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21 Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

Crookedstar is just a really awesome cat, and Willowbreeze suits him perfectly! It was so sad when Willowbreeze died, and Crookedstar's kits too!

Crookedstar and Willowbreeze forever! "Oh, my precious love, be strong for me..." It breaks my heart and makes me cry every time, so I don't know why I keep reading it...

If Willowbreeze didn't die and they watched their kits grow up together that would've been the BEST romance story EVER

I absolutely love this couple! Its well-developed and has a lot of chemistry. They complete each other and are both so sweet you can tell they care very deeply for one another. The Erins finally made a good couple😂!

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22 Firestar x Spottedleaf

I hate this couple what if it was yellowfang and ragged star all over again? And then fire star would like leave his clan and it would be bad. Also I just want to say ashfur get a MATE then you won't be bad Ashfur and white wing would be nice and I think lion blaze and honey fern would be a good couple

Through out the whole series, Firestar kept telling Sandstorm and himself that he couldn't be in love with a "memory", but when Spottedleaf died her second death saving Sandstorm, that showed how much she loved him, and how much she'd give up for him. I hate SandXFire, because sandstorm treated him with disrespect in the beginning, and Spottedleaf grew a close bond with him, and ended up having to deal with heart break watching him fall in love with someone else.

I hate Sand Fire. Sandstorm only loved Firestar in the end, but Spottedleaf loved him all the way! If Spottedleaf didn't die, she probably would've been with Firestar already! Erin must have had something against her! She died TWICE and she was so YOUNG!

Really? I don’t like this couple. They never actually showed love to each other when spotted leaf was alive, but then in star clan she magically shows love to him? NO. WAY. so sorry, but I just think it’s a bad couple. FIREXSAND FOREVER

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23 Jayfeather x Stick

This is a really funny one and they can never talk forget about kits so I don't think they will be official paring but if jayfeather was a she cat it might of been possible so I think this couple is unofficial

Face palm. I am officially face palmed. He thought the stick was important! - Catsarah123

Mrs stick will you take jay feather as your husband
Stick: I do
Jay feather will you take stick as your wife
Jay feather: I do

Probably the funniest couple ever but it's so cute seeing a cat in love with a stick that hat markings from cats from long ago!

I was searching threw the list and found the purrfect couple. Stickpaw do you except to be a warrior of Stickclan? Stkck: I do. You are now known as Stick feather because your mate Jayfeather suggested it

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24 Stormfur x Brook

Stormfur is totally awesome! Of all the cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place he is my favorite with Brambleclaw. But he is not better than Firestar Graystripe and Ravenpaw.

I like storm fur but I kept hoping it would work out with him and squirrelpaw

I really wanted him to live more peacefully than his kin because theyve all suffered so much I wanted him to find someone in his clan to be his mate and I don't really like brook, I don't really like anyone in the mountins because of what happened to clan cats there... He would have been better with someone more like lepordstar I just don't like this couple

Sorry I don�'t really like this couple because Stormfur is so great and Brook... well meh. Besides Brook made Stormfur leave to the tribe at first... which means he is more loyal to Brook than his clan.

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25 Snowfur x Thistleclaw

Actually really like his couple, because marine ever give up!

26 Whitestorm x Brindleface

We all know they were made for each other and plus I love Ashfur I don't think anybody is his father except whitestorm. Brindleface a great and strong warrior/queen and Whitestorm a loyal warrior to the bone! Best couple ever!

They had Ashfur and Ferncloud, what can I say?

Okay I love you whitestorm but how many mates do u have? 3?

Great cats but the couple is never described in the books... I do think they would make a cute couple though! And I LOVE their kits ^_^

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27 Leafstar x Billystorm

I think this couple was coming. This was a perfect couple, tasteful to the readers that read SkyClan's Destiny, and you seemed to cry with Leafstar as she struggled. I think that lots of people (including me at one point) thought that Sharpclaw and Leafstar would become a really good couple. Leafstar had a few feelings for him, as portrayed in the books. I think this couple perfectly completes each other, as an arrow, and a three.

They were so good together I love billystorm.

They are good, and there kits are cutes

Billystorm is my favorite cat and these guys are so cute - Leaftail

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28 Brackenfur x Sorreltail

How is this only 64?!?! They are so cute together! They make wonderful warriors and parents and would make wonderful and respected leaders.

I love this couple. I want Brackenfur to become Brackenstar!


29 Gray Wing x Turtle Tail

They are so cute together I hated it when they broke up

Turtle tail rocks! She and gray wing belong together! ( although I like storm too. )

Isn't it weird that Gray Wing's crushes (Bright Sky and Storm) get stolen by his brother Clear Sky? And he doesn't really care? Doesn't that seem weird?


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30 Briarlight x Jayfeather

Finally! I real mate for jayfeather I mean my favorite couple of all time is jayfeather and half moon but that didn't last it still will be my favorite couple but maybe he needs someone whos living in his time I like what everyone else wrote about briarlight and I'm just going to go with them and let u read whatthey say about her because this is truly a great couple I hope he does take her as his apprentice

So cute you can tell Briarlight has a crush on him

If Jayfeather was a Warrior not a Medicine Cat andf he never met Half Moon so they're will be good together!

Wait wait this is a shop 0-0 ~ Jayfeather

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31 Tawnypelt x Rowanclaw

Cute couple! Is it just me or does this remind you a lot of Bramble and Squirrel which is really weird because Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw are siblings. Both Tawnypelt and Squirrelflight are arrogant, short-tempered, and bold as apprentices then mature after a long time and Brambleclaw and Rowanclaw are fierce and ambitious young warriors then turn into wise and calm warriors but can still be fierce and formiddable. Both couples started out as hating each other then warmed up to each other and fell in love! So alike! Plus they both had three kits that they raised. And Bramble and Rowan are both made leaders.

They are perfect. Both level-headed. That's good in a couple.

Okay so where are the other comments? Like I love this couple they have TIGERHEART
Who loves dovewing which I like that couple EVEN more plus I like tawnypelt in general I mean she could have stayed in thunderclan but she stayed loyal to her father even though he was evil and stayed in shadow clan even after he died it was really hard for her too because she had to prove herself which I think she did many times before they truely trusted her I personally like this couple

Why does everyone make such a big deal just a shadow clan couple I have an idea lets get all gooy about random couples
-clovermoon of treeclan

32 Ashfur x Squirrelflight

The only mistake Ashfur made was to love her too much. At the time Brambleclaw was ignorant and didn't have any feelings for Squirrelflight. Why did she choose Bramble over Ash? The choice between rival and friend?

Ashfur loved Squrrielflight too much - love that strong is dangerous. Brambleclaw Is a good cat. he has had a hard life, too, having have to prove his loyalty to his clan because of his WRETCHED father. GO ASHFUR! Oh, and ashfur, you tried to kill my favorite cat- jayfeather. So, you must have really wanted to destroy the cat you loved's heart like she broke yours

This is me Squirrelflight and this is sick so me and Brambleclaw saw this and I freaked out.

I like it but prefer BrambleXSquirrel

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33 Bluestar x Trushpelt

I liked this couple but I also liked Bluestar and Oakheart. It was so sad though because Thrushpelt was so sweet and nervous around her and even said that he would pretend to be the father of her kits so she wouldn't get in trouble. It must have hurt him when he got rejected :(

Thrushpelt is the perfect role model... unlike Ashfur. But Bluestar was a kit when he was a warrior. - RisingMoon

I agree. Thrushpelt was willing to lie for his beloved.

Poor Thrushpelt... he really cared about Bluestar. I like both OakXBlue and ThrushXBlue but Thrushpelt was really good to Bluestar and would've made the better mate because the relationship would've been easier but then again there would be no Stonefur, Mistystar, and Mosskit which I all love I would've named Mosskit Mossdapple

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34 Lionblaze x Heathertail

I think they look cute together, when my friend told me Lionblaze tried for Cinderheart I was kinda sad, but they look cute, too.

They are so cute together! Stupid warrior code they belong together!

I love these 2 together and it broke my heart when LionxHeather decided they couldn't be together. Loved it when they said there would be no barriers in star clan


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35 Foxleap x Ivypool

These two would be perfect together! One of the Erin Hunters even said so herself. :) Foxleap is kind and understanding, which is what Ivypool needs in a mate.

I love this couple! Foxleap is so sweet and protective. Though Ivypool doesn't seem like she would need a protector, I think she'd like having the attention for once. She really deserves a tom like Foxleap.

Yes! They're pretty cute I guess it's a shame he... Oh wait some people didn't read Bramblestar's storm

Foxleap is Ivypool's uncle - RisingMoon

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36 Ivypool x Hollowflight

They were a team in the Dark Forest and they worked perfect together.

It wouldn't have worked out their to far away from each other riverclan and thunderclan really more like ivypool and mousewhisker

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37 Graystripe x Millie

He walks into a gathering and says, "This is Millie. Shes my mate

They may be in the same clan but Graystripe should have took care of Silverstream and his kits instead of having more with Millie.

THIS IS THE WORST COUPLE EVER! Millie is worse than Sol, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokenstar and every other cat evil at in history put together!

Dude. Millie just shouldn't exist. There. Done.

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38 Hollyleaf x Mousewhisker

I never really thought of them as a couple, but after coming home, Hollyleaf was way more private. I think Mousewhisker might help her open up more, as Mousewhisker is kinda hot-headed and Hollyleaf could cool him down.

I love this couple so much!

I think they would have great kits together if she had lived. DUMB HAWKFROST! HollyxMouse forever!

Since when has Mousewhisker been hot-headed?

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39 Lionblaze x Icecloud

No it should be Cinderheart maybe toad step and ice cloud

I don't know... I don't really ship Lion and Cinder because they had no feelings for each other for a long time then they magically fall in love.

Icecloud's affection was obvious, but come on, couldn't she see that he wants CINDERHEART to be his mate?

No. Just no.

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40 Darkstripe x Tigerstar

They are both boys... it would be cool:
Random cat: tigerstar, do you take darkstripe to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Tigerstar: I do
Random cat: darkstripe, do you take tigerstar to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Darkstripe: I do
Random cat: you may now kiss the groom
I can image it - bluestar10

Eh whats wrong with being gay? Maybe more darkstripe and uh frostfur MAYBE I mean she could have taught him how to be better and that would be hard if it weren't his mate because he never gets close to anyone

Darkstripe was so cute when he tried to impress Tigerstar. They wouldn't ever be mates, but it's cute.

What the heck?! I don't have a problem with gays but...

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