Best CW's Nancy Drew Characters

The Top Ten

1 Bess Marvin

You Can't Be More Iconic and Funny Than Her - Liamou

She is THE BEST - Dyhy

2 George Fayne

I really love Her She is so funny - Dyhy

She is So Funny She is The Best - Liamou

She's just so funny I LOVE her - Froglamb2

3 Nancy Drew
4 Ace
5 Lisbeth
6 Ned Nickerson

I don't like Him at ALL but He is So HOT - Liamou

Hottie - Dyhy

7 Carson Drew
8 Owen Marvin

Really Really Annoying I Don't Like Him - Liamou

9 Ryan Hudson

Annoying iswtg - Dyhy

10 Lucy Sable

The Contenders

11 Tiffany Hudson
12 Katherine Drew
13 Karen Hunt

She is USELESS - Liamou

14 E.O. McGinnis
15 Joshua Dodd
16 Laura Tandy
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