Firestar x Sandstorm


This couple is amazing! After Graystripe left it was really hard for Firestar so Sandstorm came into his life and made it better. Firestar and Sandstorm are just meant to be. They show each other love until Firestar's last word. They had the great kits that grew up to be loyal to the clan no matter what. It will be really hard for Sandstorm to live without Firestar.

This is my OTP! Firestar in my opinion is not so good, but sandstorm is like YES. I loved how it was salty, then true love. Plus, this ship is basically saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Since sanstorm seems salty, then she is actually wonderful, and Firestar seems like a Gary stud kitty pet, then he is a courageous leader! They deserve each other. And hint for you cinder x fire and spotted x fire shippers; Spottedleaf only lived for one book, they barely talked to each other, and you can't have a mate and kits in star clan unless you were mates and had kits when you were alive. And for the cinder x fire shippers; Firestar was older than her, cinderpelt was a med cat, and I ship her with Littlecloud, AND NOBODY MESSES WITH MY SHIPS! I still loves cinder and spotted though

Firestar x Sandstorm is THE BEST! There was such a nice development between the two, and it was nice that Firestar x Sandstorm was one of the main couples in the first series that wasn't forbidden. I love Sandstorm (SHE IS THE BEST) and she changed her attitude and looked deeper into Fireheart than his kittypet roots. I know it wasn't love at first sight (more like hate), but they learned to like each other and became good friends, then lovers. They were almost ALWAYS there for each other when one of them were having a bad day (and ignore their attitude in A Dangerous Path... Until the cute parts), and they both were so loyal to each other no matter what. Shipped it since the second book... MY OTP FOREVER!

BEST EVER. No words shall describe this couple's awesomeness.

It's the most innocent and sincere relationship ever and it's so cute. I hate it when FirexSand is threatened by Spottedleaf, I mean Spottedleaf is nice but she's dead and needs to BACK OFF, which eventually she does. The rivalry between Cinderpelt and Sandstorm bugs me because they're both awesome fierce sharp she-cats that have Firestar in common. They really love each other and I think they're the best. - Songwind

It's just something about them that just works. They're so similar yet so different. They're relationship is basically built upon their past arguments. I especially like the way Sandstorm at first had a crush on Fireheart but he mever noticed until some nudging from Cinderpelt. Even if he loved Spottedleaf, Sandstorm will still never be second best for Firestar.

I love Fire x Sand they are my favorite couple but for the record I also love grey stripe and Silverstream I do not like Millie. Even though she was mean to him at first, they belong together.

I love this couple. It was about the only couple in the whole series that weren't in love in one book. Sandstorm was mean to him in the beginning, but when he saved her life, she realized he might be something of a warrior, and not a kittypet. They became friends, and when Firestar suggested they go against Bluestar's planned war with WindClan, she had to decide leader VS friend. Moral VS Loyalty. And she chose her loyalty to Firestar, and I really love her for that. A lot of people say she's "controlling" or "needs to be nicer". I never thought she was a jerk or controlling. She was actually the reason Firestar went through with going against BloodClan because he knew she'd be by his side when he charged into battle. And she always supports him, but knows when to share her opinion and help him through something. In Sunrise, when he refused to decide a new deputy, she helped him get over Graystripe's apparent death. And she didn't fall in love with him when he saved her life she fell ...more

Although they made Leaf and Squirrel, Fire and Sand are one of my favorite couples. Sand hated Fire until she developed a crush and Fire also did too. Soon they became mates and had their two daughters! :3

The golden couple. Just can't hate 'em, no matter how hard you try. Besides, their relationship really progresses. And it's one of the few main character/other cat relationships that is actually allowed!

They are the best! I totally support Fire+Sand! Also, Fun Fact, If they hadn't become mates and had kits that means The Three would have never happened, and the Clans would have become nothing! - Niatvertian

Cute I just wish their kits wouldn't have had so many heart breaking things happen. SPOILER Also wish they had more than 2 kits:( oh well LOVE THIS COUPLE

This is the best couple by far. It's really adorable, honestly. I mean, Sandstorm hated Firestar at first, but then she liked him after he saved her from falling into the gorge. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

They were meant to be. I'm sorry but I don't like Graystripe x Silverstream (RESPECT MY OPINION) So let's get this couple to number one. Who's with me?

I hate this couple, they were both total Mary Sues, their relationship had NO development("you saved me now I have to love you" kinda thing) and Sandstorm was totally controlling and jealous :/ but to each his own I guess..

Love the series I've read every book and am glad to see it on the top tens and this couple is my favorite and is heart warming to read about - YOSHIA2121

This is how they became a couple! Fire becomes a TCA and Sand and Dust hate him. Fire becomes a warrior and saves Sands life. Sand starts being nice to Fire and Dust gets super jealous. Dust realises he loves Fern and stops being jealous and Fire and Sand live happily ever after until Fire dies!

For some reason, I was into this in one of the super editions, but I'd rather stick with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight.

Yeah, I would've voted for this. They are very sweet to each other.

I love firestar and sandstorm without them leafpool and squirrelflight wouldn't be here

Yeah to sandstorm and firestar! I think they should be first they are so cute together!

The best couple ever! Sandstorm really cares about him and Firestar really loves her

I am bound to vote for anything to do with Firestar, he's my fave cat! So I am a little biased on this one.

YEAH! They are the very best and truly love each other. Please vote for them!

I sorta wish that Spottedleaf hadn't died so that Firestar could be her mate... Even though it was against the warrior code.