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21 Wooper

Whooped is adorable! When using it in battle in gen 4, it looks back at you! Whooped is the cutest thing ever!

Wooper is so adorable and its always happy, therefore making you always happy

It's so cute. Vaporeon is not cute. But the cutest water types are piplup, azurill, marill, wooper, azumarill and squirtle

Have you even herd Woopers voice it's SO CUTE

22 Clamperl
23 Dewott Dewott

Dewwot is cuter (and cooler) than oshawott - DragoniteTheMinerz

Dewwot is THE BEST and it even has 2 scalchops SO CUTE

24 Dewpider
25 Pyukumuku Pyukumuku

He is a tactical grenade

26 Marill Marill

Oh Gosh. It's SO cute with a million exclamation marks! It's not THAT bad in battle but this is about cuteness so I'll leave that to the side. I have a Marill named Bubbles and he's the cutest!

Oh no it's so cute little Pokemon she must be at first rank. I like piplup but marill is my favourite water Pokemon

Marill is cute because of its tail and that adorable face!
I have like 20 of em.

Jem's 1st favorite pokemon, Marill.

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27 Milotic Milotic

I agree, however I don't think Molotov is cute, I think she /he is cool.

Come on guys why isn't Milotic in the top 5?!

I guess Milotic's kinda cute.. It's more beautiful. Really hope it gets a Mega in Gen 7 ^_^

28 Omanyte
29 Quagsire Quagsire


30 Luvdisc Luvdisc

Ahem! I mean... whoever wants a LOVELY KISS?! love disc was like, kissing all over you, how disgusting! Why is it on the list it's just so ugly and disgusting and it's not even cute it represents LOVE

31 Panpour

Why isn't panpour higher on the list sure when it evolves it's weird but magikarp ranked higher than him and to put him one spot above simipour is just mean in my opinion

32 Wishiwashi Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is pretty cute.

33 Feraligatr Feraligatr

He's/She's cute...

34 Phione Phione

It is so cute I will die for it it should be 1

35 Gyarados Gyarados Gyarados is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It evolves from one of the weakest Pokemon, Magikarp. But Gyarados has a high attack power (as of gen VII, mega Gyarados is ranking #19 for highest attack stat & would rank #10 if legendary Pokemon aren't included), and more.


36 Ducklett
37 Frillish

You know is you read the frillish's pokedex entry you'd think a lot different

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38 Kyogre Kyogre

Don't know about u guys but I think Kyogre is so cute... Search up cute Kyogre pics on the internet and see if u agree with me.

Even though Kyogre might not be cute, he is still BOSS

This legendary can be cute sometimes.

Kyogre is cool, not cute

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39 Seel

It's Jemela Bacchus's 2nd favorite pokemon. When I was 11
years old.

40 Dewgong Dewgong

So cute - 1507563

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