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1 My Band My Band

Best song ever. Eminem at the end was so cute with his salsa!

Great beat, hilarious lyrics!

I couldn't stop laughing when bizarre pushed eminem started singing took of his clothes and under neath he had a dancing outfit

It isn't amazing

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2 Fight Music Fight Music

Cool lyrics and the music is very good, plus this song makes you wanna punch someone in the face for no reason

Lyrically one of the best rap songs, individually every single verse has something unique in it.

Best d12 song ever, the lyrics are insane, the beat is insane, they all spit sick bars, and it just makes you want to king hit something

The lyrics are insane, the beat is Insane and makes you want to hit something. Should be number 1.

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3 Purple Pills Purple Pills

Should be number 2 but this is pretty good

Really good, funny and hilarious. Eminem's verse here was hypnotising

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4 How Come How Come V 2 Comments
5 American Psycho 2 American Psycho 2
6 Under the Influence Under the Influence

Great song its an Eminem classic

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7 When the Music Stops

Should be in the top 5 this is a classic rap song

The best! In fact the whole The Eminem Show is best!

Eminem himself admitted it's their best work

8 Rap Game Rap Game

D 12 just amazing I love get my gun fighting music my band rap game all D 12 songs

Great song one of the only ones from the 8 mile sound track

Incredible lyrics and flow. I'm a huge rap fan, and this is onw of my favorite songs

9 Good Die Young Good Die Young

One of the saddest rap songs ever

10 40 Oz. 40 Oz.

Hardcore rap song its just great

Haha agree its all out! top notch

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? Get My Gun Get My Gun
? Git Up Git Up
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11 Sh** Can Happen Sh** Can Happen
12 Revelation Revelation

This is decently the best d12 song. the beat the message everything. almost every artist has there best verse on there songs. the chorus is crazy and every member isn in this song. this should definitely be number 1 or at least in the top 5

Definitely must be in top 5. Great lyrics, instrumental, this song even has a solo in the end

13 American Psycho American Psycho
14 S*** On You S*** On You
15 Loyalty Loyalty
16 It Aint Nothin' But Music It Aint Nothin' But Music
17 Words Are Weapons

I can't believe this wasn't on the list! The beat is sick

18 Pistol Pistol Pistol Pistol
19 Ain't Nuttin But Music
20 Blow My Buzz Blow My Buzz
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1. Fight Music
2. Purple Pills
3. My Band
1. Fight Music
2. Blow My Buzz
3. S*** On You
1. My Band
2. How Come
3. Purple Pills

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