Top Ten Cydia Tweaks

Cydia is an iOS device app that is installed automatically when an iOS device is jailbroken. Please choose your favorite Cydia tweak.

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1 SBSettings

As called "The father of all tweaks" and I think it's really cool. - captain-winner

2 Winterboard

That's why most people can't wait to jailbreak their iDevices, to customize how their phone entirely looks. - captain-winner

3 InfiniFolders

It removes the Apple restriction of how the folders can only stand 12 icons per folder. This tweak makes the folders handle infinite number of icons! - captain-winner

4 Activator

Built in gestures so you can save time doing many cool functions by just moving your fingers across the screen in any style you like. - captain-winner

The best Tweak ever

5 Barrel / Barrel 2

Cool home screen transitions for your apps. - captain-winner

6 iFile

With iFile, the user is able to access root files of the iDevice and do cool things with them. - captain-winner

7 Safari Download Manager

Download anything you want with this integrated download manager. It helps in saving time and avoids confusion. - captain-winner

8 LockInfo

Displays the necessary notifications on your lockscreen. - captain-winner

9 IntelliScreenX

Adding Notification Center to your lockscreen. - captain-winner

10 Dreamboard

The Contenders

11 Zeppelin

Change your carrier to a logo.. Like apple logo

12 IAP free

Free tokens hacked for your games or apps...

13 Graviboard

As they say: "Adds gravity to your SpringBoard", literally. - captain-winner

14 Auxo 2

Cracked with the biteyourapple repo

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Top Remixes

1. SBSettings
2. Winterboard
3. InfiniFolders


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