Best Songs From Daft Punk's Human After All

The french duo, Daft Punk have brought us many great songs but what are their top ten songs of their Human After All album?

The Top Ten

1 Human After All Human After All

The only really good one. - PinkHeno

2 Robot Rock Robot Rock
3 Technologic Technologic
4 The Prime Time of Your Life
5 Make Love

Such a relaxed and chill song. I love the fact that the song consists of 1 sample repeating over and over again, but it never gets boring. Great song.


6 Television Rules the Nation

I especially love the T.V. rules the Nation and Crescendolls duo!

7 Steam Machine
8 On/Off
9 Emotion
10 The Brainwasher
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Top Remixes

1. Technologic
2. Make Love
3. Robot Rock
1. Human After All
2. Robot Rock
3. Technologic


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