Cutest Water Type Pokemon


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41 Luvdisc

Ahem! I mean... whoever wants a LOVELY KISS?! love disc was like, kissing all over you, how disgusting! Why is it on the list it's just so ugly and disgusting and it's not even cute it represents LOVE

42 Panpour

Why isn't panpour higher on the list sure when it evolves it's weird but magikarp ranked higher than him and to put him one spot above simipour is just mean in my opinion

43 Simipour
44 Krabby

Krabby, not SpongeBob. laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

45 Staryu Staryu
46 Starmie Starmie
47 Corsola Corsola

It is possibly the cutest Pokemon of any type

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48 Finneon

Finneon is the cutest little fish!

49 Shellos

Shellos is so underrated Its adorable!

50 Gorebyss Gorebyss

How'd this even get on here?

51 Barboach

How can you not love this derpy little guy?

52 Chinchou

If fish looked like this I'd need one hundred of them! - taytayxtaytay

53 Lanturn Lanturn
54 Octillery Octillery
55 Skrelp
56 Wishiwashi Wishiwashi
57 Alomomola Alomomola
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