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41 Firestar x Cinderpelt

Personally I think that Firestar is like an older brother to cinderpelt, definitely NOT a mate. I mean their relationship is more sisterly and brotherly! This is my opinion no one has to agree.

Cinderpelt should have been his mate. CURSE YOU, TIGERSTAR!
But I still like Firestar with Sandstorm.

This is my #1 favorite couple! I mean Cinderpelt had everything she wanted, and it was taken all away from her just like that. Firestar never ever knew she loved. Only Yellowfang knew her true feelings

I liked them better as platonic

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42 Bluestar x Crookedstar

Maybe just maybe but I still like bluestar and thrushpelt or at least oakheart better he already had a mate people!

I don't like this couple. Crookedstar already HAS a mate, and so does Bluestar, and they already have perfect mates

I love this couple! Seriously, if it weren't for that piece of hare-dung (sorry, I'm from WindClan) Mapleshade, they wouldn't have fought in the Sunningrocks battle and totally would have gotten together!

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43 Dappletail x Patchpelt

Stormtail was mates with moonflower they were bluestar's and snowfur's parents

Dappletail was mates with stormtail I think

I think this is a great couple because in bluestars prophecy the would hang out together and their kits would both have great parents.

What I hate is that Patchpelt got with Robinwing for some time and then they had Longkit but Patchpelt didn't want anything to do with his kit so Longtail never got any love from his father.

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44 Firestar x Leafstar

No, he couldn't have flirted with her in any way because SANDSTORM was there the whole time. And besides, what about Billystorm?

Did they even know each other? A lot of female cats like him because he's a leader

Read Firestar's quest figure it out!

No. Just No. They showed no affection towards each other besides friendship. Firestar has Sandstorm and Leafstar has, *laughs* Billystorm.


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45 Blossomfall x Ivypool

I don't hate lesbians or anything but if they weren't the same gender it would be cute because if you think about it they have a lot in common (living in their sibling's shadow)

Lesbian? Really?

They'd be so cute together! I'm more of an IvyxHolly fan myself, but still, this couple rocks.

These two are so cute together! they're my one favourite couples.

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46 Alderpaw x Needlepaw

Is this even a real couple?

The first time Alderpaw met Needlepaw at the gathering, he thought she was so rude and disrespectful to her clanmates. But when they went on the journey together I could tell that they started to "Like" each other **hint hint**. I was so sad when they were mad at each over who got the kits. But overall I love AlderxNeedle!

It was cute at first, but it just didn't work. Needletail become a *censor*

�� my favourite character with my least favourite character! But I still love them together

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47 Dovewing x Foxleap

They never liked each other.

Don't ship it but Foxleap obviously likes her (if you read Sign Of The Moon you get what I'm saying)

One of the Erin Hunters said that if he lived, he would have been mates with IVYPOOL.

No. Just no.

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48 Tallstar x Bluestar

No. So many random couples are on here might as well put Thornclaw and Icecloud on here or something. Seriously guys.

Tallstar's gay. This wouldn't work. - Talljake

Nah not good he's to old for her

Ew pukes

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49 Ivypool x Breezepelt

Can anyone say OTP? I think they would be awesome together, Breezepelt needs someone who can really show him true love, and Ivypool needs someone who can understand her, match her personality, and challenge her. Both have amazing potential and have gone through similar trials (dark forest, in the shadow of their siblings, etc) and I think this ship could be awesome simply if more people actually took the time to consider it instead of just instantly ignoring it because it 'seems' unlikely.


It would be a okay couple but I like Foxleap and Ivypool better and Breezepelt and Hollyleaf

Maybe they're kind of alike but I like Ivypool single

The OTP to end all OTPs right here :D

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50 Clear Sky x Bright Stream

Even though clear sky turned into a pile of fox dung after her death, these guys are still cute together. I almost cried when bright stream died

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51 Ravenpaw x Oceanflight

What about Barley? He should go off to reunite with his sister (Violet) and they should live in the barn with raven and ocean.

Is Oceanflight is Ravenpaw's Path?

Hi! My name is Oceanflight I am a mottled gray-and-white she-cat with black ears and tail. The first part of my name is what a young twolegs called me, who gave me food when I was young, and Flight is what my mother called me. I was trying to find a place to live because my old den was destroyed by twolegs when he came up over a hill. He looked amazing! His black pelt was so handsome and his amber eyes were completely gorgeous. I introduced myself, asked if I could stay in the barn, and he agreed. He was so sweet! I asked if I could live in the barn and he said yes. I finally told him how I felt about him, and he said he loved me too! He told me I was beautiful! Oh Ravenpaw I will love you forever.

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52 Littlecloud x Cinderpelt

Totally! If they weren't medicine cats I bet they WOULD have been mates!

I kept hoping they would have this couple in the books! Cinderpelt saved his life and Littlecloud became a medicine cat in her honor. It sounded like they were in love to me! Too bad Cinderpelt liked Firestar (if you're wondering, it says this in the warriors app under the intersting triva about Cinderpelt).

Littlecloud was quite upset ; when she died, he even told Flametail about her and would be so happy if he knew about Cinderheart having Cinderpelts spirit

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. awesome!

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53 Ravenpaw x Barley

Actually, gay cats are a thing. Most animals do have gay couples, and they are important. They take in abandoned or orphaned babies. Humans are the only species that have a problem with gay couples.

Ravenpaw and Barley are so cute together! The Erin's have actually confirmed that Ravenpaw and Barley is canon. Also: 1: I'm bisexual, I'm offended by people who say gay ships are bad. 2: In Ravenpaw's Farewell, it says that Barley loves Ravenpaw, and I don't think it means as a friend. 3: Homophobes are a word I'd rather not say that starts with the letter B.

What the heck! No ravenpaw and barley are meant to be single handsome tom cats!


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54 Thornclaw x Blossomfall

He's a tough, no nonsense senior warrior who firmly believes in doing what he thinks is right. She's a lonely, abused young cat who just wants to be noticed. Toms and she-cats, the best almost canon couple out there!

I really think they would work together

YES They are so cute! I think he really cares for her. by the way there's a new warriors series coming out so we'll have to wait and see!

There's a huge age gap but otherwise its cute

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55 Tallstar × Jake

Umm FireSand does have chemistry way more than Jake and Tallstar it took six books people, SIX BOOKS for Firestar and Sandstorm to become mates and Tallstar and Jake only knew each other for one book. Get your facts right before you say something like that

TallstarxJake is my favorite Warriors couple. Why? Because they really cared for each other. In the end, each considered what the other wanted in order to make a choice, even if it meant leaving each other forever. Some say that they weren't even a couple, but Vicky Holmes has said that she considers them as together. Jakestar for life! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I DON'T CARE! I SHIP IT! Ugh, do I have no straight ships?

These voters are a disappointment if they left Talljake for 64th place. Talljake is THE BEST ship. For one, it's REAL. It's not an obnoxious old medicine cat who loves this little boy which is a totally creepy ship (Firepaw and Spottedleaf). Tallstar and Jake really cared about each other. READ Tallstar's Revenge before you go hating on this ship.

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56 Mothflight X Micah

Yes! They need each other! Micah's death was so sad and Mothflight was devastated! TOO CUTE AND INNOCENT!

57 Hawkwing x Pebbleshine

LOVE THIS COUPLE so CUTE #hawk&pebble

58 Tigerstar x Sasha

I love how Sasha tries to convince Tigerstar to stop evil and all so she can live with a good-hearted cat. She really loved Tigerstar, and he loved her.

Yea I like this one


How could you hate them?! Tigerstar actually loved her and here's how I know:
1: she was an ex kittypet. HE HATES KITTYPETS. heck his father decided to be a kittypet and he hated him. He hated firestar for this reason as well. He mocks Bluestar for her "kittypet softness" but not with Sasha.
2: he wanted her to be a part of his plan. He wanted to rule the forest with her.
Also I don't believe he loved Leopardstar. He probably only used her since she's a leader and he knew she had feelings for him.
She even says she couldn't pretend she didn't love him. He visited her dreams saying Tadpole would be in a better place. This is true love.

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59 Ravenpaw x Sandstorm

Ok what the heck! They would be a horrible couple Sandstorm and Firestar are a match made in StarClan

Erin reveals Ravenpaw had a crush on Sandstorm but thought she had a better chance with Dustpaw/pelt. However, it would not have worked out anyway because Sandstorm barely noticed him

Yes! I never thought of that! They would make a great couple!

They don't go well together sorry

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60 Featherstorm x Hal

Some people don't like this couple but its actually a pretty good couple considering the fact that feathertail was able to meet him and have kits in secret. Ha ha must have taken a lot of effort trying to hide their secret. Also stupid raggedstar why did you kill your own father!

U mean featherstorm not feathertail I got confused for a second I mean they r a good couple but it doesn't work out that hals a kittypet it worked before but I ruined lots of things for cats in shadowclan

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