Top Ten Best Cyberpunk 2077 Characters

Here's an exact list of the characters off of the futuristic, sci-fi game.
The Top Ten
1 Johnny Silverhand

I don't know which is which; Johnny or V or whoever, but they do have in common to take down a bad corporation in Night City. For Johnny, he's the Keanu Reeves of all cyberpunk ages even although he's a construct inside V's head.

2 V (Male or Female)

Male V or female V but also comes with 3 lifepaths; Nomad, Street Kid and Corpo. As for the endings; leave Night City as Johnny in V's body, leave Night City with Panam and the Aldecaldos, make a deal with Arasaka, suicide (which I prefer not to because it's bad) and become a Night City legend of the Afterlife. The choices are yours as V.

3 Jackie Welles

Sadly he has to be let go due to hellacious heist in Konpeki Plaza but he'll be remembered. As least teaming up with him to take down Scavs and Maelstroms was a fun time.

4 Judy Alvarez

Love this character in my opinion, but if you want to romance her you must play as female V to do that and have a happy ending with her when leaving Night City with the Aldecaldos.

5 Panam Palmer

Only Male V can romance tough-as-nails Panam and thus have a good ending leaving the city together along with the Aldecaldos.

6 Goro Takemura

You'll be working with a former Arasaka guard to take down Yorinibu Arasaka, but if you choose to make a deal with Hanako it might lead to bad ending. As for Takemura, you might wanna save him during a raid inside an abandoned apartment after confronting Hanako about the relic and the lies of Yorinibu.

7 Adam Smasher

A monstrous, bloodthirsty, killing machine that bring chaos on the city and to his fallen victims he slain including Johnny. You'll have to fight the cyborg juggernaut during a final boss battle.

8 Kerry Eurodyne

Samurai band member and friend of Johnny, but he did have his ups and downs in his career. If your were to play as a gay male V, you'll be romancing Kerry by now.

9 River Ward

While working with him to solve a crime of Lucius Rhyne's death and saving his nephew from an evil Peter Pan, you can romance River but only as female V.

10 Misty Olszewski

A sweetheart of Jackie Welles and helps you see some tarots and mysteries. Any more characters, add some items below. Soon, these characters here will have images once I'm done.

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11 Alt Cunningham
12 Rogue Amendiares
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