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61 Gray Wing x Slate

They barley know each other but Slate is friendly to Gray Wing and is quick to show him how she likes him unlike how slow Turtle Tail was to finally show him she likes him. Not that I don't like Turtle Tail and Gray Wing but Slate is way better Personality wise.

I can totally see this couple coming. But seriously, who many mates/crushes is this dude gonna have? First he liked Bright Stream, then Storm, then Turtle Tail, and now Slate? Isn't that a bit too much?

Love this couple! I shipped them so much while I was reading the Dawn of the Clans books.

I think they have the strongest bond of all of the previous she-cats he's been mates with/had a crush on.

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62 Bumblestripe x Hollyleaf

They would have been AWESOME

I think this couple would b rlly cute if hollyleaf hadn't died stupid hawkfrost! Although hollyleaf X fallen leaves is cool 2

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63 Scourge x Cinderpelt

I love this couple I don't know why I just do

I don't know why.

Love it scourge+cinder

What the heck?!?

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64 Clear Sky x Star Flower

I object! (Smashes down a door to courtroom) Thunder X Star flower is so much better. Srysly. Clear sky has had THREE different mates dude make up your mind! Heck, he didn't even accept his own son! Why did they fall in love anyway? It made Zed sense whatsoever, so wrong on so many levels! Why thou!?! Thunder X Star flower for life!

I know I didn't mention it, but the courtroom one was me, Snowstar leader of Iceclan. My friend Tyler made Iceclan and I joined the clan and I named my self Snowflake. Tyler made himself leader,making him Swiftstar, and he named me his deputy and ho moved away so I was made leader of Iceclan. So Snowstar leader of Iceclan hates ClearXStar!


65 Swiftpaw x Brightpaw

If Swiftpaw had been made a warrior, this probably would have happened. Then again, maybe it's a good thing that this didn't happen, as one of Cloudtail and Brightheart's kits was Whitewing, and one of her kits was Dovewing. If Swiftpaw was made a warrior, one of the Three wouldn't have been born.

They should of been together! Plus cloudtail totally dumped her for dasiy

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66 Cherrytail x Sharpclaw

So cute! How is this below some canons?

they are so cute! But totally Hollyleaf and sharpclaw! I mean sharp claw and cherrytail could totally be mates!

67 Snowbush x Lilyheart V 1 Comment
68 Hawkwing x Pebbleshine
69 Fernshade x Wolfstep
70 Tigerheart x Ivypool

I hate this couple its just so no, ivypool belongs with bumblestripe and tigerheart belongs with dovewing

No. TigerXDove forever.

Tigerheart = stupid mouse-brain. ivypool = not a stupid mouse-brain.
Tigerheat used ivypaw! - bluestar10


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71 Mossbird x Violetstem

WHO ARE THESE CATS!? You've started making random Cats and random couples

Who the heck are these cats? - Wolftail

The heck? Who the hell put that there?

Please do not put your own cats on here. The rest of us do not no of these cats.

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72 Toadstep x Blossomfall

He died! In Bramblestar's storm!

Thornclaw x Blossomfall is better!

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73 Quince x Jake

If you read The Ultimate Guide I think it says so in Firestar's profile

Whos nutmeg? When do they say this? I know jake and quince had those three but when do they say nutmeg and jake had princess and firestar like jake obviously but whos nutmeg?

AWESOME because they had Firestar and he had Squirrelflight and Leafpool and Leafpool had Jayfeather, Lionblaze and even better Hollyleaf.
Hollyleaf is lklike the best warrior cat EVEER!

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74 Jayfeather x Mothflight

Moth Flight is real just read Moth Flight's Vision it's a new book!

WHAT no and where all the comments on this one?
Wow they really like making up couples for jayfeather don't they?

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75 Ivypool x Hollyleaf

Can you imagine how awesome that would be? They're both strong, cool, interesting characters, and together they would kick some serious butt! Not to mention how adorable they'd be together.

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76 Hollyleaf x Breezepelt

They are so cute together. Lets pretend they are not kin. Their kits would be so cute. Some good names for their kits are Shadowkit, Nightkit, Darkkit, and Blackkit.
Hollyleaf is my favorite cat. So I had to include her.

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77 Reedstrike X Hollysky
78 Jackdaw's Cry & Hawk Swoop

Were they a real couple? I think they were, right? Anyway I think they would be cute together

79 Owlfur X Softwing

FYI This is a couple in Crookedstar's Promise - IcetailofWishClan

80 Ivypool x Hawkfrost

They are so awesome together! But if they loved each other, does that mean that Hawkfrost didn't just train her because he needed more cats in the Dark Forest and because his dad told him so, but because he loved her?

It could've been love if Hawkfrost hadn't been using her but all you IVY AND HAWK lose your love for that couple now because HAWKFROST just USES her and never loved her. He just acted/pretended to love/like her when she first join so they would have more strong Dark Forest Members

I think he saw her in the last hope listening to the meeting. Hawkfrost has sharp eyes. So that's how I know he loves her. - Catsarah123

I think this couple is just epic and it would be cool to see how ivypool would cope having a mate in the dark forest.

This is a monstrosity to Warriors. He tried to kill her. Shoo, right now.

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