Top Ten Cutest Ways to Annoy Someone

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1 Keep tickling them

This totally sucks. I don't laugh, I smack people when they do this.

Just don't do this to me, or prepare to get slapped! - Entranced98

Aww... I love this list!
Tickling someone and hearing their protests through their laughter pleases me no end. - Britgirl

It's just so cute, and it makes you feel good when you see someone playfully poked on their sides or something. I don't have much experience, though, because 99% of the time I'm the one being tickled because I'm so insanely ticklish, that it's way easier to tickle me.
>.< - SansTheComic

2 Keep hugging them
3 Touch their hair repeatedly
4 Give them a pat on the back

Someone at my school did this to me back in the day and I actually didn't mind all that much. I'd rather have this a million times than tickling! - Entranced98

5 Run off with their toilet paper

This is why I always have a packet of tissues handy. - Entranced98

6 Talk in a high pitched voice to them
7 Give them a lil' slap
8 Sing "Baby" when they come near you
9 Flirt with them if they don't like it

Infinitely the worst on the list. A few creeps at my college keep doing this to me - it's horrible! - Entranced98

10 Make them watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Oh god this is for the devil only

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11 Tell everyone you're dating them when you're not
12 Kiss them on the cheek randomly

And hope that they are annoyed.


13 Keep bumping into them

Just make sure they aren't carrying giant maths textbooks, though. - Entranced98

14 Force them to watch dumb kills in GTA 5

Nothing cute about this at all. - Entranced98

15 Make them watch Dora the Explorer
16 Give them the MEMZ virus
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