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81 Dustpelt x Fernpaw

Okay yeah they are mates and it was cute while it lasted what I like about it is that they were both brave and loyal to each other till the end and ferncloud can keep watching out for him and their 2 remaining kits/warriors and their kits

When Dustpelt died I literally screamed "Dusty no! " But at least he's with Ferncloud if I were a cat I would want Dustpelt as my mate

It was so cute when he finally showed his soft side!

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82 Gray Wing x Storm

I love this couple it is my favorite couple he was meant for Storm and Storm didn't know it but she was born raised for Gray wing!

I felt so bad for gray wing when storm became clear sky's mate. Gray wing obviously loved storm so ya.

Why would she pick Clear sky over Gray wing? Clear sky's an ass.

Nuu Gray Wing x Turtle Tail 4 life

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83 Mousewhisker x Hollyleaf

They would've been adorable together!

Gross and strange. Sick actually... (calls Squirrelflight. )

Maybe but I sort of like scourge and hollyleaf better and way better hollyleafxfallenleaves


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84 Sootfur x Cinderpelt

I think this would be cute, I don't know why. (I know that the girl is older than the guy, but this happens a lot in the Warriors series so it's not a big deal).

:( they both die in the badger attack I like cinderpelt with littlecloud better and hollyleaf would have WOULD HAVE if erin hunter hadnt killed her go burn in the dark forest hawkfrost anyway hollyleaf would have been better for sootfur his story is so sad read firestars quest then read the book with the badger attack in it and u will find out y

85 Ashfur x Whitewing

Though they played together, I truly believe that if Whitewing loved Ashfur, then he would stay loyal to her and he wouldn't go for Squirrelflight. I actually think Ashfur is the real father of Dovewing and Ivypool.

Why? Whitewing was falling over Birchfall and you know it. Besides, if whitewing was having ashfur's kits why would she tell birchfall? What about in long shadows. He threatens to kill "squirrelflight's" kits. Why would he if he loved whitewing?

Guys he is not the father of Dovewing and Ivypool you don't have to look like your parents! Birchfall and Whitewing have gray-coloured family members!

They actually did have ivypool and dovewing. It's true

Nah whitexbirch forever! And ashfur is NOT the father to ivypool and one of the 4

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86 Mousefur x Jayfeather

Um she was already an elder when he was an apprentice.

Wait WHAT I got sick when I read this couple seriously no what is with jayfefather and mates? Including inanimate objects!

Hm... I get it! Two of the grumpiest cats in Thunderclan together! Still sick though. Long x Mouse!

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87 Dovewing x Berrynose

It's the best! Both are stupid, no one likes them, an they're egocentric!

They would work gold as pairing because their has the same annoying character

What the heck?!?! Who in the world came up with this couple?!?!

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88 Jayfeather x Ivypool

I see it I see it

Well if Jayfeather does do I'm blaming Leafpool. She's a bad example.

They don't even like each other... guys this is getting ridiculous

But... they aren't mates! 😧

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89 Scourge X Brick

It's shocking how many people don't know that Brick is a she-cat! She had the eyelashes in the manga and everything.

WHY does no one know who brick is? - Talljake

Eh... Scourge REALLY isn't the kind to have a mate or kits.

Who the heck is Brick?

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90 Ivypool x Foxleap

There perfect it was so sad when FOXLEAP dies after the great battle

They would have been perfect togther but NNNOOO Foxleap has to die after the Great Battle. I MISS YOU FOXLEAP:(

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91 Foxleap x Briarlight

I feel like they could work. She is kind and caring but she never had a mate. Foxleap and Briarlight would be so cute! I think they would become mates and adopt three orphan kits and be happy until Briarlight dies which would be after there kits become warriors.

Y would u say that? I love briarlight and jayfeather for trying to make it better and saving her life so many time briarlight and jayfeather forever but maybe half moon favorite COUPLE OF ALL TIME come on just no

92 Foxleap x Rosepetal

So cute and this is actual cannon!

Maybe but maybe foxleap and ivypool is better 3 foxleapxsomeone really?

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93 Nutmeg x Jake

They had firestar and princess and u literly already said this one

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94 Berrynose x Rosepetal

We all know if you read bramblestar's storm that berrynose cares for Amberpaw. We know he loves her

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95 Midnight x Brambleclaw

Now that's just weird. She's a badger. He's a cat.

I don't even want to think about them having kits maybe purdy would be better for midnight?!

Yes I know she's a badger but still...

*puts down phone and walks away*

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96 Dustpaw x Sandpaw

How is Midnight and Bramblestar above this? This is a cute couple but I also like Fern with Dusty

See how they were kinda 2gether at the beginning? They both teamed up on firepaw and were the oldest apprentices

Dustpaw and Ravenpaw were littermates, so actually those two would have to be the same age. - Talljake

Dustpelt did have feelings for sandstorm when they were younger, so that's why he and firest never really saw eye to eye

This would be cute of he wan't her brother

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97 Breezepelt x Hazeltail

Hazel tail? Are you sure it's not supposed to be Heathertail?

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98 Blossomfall x Shadow

That's cute I like it I've been waiting for someone for blossomfall she needs someone to lean on after her mother goes crazy and only cares about briarlight at least bumblestripe has dovewing to take his mind off his mother

It could work I like it blossomxshadow forever!

I know none of you heard of this cat but shadow is a handsome black loner tom and I made him up because I feel bad 4 blossomfall, she needs some1 and they fall in love and have coalkit and bearkit

99 Graywing x Slate

"I think their a perfect match for each other because Turtle Tail is dead". "But at the same time I feel like they have a connection".

It's heavily hinted when he says 'How did I came to rely so heavily on a cat I just only met? '

I think they are a great match for each other since Turtle Tail is dead.
I also think that Clear Sky and Petal are a good match for each other.

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100 Tall Shadow x Gray Wing

"Their both old and tired and want to be left alone" "That's why I think their
A good match for each other!

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