Top Ten Cutest Ways to Annoy Someone


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1 Keep tickling them

I attack uncontrollably when getting tickled, so unless you want to accidently get smacked on the face, don't do this to me... - FireWasp2004

This totally sucks. I don't laugh, I smack people when they do this.

Just don't do this to me, or prepare to get slapped! - Entranced98

It's just so cute, and it makes you feel good when you see someone playfully poked on their sides or something. I don't have much experience, though, because 99% of the time I'm the one being tickled because I'm so insanely ticklish, that it's way easier to tickle me.
>.< - SansTheComic

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2 Keep hugging them
3 Touch their hair repeatedly

How about pull their hair and drag them around? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 Give them a pat on the back

Someone at my school did this to me back in the day and I actually didn't mind all that much. I'd rather have this a million times than tickling! - Entranced98

5 Run off with their toilet paper

This is why I always have a packet of tissues handy. - Entranced98

6 Talk in a high pitched voice to them

My "friend" likes to talk to me with a high pitched anime voice. It make me feels like my ears are gonna bleed - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

7 Give them a lil' slap
8 Sing "Baby" when they come near you

Seriously, no-one deserves this. - Entranced98

9 Flirt with them if they don't like it

Infinitely the worst on the list. A few creeps at my college keep doing this to me - it's horrible! - Entranced98

10 Tell everyone you're dating them when you're not

Well, if you do this then you will get teased by everyone in your class instead - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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11 Kiss them on the cheek randomly

...You don't wanna lose your teeth, do you? - FireWasp2004

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12 Keep bumping into them

Just make sure they aren't carrying giant maths textbooks, though. - Entranced98

13 Make them watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
14 Force them to watch dumb kills in GTA 5

Nothing cute about this at all. - Entranced98

15 Make them watch Dora the Explorer
16 Give them the MEMZ virus
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