Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Kits

The sweetest Warriors kits ever! Please vote to show me what you think! Add any other nominations, too. Oh, and number one must be like, "OH MY STARCLAN IT IS SO CUTE!" And the list is by GingerHEART. Not GingerHEARAT. Stupid typo.

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21 Yellowfang Yellowfang

Yeah, she and Nutkit and Rowankit were sooo cute. They pretended the elders were foxes in the territory :3

22 Briarkit (Briarlight)
23 Mistlekit

Aw I like Mistlekit. She was actually snowkit's sister. She may have died by greencough and fireheart bribed her to take her herbs. I thought she was cute!

She didn't want to take herbs and was like "no broccoli for me" because that's how real kids react to vegetables

I don't know what happened to her

24 Hillkit (Hillflower)
25 Moorkit
26 Violetkit
27 Twigkit
28 Brindlekit (Brindlefur)
29 Palekit (Palesky)
30 Moonkit (Moonbreeze)
31 Dovekit (Dovestar)
32 Lionkit (Lionblaze)

He is so adorable and seems to like to make a lot of mischief. Can you guys disagree? On the great journey he made friends with applekit,marshkit, and toadkit

The brother of Jaykit and Hollykit

He was just so CUTE

33 Dovekit (Dovewing)

She was part of the prophecy. So adorable!

34 Sorrelkit (Sorreltail)
35 Leafkit (Leafpool)
36 Redkit

I know we never see redtail as a kit but if we did he would be so cute

37 Ivykit (Ivypool)

She was so cute in forth apprentice

38 Stormkit (Stormfur)
39 Sweetkit (Sweetpaw)

She's probably the cutest in my opinion. The way Erin designed her is just beautiful.. I hate that she died so quickly due to Food Poisoning...

40 Onekit (Onewhisker/Star)

He was like: were is talltail going? mom of onekit: to receive his nine lives. onekit: can I come?

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