put them together, and you have an awesome couple. Personally like this better than Gray Wing x Slate, but, I like them, too, and Gray Wing DID have kits with her. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail will always be my favorite couple, though.

BEST COUPLE EVER! 2nd in my opinion, cause Spottedleaf X Firestar comes first.

They are so cute together I hated it when they broke up

Turtle tail rocks! She and gray wing belong together! ( although I like storm too. )

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37 Ivypool x Hawkfrost

Father daughter relationship. That's all - CloudyDaze

Why does nobody ever think about this?! Perfect couples aren't when you are alike and always get along. They usually opposites with a few things alike.

* both got manipulated

* Both were ignored

* both wanted power

* both were loyal

Think about it. Did hawkfrost ever betray his own clan? Sure he tried to kill Firestar. Sure he wanted to be leader of two clans. Key word is WANTED. He was manipulated by a father he didn't know. He became worse because STUPID STARCLAN loves Firestar. It's not good to kill somebody, but he was manipulated. The dark forest twisted him and mapleshade ( who OBVIOUSLY didn't to anything wrong before she was in the dark forest. Ivypool was misunderstood. She fell under the manipulation WITH knowing who Tigerstar was. Hawkfrost didn't even know him! Anybody read the last hope. It said hawkfrost's gaze swept over her. He is a smart and sharp sighted cat. He would've seen her. Therefor he at least had a crush on her. What is ...more - Catsarah123

They are so awesome together! But if they loved each other, does that mean that Hawkfrost didn't just train her because he needed more cats in the Dark Forest and because his dad told him so, but because he loved her?

Okay honestly I think this ship is AMAZING! When they met I thought it was love at first sight! I know that Hawkfrost might think of her as a daughter figure or something but besides that they are just one of the cutest couples ever! I love their chemistry together and with that,I rest my case.

Hawk x Ivy = Snowpelt & Cloverleap

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38 Foxleap x Ivypool

These two would be perfect together! One of the Erin Hunters even said so herself. :) Foxleap is kind and understanding, which is what Ivypool needs in a mate.

I love this couple! Foxleap is so sweet and protective. Though Ivypool doesn't seem like she would need a protector, I think she'd like having the attention for once. She really deserves a tom like Foxleap.

Yes! They're pretty cute I guess it's a shame he... Oh wait some people didn't read Bramblestar's storm

These two belong together.

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39 Lionblaze x Heathertail

No... I don't really think so. I like Heathertail, but not her and Lionblaze. They were short-lived, and they already moved on with their lives anyway. Heathertail deserves better with Breezepelt, and Lionblaze should just stay with Cinderheart. I'm not the largest fan of LionXCinder, but it's better than LionXHeather. It didn't work out, like most forbidden couples would.

HEATHERLION 4 LYFE! I know they were forbidden and all, but I cried when she attacked him with the catmint from windclan. She deserved him, and he deserved better. I like LionxCinder, but HeatherxLion was way better. how could he betray her?

I think they look cute together, when my friend told me Lionblaze tried for Cinderheart I was kinda sad, but they look cute, too.

They are so cute together! Stupid warrior code they belong together!

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40 Hollyleaf x Mousewhisker

Wait, what? Hollyleaf and MOUSEWHISKER?! they didn't even like, interact! - Attuna

I never really thought of them as a couple, but after coming home, Hollyleaf was way more private. I think Mousewhisker might help her open up more, as Mousewhisker is kinda hot-headed and Hollyleaf could cool him down.

They would've been adorable together!

Gross and strange. Sick actually... (calls Squirrelflight. )

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41 Swiftpaw x Brightpaw

The BEST! She went with him to fight the dogs to protect him! BEEP CLOUDTAIL!
He cheated on her with BEEPING daisy!

i love the Cloudtail x Brightheart couple but lets be honest here, Cloudtail totally dumped Brightheart for Daisy, if Swiftpaw had not died they would have totally been together
I just wish Cloudtail had not dumped Brightheart because I really loved that couple

Awww I love dis ship! - WarriorWolf13

R.I.P my beautiful little angel Swiftpaw. I always will ship these two and hope that when Brightheart dies she will ditch cloudtail and go back to Swiftpaw. Ok now I just sound messed up :/

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42 Thornclaw x Patrols

Thornclaw loves patrols, that patrols are his mate. He will save a patrol from a snake. A hawk. A badger. A fox. From anything.

Thornclaw. Do you take this patrol to be you wedded wife or husband or whatever gender the oatrol is?

Thornclaw : I do. PATROL I ALREADY LOVE YOU! (Pushes the announcer and smooches. )

Ya that is a very weird thing to put up on this list. I don't know what gender a patrol would even be.

LOL the best couple ever!

Bootiful. Just... Its amazing. Thornclaw is like THE patrol cat. If there's a patrol, its, "I'll go Firestar,". They so cute - pepperfrost

umm... yes

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43 Clear Sky x Bright Stream

She left the life of the mountains behind her, but died the death of a mountain cat... - pepperfrost

I love this ship but clear sky is weird he had tree gosh darn mates!

Even though clear sky turned into a pile of fox dung after her death, these guys are still cute together. I almost cried when bright stream died

So sad when she died. Clear Sky grieved so hard. DUMB EAGLE

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44 Scourge x Hollyleaf

They never even met each other.. - CloudyDaze

? Huh?

Really? Not to mention they are all related through Jake - RoseWeasley

Scourge is actually Hollyleaf's half great uncle or something 'cause Scourge and Firestar both were fathered by Jake. Scourge was mothered by Quince and Firestar was mothered by Nutmeg

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45 Featherstorm x Hal

I mean this couple is fine. the only thing I like is the fact that they had raggedstar. because I love raggedstar and yellowfang!

Some people don't like this couple but its actually a pretty good couple considering the fact that feathertail was able to meet him and have kits in secret. Ha ha must have taken a lot of effort trying to hide their secret. Also stupid raggedstar why did you kill your own father!

No. Just no.

U mean featherstorm not feathertail I got confused for a second I mean they r a good couple but it doesn't work out that hals a kittypet it worked before but I ruined lots of things for cats in shadowclan

46 Dovewing x Foxleap

One their way to the mountains back in the first Oots series, I thought it was pretty cute. Seemed better than Tigerheart and Bumblestripe as a mate; wished in ways Dovewing stayed in Thunderclan and chose Foxleap instead. It would've been a nice change for two sisters staying with each other, while having minor characters as their mates. Like Ivypool now has Fernsong, Dovewing could have Foxleap.

One of the Erin Hunters said that if he lived, he would have been mates with IVYPOOL.

Don't ship it but Foxleap obviously likes her (if you read Sign Of The Moon you get what I'm saying)

They never liked each other.

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47 Littlecloud x Cinderpelt

Totally! If they weren't medicine cats I bet they WOULD have been mates!

I kept hoping they would have this couple in the books! Cinderpelt saved his life and Littlecloud became a medicine cat in her honor. It sounded like they were in love to me! Too bad Cinderpelt liked Firestar (if you're wondering, it says this in the warriors app under the intersting triva about Cinderpelt).

Littlecloud was quite upset ; when she died, he even told Flametail about her and would be so happy if he knew about Cinderheart having Cinderpelts spirit

Gotta admit this one is cute

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48 Thornclaw x Blossomfall

Def my favorite couple of Warriors. If you haven't read Shattered Sky yet, they do, indeed, become mates and have four kits. Of course, everyone seems to hate this because they think Ivypool should've become mates with Blossomfall, and that there's 'too much of an age difference.' They're cats, get over it!

He's a tough, no nonsense senior warrior who firmly believes in doing what he thinks is right. She's a lonely, abused young cat who just wants to be noticed. Toms and she-cats, the best almost canon couple out there!

I really think they would work together

YES They are so cute! I think he really cares for her. by the way there's a new warriors series coming out so we'll have to wait and see!

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49 Blossomfall x Ivypool




EW no this ship is the worst I can think of - BlazeHeart

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50 Hawkwing x Pebbleshine

I feel bad for Hawk and Pebble, I mean, Pebbleshine died at such an early age, AND she was carrying hawkwings kits! Thank god the kits survived, but Pebble didn't... This should be higher - Nightkillo

LOVE THIS COUPLE so CUTE #hawk&pebble

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