Best Cyberpunk Derivative Genres

Ah, Cyberpunk. The gritty, Noir-inspired Sci-Fi sub-genre that has been growing since the 80's and has given us things like Matrix, Blade Runner, and Neuromancer. It's also the sub-genre that inspired many other sub-genres of it's own, which we'll be exploring today.

Most, if not all, of these entries contain a certain aspect of technology being raised to a significant level, a trans-realistic and gritty urban style, and/or an approach to social issues.

The Top Ten

1 SteamPunk

Pretty much the most successful derivative of Cyberpunk. The home of steam power, Victorian culture, and zepplins. Typically more optimistic compared to Cyberpunk, reflecting the progressive era the genre is based off of. - RoleplayerR

2 MythPunk

Basically transforming ancient myths and folktales and making them into a story that challenges social norms. Almost like a grittier version of the Percy Jackson stories. - RoleplayerR

3 Post-Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk's happy-go-lucky, cheerful, and optimistic little sibling. This one if perfect for those who want to do Cyberpunk but want to avoid the dark, gritty and depressing feel of normal Cyberpunk. - RoleplayerR

4 ClockPunk

Renaissance style-technology brought to the extreme, with various clockwork machinery of all shapes and sizes. Basically what would happen if the Vinci went through with the his ideas for inventions like helicopters and cars. - RoleplayerR

5 ElfPunk

Putting Elves, Fairies, and other spirits in a story featuring gritty atmosphere and motor bike chases. - RoleplayerR

6 DieselPunk

Like SteamPunk, but with oil instead of steam, steel instead of brass, and an atmosphere similar to the period of the World Wars. - RoleplayerR

7 NanoPunk

Microscopic robots, tiny machinery, Grey Goo Apocalypse, etc. - RoleplayerR

8 AtomPunk

The genre of nuclear technology, exploring the dangers and fears of nuclear war. - RoleplayerR

9 BioPunk

Biological and Genetic technology replace Cybertechnology as a source of conflict. - RoleplayerR

10 Solar Punk

Based around renewable energy and solar power, and it also is concerned with Climate Change. - RoleplayerR

The Contenders

11 DreamPunk
12 NowPunk
13 DecoPunk
14 Cyberprep
15 Rococopunk

Adam Ant or Dr Who's "Girl in the Fireplace

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