Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples

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Firestar x Sandstorm

I love this ship, Firestar's great and all but he needed someone feisty. And usually a lot of cats don't tell Firestar the truth and how wrong he is. But Sandstorm does, which helps him improve his flaws. While Firestar makes Sandstorm happy and have a friend with a different attitude than her other (Dustpelt). Cause I would much rather want one who can stand kittypet taunts, is a hero, nice to the ones who are mean to him, has the strenth to carry the clan during hard times, and looks on the good side of others. Instead of a grouchy, ungrateful, bully, cold mate. Both of them are proud parents and loving mates. They also worry about each other if their mate is injured or sick. And without Snadstorm, Firestar wouldn't have as much courage as he does now. Sandstorm also now has a great family and played a big part in the warriors series. Not all couples are perfect. They fell out at times, but they kept the relationship lasting and loved each other until their last breath.

Can I just say these two are my OTP by far! Some people say that it's not developed or it went straight from love to hate, but I honestly disagree. I think when Fireheart saved Sandpaw in Fire and Ice, she realized that he didn't just play hero to look good, but because he genuinely believed in helping his clanmates and clan. Sandstorm has stuck with Firestar through thick and thin, and the fact that this relationship lasts the entire series is precious. They developed from hating each other to being friends and confidants to mates, and faced their challenges head-on. I loved that Sandstorm advocated for herself and only told Firestar that she loved him back after she knew she was respected by him (during the whole Tawnypaw thing), and that Firestar grew from wanting to protect her to trusting her and recognizing her worth. In addition, I'm so glad they both waited to have kits until Firestar promised Sandstorm that she was the only love in his life (and on a side note, he even told ...more

Yes some may say that these two are not a good couple and that Sandstorm was so mean when they were apps BUT, she learned to truly accept him and they ended becoming such a cute couple! They also had two amazing daughters Squirrleflight and Leafpool but personally I think it would have been cooler is they had 1 or 2 more kits maybe. Even though their 1st on the list but still please vote! <3

I can not get over this couple! They're so cute together! I feel like it was sorta obvious though since Firestar saved Sandstorm from the gorge. Even though she teased him as apprentices, I shipped these two SO HARD! They're just so cute!

Graystripe x Silverstream

Okay, I hate this ship. Especially Silverstream, she made Graystripe betray his own Clan! When I read that Graystripe had feelings for her I wanted to rip the page to literal SHREDS! I also hate this because he also betrayed his friend Firestar (But Fireheart at the time).

Oh my god! (This is my opinion by the way)I think this ship is overrated! It lasted for half of two books for StarClan’s sake! Silverstream was happy that Graystripe moves onto another mate! Silverstream appreciated Millie and accepts her as Graystripe’s mate!

Honestly, I feel so bad for Millie. She is an excellent warrior, is sweet, and is a nice mate. Sure, she had some problems with her parenting, but hey, I'd go crazy and overprotective if my kit became paralyzed. She is loyal...if you read Bramblestar's storm she said "It's worth all the soft beds and things the Twolegs gave me to be here with Graystripe. I wouldn't change a thing. Except that I wish my daughter Briarlight hadn't been injured. I'll never leave ThunderClan, but I'll never forget that there is another way to live either." I still love the Gray x Silver ship, but Millie deserves more respect.

The sweetest couple ever. When Millie became Graystripe's mate, I instantley despised her. I mean, first of all, total Mary-Sue! AND, She basically disowned 2 of her kits. When I first got Bramblestar's storm, I prayed that Millie would drown. Just my luck.

Back to Silverstream

Their romance was so inspiring and cute! I mean, come on! When I read the death scene of Silverstream, I cried. She is one of my favorite warrior cats. I was very dissapointed with the Hunters. ALSO, not to mention, the two kits of Silverstream and Graystripe were unbelievably essential to the history of clans. Just saying!
-Finchflight of Wisteriaclan

Lionblaze x Cinderheart

Cute cute cute! I think the fact that Lionblaze had to fight "his toughest battle" to make Cinderheart realize that they were meant to be together was the most precious thing. Honestly just love how Cinderheart was so close to Leafpool's litter and general, but this was a well-developed couple and I'm so happy that they were able to raise so many kits together because THEY DESERVED IT!

I seriously wish they had kittens and if they do and I’m just not there in the books yet then woohoo. I love how Lion never gave up on his love for Cinder! Seriously the perfect couple. -Violetstar of FrostClan

OMG YES! This couple is really sweet LionBleaze finally let CinderHeart realise they were meant for each other and had kits! I love this couple I guess a lot of other people do bc there 3rd! Let’s get them to 1str please vote <3

Lion x cinder is so cute! This is my most favourite couple! I cried when Cinderheart rejected Lionblaze, but I'm glad they are mates now! They are so adorable together! They should be number 1 in my opinion. I love them so much! Lion x Heather is terrible but lion x ice is even worse! Who thought of it anyways? I never seen Lionblaze falling for Icecloud inthe books, he was padding after Cinderheart in omen of the stars. He was only liking Heathertail when they were apprentices. go Lion x Cinder!

Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

Call me terrible but I freaking love that Tigerstar's son and Firestar's daughter could find love in each other. I love how they brought out the better sides of each other, and I think their friendship-turned-love really helped them grow. I was heartbroken when I found out that Squirrelflight had lied about the kits, but I'm so glad that Bramblestar eventually understood why she did what she did. They both just became better by being with each other in my opinion, and honestly this couple gets more hate than they deserve. Also, Sparkpelt and Alderheart are just kinda amazing.

PERFECT! I love these two so much! I think they should be number 1! Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw (Bramblestar now) are both incredible cats! And I love how Squirrelflight told such a huge lie for Leafpool. I mean, that's what you call selflessness. In Broken Code, they go through so much. And it's so sweet how Squirrelflight won't let anyone kill her mate's body. It is also AMAZING how Bramblestar's love for Squirrelflight let her live. SPARKPELT AND ALDERHEART RULE AS WELL! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THEM! If you hate this ship, even a tiny bit, I WILL FIND YOU! NO ONE GETS TO HATE THEM!

This needs to be number 1! They've been through so much, yet they always manage to come back together, and they aren't that couple that lasts for 1 book and falls apart*cough*Leafpool and Crowfeather*cough* First they hated each-other, then they fell in love during the journey to the sun-drown-place, then stupid Hawkfrost caused problems and disputes between the two, and then the badger attack brought them back together, Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost and all was well between them, and THEN the truth about the three came out, causing Bramble to get mad, but THEN he forgave Squirrel at the end of the last hope, then Jessy, and then they fell in love again because Squirrelflight was the only cat for Brambleclaw! THE FEELS!

Totally the best couple! It should be #1! I mean, nothing can keep these two apart. At the beginning of Midnight, we see what Brambleclaw first thought of Squirrelflight. An annoying, know-it-all apprentice. But she proves to him over and over again that she can be a loyal and trustworthy companion during the journey to find Midnight. I thought it was kinda cute that Brambleclaw was Tigerstar's son, and Squirrelflight was Firestar's daughter, especially when they started falling in love. Even though Squirrelflight hung out with Ashfur for a while, she eventually realized that it was Brambleclaw who held her heart. I just HATED how Brambleclaw treated his former mate when he found the truth about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. "Sometimes aggression is necessary. StarClan gave us claws for a reason." That was really harsh of him. But I was happy how at the end, he finally forgives Squirrelflight and picks her as his deputy. When Jessy comes into the picture, I guess Bramblestar ...more

Bluestar x Oakheart

Honestly I love this couple! Relationships like this are so different to ones were the two cats are in the same clan, its like they love each other so much so they have to break the code. This couple totally deserves to be ranked higher even though 5 is still pretty high. But I completely HATE how Goosefeather gave her some prophecy so she had to give her kits away! Poor Mosskit *cries*. Please vote they are the BEAST <3

I love this especially since Bluestar was pretty much mentally unstable. Oakheart was there for her all the way! Blue x Oak forever!

I LOVE Bluestar x Oakheart so much like he loved her and she loved him but it was really sad when she had go foste her kits then mosskit died form Hypothermia I cried for a few minutes but now she gets to see oakheart and mosskit. please vote the ship!- Foxstorm/Foxclaw

I prefer crooked x blue bc they had more chemistry with each other at gatherings and she only spoke to oak ONCE and instantly fell in love with him... to me that was unnatural

Jayfeather x Half Moon

I have to say... This is my all time favorite warrior cats couple. Over Jayfeather X stick, Firestar X Sandstorm, Cloudtail X Brightheart, I choose this mainly because of how much they really love each other, but they both know that they can't. Jayfeather will live for seasons to come, but Half moon is almost invisible is Starclan/ Tribe of endless hunting. She may already be gone for good by the time Jayfeather gets there. Another reason is how committed Half Moon is to Jayfeather/Jay's wing. Literally, so far the last words you hear from her is, " I'll wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! " I think its sad that they can't really be together, But I still ship them as the cutest couple. CX

no I'm sorry but no.
-shes supa old
-he's a medicine cat and I'm sure some of us have had ENOUGH of forbidden love its getting old
- he was a spirit in jays wings body, so I feel like he was feeling what Jays wing felt when he was alive
-she kinda pressured him to become a family
-she seemed a little TOO nice
-Half is kinda Mary Sueish cus she seems a little bit TOO perfect..(I'm sorry)(not sorry)
that is all :/ if you people come after me, sorry but these reasons are true

I don't really think of them as "cute", but I think they make a great couple of cats. Forbidden love aside, they make a great team. Reading about them gives me shivers 'cause their chemistry is just brilliant together. Half Moon is very mysterious and gives Jayfeather the strength he needs to carry on when he's down, whilst Jayfeather just cares so much about Half Moon and tries to accept that his lover isn't quite "real". They share a sort of spiritual connection that's absolutely worthy of reading and desiring.

This is the cutest thing ever! I was so sad when Jay's Wing died. (Jayfeather came back into the present) I mean, who ever likes the BriarxJay ship anyways?

Cloudtail x Brightheart

I think it's just so precious that these two could understand each other at times that the rest of the Clan couldn't. They helped each other at their worst times, and thrived during their best. They were both fiercely loyal (and some of y'all might bring up Daisy, but remember in Sunset when Brambleclaw said that there would never be anyone for Cloudtail except Brightheart? Yeah. That's what I thought) and really, really, REALLY loved each other.

Cloudtail and Brightheart are one of my favorite ships it is so sweet. I love how Cloudtail thinks she is beautiful no matter what.

Too cute! Cloudtail gave Brightheart a chance to become a warrior! Cloud actually looked inside Brightheart and found out that Brightheart is still beautiful to him! An atheist, sharp tom is perfect for a calm, spiritual she-cat. They had Whitewing (it's all I can remember)

I LOVE this ship so much I mean who wouldn't they are so cute together she may have lost an eye but he still loved her no matter what. Vote them! - Foxstorm/Foxclaw

Leafpool x Crowfeather

Leafpool & Crowfeather are a great couple I know a lot of people hate them but I just love them together! I think it had some development If you go back and re-read the new prophocy Erin Hunter drops hints if you look for them! Then Crowfeather confesses that he loves her and they sneak out every night to see each other! They are just so cute together! They should have joined thundercan together and had another liter!

They 2 are so cute! They left their Clans for each other! But it killed my favorite medicine cat, Cinderpelt, and ruined my favorite warrior, Squirrelflight's life. They had the Three, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

(spoilers, obviously)
Out of the three mates(?) Crowfeather had, Leafpool will always by far be the best. It was the first true relationship he had since Feathertail and him were sort of like highschool lovebirds. It never went anywhere. That's not to say they weren't cute together, the two did fit really well together and if Leafpool hadn't of gone with Crowfeather, I personally would like FeathertailxCrowfeather a lot more (consider the fact that he named himself after her too &). Now, Leafpool and Crowfeather's relationship went somewhere. They had a family and even planned on running away together. If Midnight hadn't been there, you have to realize they would have run away together to go frolic in the fields somewhere as loners. Only reason the Erins prevented this is that they needed Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather to stay at ThunderClan to fulfill the prophecy (although Hollyleaf never ended up actually being a part of it.). These two truly loved each other and even ...more

Beautiful ship Crowfeather loves leafpool more than feathertail,nightcloud, and breezepelt. It's such a cute ship vote for them!- Foxstorm/Foxclaw

Sorreltail x Brackenfur

Brackenfur is awesome. Sorreltail so deserved him they are SO cute! I had to stop my eyes from showering with tears in bramblestar's storm and dovewing's silence when brackenfur grieves over sorreltail's death :<

They compliment each other so well! Brackenfur being this kind of serious, mature cat while Sorreltail had a bubbly, happy personality. They honestly were the cutest and Brackenfur's grief when Sorreltail died actually made me cry,

Yay, omg I’m so glad these two are on this list! There one of my favorite couples, but I feel so sorry for Brackenfur when Sorreltail dies, although at least they can be together when there both in StarClan <3

They both are so cute! A playful, energetic she-cat and a mature and loyal tom go purrfectly together! (Haha, a cat pun)
They had Cinderheart, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, Molepaw, Seedpaw, and Lilyheart!

Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

I think this is amazing because they are so cute together because when Hollyleaf is trapped and hurts her leg Fallen Leaves heals her and it just made my day and I loved how they pretended to be a mom and dad to a fox cub. This will be the first on my list.VOTE THEM please YOU CAN NOT BARE THE CUTENESS! I'M GONNA CRY!-Foxstorm/Foxclaw

Cute. I think that it's a bit weird thought becuse Fallen Leafs is dead and Hollyleaf is not. And how and why did she hid in the stupid cave?

Dang is this couple adorable. I understand that they didn't mate and have kits, but they (along with Bluestar x Oakheart) are my OTP.
It was so cute when Hollyleaf fell down the collapsing tunnel and was reached by Fallen Leaves. Their first impressions were so CUTE! Fallen Leaves was the reserved, shy cat in their relationship and Hollyleaf was the brighter one...I guess.
I loved how he took care of her, played (and flirted) with her, which they had a lot of fun, tried to make the dark tunnels and homy as he possibly can, took care of her when she wasn't feeling well, and they acted like parents to that baby fox (who later betrayed them).
It was awesome how Fallen Leaves loved Holly enough to let her go and let her return to ThunderClan. In the end, they were loyal to each other.
My heart melted into a puddle when Hollyleaf asked Fallen Leaves to sleep with her and he reacted shyly because he was in love with her and therefore shy.
Plus, when Hollyleaf returned, Fallen ...more

Love this sooooo much!
What would happen if they had half spirit kittens? Named like Cavekit, Echokit and Minnowkit, after their experience in the tunnels together?

The Contenders

Dustpelt x Ferncloud

It's a really good ship I love it so much they are so so cute it's really sad when they both died but now they will become mates again because they can see each other now I cried when I found out they died but please vote them!-Foxstorm'Foxclaw

Kits, kits, and more kits. I mean I get tired even thinking of having 7 kits.. but these two went through so much! I mean. First Larchkit died then Hollykit and THEN Shrewpaw! *cries* but this couple are still so CUTE! <3

This is one of my top five couples ever! Their just so loyal to eachother and love eachother deeply. They have great kits and grumpy dust can even take a break from his actor self and be his normal self around fern. Fern is so happy when she is with dust and dust was basically with her her whole life. FernXDust 4eveg!

So sweet! Dustpaw loves Sandpaw but then once they become warriors she falls for Fireheart (who he does not really like) and they become mates. Then he meets a pretty pale gray she-cat (Fernpaw) and helps her when she is an apprentice. They fall in love and have to wait for Fernpaw to become a warrior until they can officialy be mates. After a long time, the grumpy Dustpelt finally finds his true love and can be happy, but still deep down liking Sandstorm a little. They have kits, and 5 out of 7 of them die. Many seasons of happiness later, Ferncloud died and then Dustpelt comes to find her dead he grieved so much and didn't even want to live all he wanted to do was be with Ferncloud. He keeps her bedding (a little weird but sweet) and stays a warrior so he could get his mind off her death. He has dreams of her but can never save her from Brokenstar. When he dies, Ferncloud comes from StarClan and they twine tails and bend heads with their lost kits all around them, crying tears of ...more

Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe is a piece of crap. Let me explain why. Dovewing never played with his feelings; He was forcing her to like him. And whenever she says no he whines and sulks. And everyone else in camp was trying to make her feel bad about it. Tigerheart and Dovewing IS THE BEST THING EVER!

NOPE. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE AND SOME NOPE. Dovewing never saw Bumblestripe as mate, or even just a friend. She used him a lot, and when she says that she is going to live in ShadowClan, so many ThunderClan cats get angry. But then she asks BUMBLESTRIPE to stand up for her. THE NERVE. I'm glad he chose not to stick up for Dovewing. I mean, what the heck? Lady, you can't switch clans but say that you will come visit. DIE DOVEWING! I HATE EVERY HAIR ON YOUR PELT. BUMBLESTRIPE RULES.

No, just no. This ship is so one-sided that it's not even legit. To ship something, you're supposed to look at how the characters interact, not how much you like each cat.

Dovewing did not really love Bumblestripe. She was pressured into becoming his mate because of the Warrior Code and her clanmates. Bumblestripe and Dovewing don't share the same interests. He doesn't respect what she wants. He continued to nag her for kits even when she was uncomfortable.

She and Tigerheart, on the other hand went on a journey and met because they couldn't understand why they had to break friendships. They met more, and a couple developed. They weren't perfect, because couples aren't, but they showed their care and respect towards each other in Tigerheart's Shadow.

I HATE this couple. The more you think about it, the more horrible it is. Bumblestripe is amazing and always will be. Dovewing is so annoying. It started sweet and all. But its like Dovewing is cheating on him for Tigerheart (Tigerstar now! ) and she's really rude to him later, and plays with his feelings. Bumblestripe would be an amazing mate, better than Tigerheart. I think it's harsh of her, though, at the of the Last Hope when she gets all close to Bumblestripe when she knows Tigerheart is watching. She literally did that just to let Tigerheart know that she didn't like him anymore when she really did. She makes poor Bumblestripe hopeful, then breaks up with him, runs away with Tigerheart, and joins ShadowClan. I know it's stupid, but Rosepetal would be a GREAT mate for Bumblestripe.

Come on. He harassed and manipulated Dovewing constantly, and you say it's HER FAULT?!

Crowfeather x Feathertail

They are so cute during the prophecy! Feather sacrificed her life for Crow! Crow was broken when she died and thought he would never love again. he even named himself in honor of Feather! A kind, gentle she-cat with a harsh tom with a sharp tongue are perfect! And Crow actually started to show his kind side! Back off Nightcloud and Leafpool, because Crowfeather is never gonna be for you!

Yes! Whoever ships Crow x Leaf anyways? It was so cute how Feather could see past Crow's flaws and find the good inside him. If Crow truly loved Leaf, they would've left the Clans like Dove x Tiger did! Feather deserves Crow! Get away from him, Leaf!

Feathertail should've lived! Couldn't one of them go to the other's clan (preferably Crowfeather goes to river clan because he's away from Nightcloud)? I mean seriously, he asked to be named after her. I don't think she's too too old for him. If Feathertail hadn't died, Crowfeather could've left wind clan( Nightcloud) but he still could've saved Leafpool and met her in secret. Then, Leafpool would've been there to save Cinderpelt from DEATH! I miss Cinderpelt. Feathertail gave up her LIFE for Crowfeather, Nightcloud didn't do CRAP for him. Yeah, yeah, Leafpool left her clan for a bit, but sacrifice wise, life trumps clan, don't u think?

Why did Feathertail die she and Crowfeather were meant to be obviously Feathertail's love for Crowfeather was much stronger then Leafpool's because she risked her LIFE to save him and what does Leafpool do? One word NOTHING. All I'm saying is that Feathertail loved Crowfeather she would've killed 10 000 giant badgers so he's safe but, that won't happen cause she DIED for him if you ask me Crowfeather deserved Feathertail and Leafpool deserved to be ALONE. If you ask me if it wasn't for Leafpool when Crowfeather goes to StarClan, then they could be together through thick or thin. Crowfeather also obviously loves Feathertail more because he came up with feather if he loved Leafpool more he would be name Crowleaf ask yourself which sounds better? Leafpool and Crowfeather NEVER should have gotten together if they hadn't Leafpool wouldn't have ran away when the badgers attacked and Cinderpelt wouldn't had died but, if you ask me if Leafpool wanted Crowfeather as a mate she should have ...more

Berrynose x Honeyfern

I don't like Berrynose very much but I think Honeyfern made him less arogant and obnoctious. Honeyfern should't have died and they were so sweet together! And then after honeyfern died berrynose just forgets about her and takes poppyfrost as a mate instead! Honeyfern and Berrynose should have had kits together! Honeyberry kits would have been so cute!

THIS IS THIRD LIKE HONEYFERN SAVED BRIARKIT'S LIFE. I wish that she didn't die but she had to because she saved Briarkit I cried all of these cats that died I cried but VOTE THEM FOR RESPECT!-Foxstorm/Foxclaw

Why did honey have to die right when they were talking about growing their own family!?! And I think berry wasn’t his sassy and grumpy self, but more kind, loving, and caring around honey

Awww... they are such a good couple. I was so sad when Honeyfern was bitten by a snake and died of the poison. Especially when right before that they were talking about having kits and having a family.

Birchfall x Whitewing

FINALLY, tis couple are the best! And they had two beautiful daughters together! :) ik this is only about Whitewing but Whitewing was made a warrior way after Squirrleflight and Leafpool which is wired because in FireStars Quest it say Whitekit looked over Squirrlekit and Leafkit bc she wanted to play, so obviously Whitekit is a couple of moons why did Squirrleflight and Leafpool get made to look older?

Whitewing held back her warrior ceremony for Birchfall, and Birchfall was so protective and caring for Whitewing when she was carrying his kits. Honestly, they're just so cute and deserve lots of love.

How is this not #1? Whitewing REFUSED TO BECOME A WARRIOR just so Birchfall wouldn't feel alone as the only apprentice! Plus their flirting as warriors was pretty sweet and they were good parents to Dove and Ivy even though they did not understand their problems.

Ashfur is not the father of Dovewing and Ivypool! Three reasons.

1. Birchfall was Whitewing's mate, not Ashfur. Ashfur loved Squirrelflight.

2. Cats don't have to look like their parents.

3. Their are gray and white cats in their family. Here are some of their same-coloured family members:

Ferncloud: Birchfall's mother, pale gray with darker flecks and green eyes

Brindleface: Birchfall's grandmother, pale gray tabby with darker flecks

Cinderpelt: Whitewing's aunt, dark gray with blue eyes

Brightheart: Whitewing's mother, ginger-and-WHITE

Cloudtail: Whitewing's father, white with blue eyes

Princess: Whitewing's grandmother, tabby with a WHITE chest

Whitewing: mother of Dovewing and Ivypool, white with green eyes

Tigerstar x Goldenflower

I like this ship a lot but I love Tigerstar and Sasha better because he loved Sasha more than Goldenflower I am sorry for all of the Tigerstar x Goldenflower fans but he loved Sasha more than her.- Foxstorm/Foxclaw

I really like to think that a young Tigerstar was in love with Goldenflower like who wouldn't? and I think Tigerstar was really happy when she told him she was going to have his kids. but I think Tigerstar began in the second book to have a growing obsession to kill Fireheart and rule the clan and he soon only say Goldenflower as a pawn in his evil plan. I do think that he loved his two FIRST kits but also say them as heirs to his evil throne. once he became Tigerstar I think he tried to recreate the feeling he had with Goldenflower and his first kits with Sasha but could not.
so yeah there you go!

Golden and tiger were perfect for eachother till stupid Firestar came along then his feelings grew against him and most of his focus and time was on fire instead of golden. They just grew apart and tired of eachother and simply broke up. Can’t really tell if I like this couple or not

THEY ARE SO UNDERRATED AND I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I believe that Tigerstar actually liked Goldenflower before he started to be crazy! I think Goldenflower deserves a better mate after Tigerclaw but I still love them together.

Snowfur x Thistleclaw

I love this ship SO MUCH like he avenged Snowfur when she got ran over by a twoleg monster which I cried because it was so sad but he deserves to be in starclan with his mate VOTE THEM!- Foxstorm/Foxclaw

Putting aside the fact that Thistleclaw is evil, these two are actually really great together. And Thistleclaw was a good father, until Whitestorm was an apprentice.

Thistleclaw is evil, but I truly believe he loves Snowfur. He actually is a great father until Snowfur died. Maybe if she lived he won’t be so bitter and hateful?

I know we don’t hear a lot about them in the books, but I don’t think thistle deserved snow. First off, he loved spotted leaf when she was training as a warrior. They would’ve been a good couple but thistle just wanted some she to be on his side as a mate. So snow was basically a decoy to bring more cats in since he wasn’t a good talker

Jayfeather x Stick

This has to be one of the greatest ships on the Warriors world. Sorry Half Moon! I like you, but Jayfeather should be with someone from his own timeline. Like Stick.

I love this ship

Jayfeather: Hello Stick it’s been so long
Stick: It’s only been five minutes
Jayfeather: But such a long five minutes right?
Stick: Well...
Jayfeather: What’s wrong?
Stick: I had something to do in the five minutes
(Jayfeather blinks in dead confusion and runs away screaming)
Written by Violetstar

oh yess...
There kits are-
Birdkit, gray brown spotted she kit with blue eyes
Cobralily kit- Brown tabby Tom with green eyes
Leaf- little badass cat, oldest child and daughter

Jayfeather- Stick, you are the thing I feel most comfortable around. Will you be my mate?
Stick- of course! I love you to!
Jayfeather- great! I want kits
Stick- ...
Jay-something wrong sweetie?
Stick-I'm A BOI
Jay- ( runs away in the woods screaming bloody murder)

Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

They are honestly so cute together, why did maple have to be so... evil and intent on making his life miserable.
Other kit 1
Other kit 2

These two were perfect together. She was in love with him. Amazing. "Can you feel, the love tonight?" - The Lion King 1 1/2
~Stormheart of RiverClan

O.M.G. Got to be honest you guys, apart from Firestar and Sandstorm, this is the best couple. It was just so sad when Crookedstar broke his jaw, and his mother denied him. He now only had his father and brother. But when Willowkit was born, he realized that she cared for him as well. They got along, and Crookedstar FINALLY asked Willowbreeze to be his mate. She said yes, but when she had kits she had a cold. Two of the kits died, and soon after Willowbreeze sadly past away (Don’t worry, I only cried for 3 minutes) but Crookedstar’s only remaining daughter (Featherkit) had survived.

Yay! You guys like me and Stormstar? Thank you so much! He is the sweetest cat EVER, and he went through so much! I know saying I wish Mapleshade hadn't killed me would be a bit selfish, but I'm only saying it because I wanted to be there for Stormstar. I loved him ever since I was an apprentice, and he is just SO nice and sweet. He has always been there for me, and I wish I could have done a better job of being there for him. But now we are together in StarClan, and we couldn't be happier. I mean, yes we wished our daughter Silverstream and her daughter (our granddaughter) Feathertail had survived longer, but we don't decide when they leave their clan. Anyway, we are one big happy family now! I love Stormstar SO much, and he loves me as much as I love him. We will be together forever. STORMSTAR, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I LOVE YOU!
(PS: I call him Stormstar because Crooked*twitches*star is just plain cruel! Stormstar is the best name he could ever have, and I'm ...more

Whitestorm x Willowpelt

Whitestorm only ever had willowpelt as a mate. He didn't go with frostfur or brindleface because they were his FOSTER SISTERS. Willowpelt had sucky mates like her brother which I'm sure was an accident. Tawnyspots was just... uh... sick. Literally he had cancer. Then Whitestorm came along! GO WILLOW WHITE

I suggest reading a warriors fanfiction called Bumps in the Road.

I like this couple a lot. I mean, they had Sorreltail! If you like this couple, a good fanfic would be Bumps in the Road. Start from Chapter 9!

Didn't Willowpelt go with Patchpelt, her brother, and have kits with her brother? (Ew) That is how we got Graystripe! But yeah, Willow and White was way better.

I think that Whitestorm needs to chill with the mating. I love you, but how many mates do you have?

Stormfur x Brook

I love these two, they don’t want to leave their homes because they hate it there but they leave because they know they’ll be safe with the other one in the new place!

This is a really classic one that I love and even though Stormfur did have a crush on Squirrelpaw and I would've been fine with the two of them together and I'm satisfied with the twist Hunter gave us ;)

I really wanted him to live more peacefully than his kin because theyve all suffered so much I wanted him to find someone in his clan to be his mate and I don't really like brook, I don't really like anyone in the mountins because of what happened to clan cats there... He would have been better with someone more like lepordstar I just don't like this couple

Stormfur is totally awesome! Of all the cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place he is my favorite with Brambleclaw. But he is not better than Firestar Graystripe and Ravenpaw.

Mousefur x Longtail

It's SO CUTE I love it so much they are so perfect for each other I really think that were really close when they both became elders I wish that they had kits but they can be together now because they are in starclan now. Vote them please!- Foxstorm/Foxclaw

I think they really developed something when they became elders and how the last thing mousefur saw when she died was longtail fighting beside her they really deserved each other and it was sad but also happy when she died because now they can be with each other. I feel like they would have had kits if they werent elders

Sorry guys, but this is never going to happen. Mousefur is asexual. That means that she doesn't do relationships. Period. It would be like putting two straight toms together - it wouldn't work. Although if she wasn't, I'd totally ship this.

Longtail died when a tree crushed him. Mousefur would've had kits if she wasn't so old. After Longtail died Mousefur went on moping and grieving for her lost friend.

Tigerheart x Dovewing

This is the best ship, let me explain why:
1. Bumblestripe is an annoying sucker. He was trying to force Dovewing to be his mate, and when she said no all he did was sulk in the middle of the camp.
2. Tigerheart risked his life for Dovewing, and that was something Bumblestripe never did.
3. Its just amazing.

Yessss I think we all knew that Dovewing was never right for Bumblestripe and her heart was truly with Tigerheart, their such a good couple even though their from different clans <3I love relationships from different clans lol. please vote for them!

I do really support this couple manly because I thought that they developed more than Dovewing/Bumblestripe I felt like throughout the books it was obvious that they were in love, and every time that someone asked Dovewing about mating she thought of Tigerheart, not Bumblestripe. I was thoroughly upset when they didn't become mates because I never saw the Bumblestripe/Dovewing thing coming! They never really developed! The focus was on Tigerstar and Dovewing but they never actually got together! I love Tigerheart and Dovewing because I really believed their love!

I like these two together they are really sweet together! They run away together and have kits then they come back and even though Dovewing wanted to live with her sister she went with Tigerheart to shadowclan and stayed with him as his loyal mate!They should have joined thundercan together!

Brackenfur x Sorreltail

How is this only 64?!?! They are so cute together! They make wonderful warriors and parents and would make wonderful and respected leaders.

I love this couple. I want Brackenfur to become Brackenstar!

They are adorable together!


Whitestorm x Brindleface

Okay Snowfur has a LOT of descendants just from her son! White storm had Ashfur, Ferncloud, Graystripe, and many more and Ferncloud had Birchfall, Hollykit, and Larchkit. Graystripe had Stormfur, Feathertail, Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight. Birchfall had Dovewing and Ivypool. Stormfur had Lark That Sings At Dawn and Pine That Clings To Rock. All these descendants from one ' child!

We all know they were made for each other and plus I love Ashfur I don't think anybody is his father except whitestorm. Brindleface a great and strong warrior/queen and Whitestorm a loyal warrior to the bone! Best couple ever!

Redtail was the father of Ashfur and Ferncloud, not Whitestorm. Whitestorm's nothing like Stormtail, leaving his mate for another cat. He would have waited until the kits were born, and when they were warriors before deciding that maybe she wasn't the she-cat he thought she was and break up. Redtail is the father though, not Whitestorm. The Warrior cats Wiki does say Whitestorm is the father, but it's not cannon.

Ugh u guys are dumb ash fur and fern cloud's father is whitestorm, sandstorms dad is redtail


Okay I love you whitestorm but how many mates do u have? 3?

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