Daftest And Yet-To-Be-Tried World Record Attempts


The Top Ten

1 How many baked beans you can suck up your nostril

You crazy, crazy fool; it can't be done! NEVER MIND HOW I KNOW, JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! - Britgirl

2 Fastest time you can get anywhere without moving

Relativistically impossible. You're always moving relative to something. - PositronWildhawk

I'd give up my time to watch this. Seriously. Haha! - Britgirl

3 How long you can stare without blinking
4 How many top ten lists you can make in thirty seconds

I think I could do four or five, provided I didn't have to add ten items. Just a very short title. - PetSounds

5 Number of times you can cross the road once

Ye-es. If you can do this you're weird or extremely optimistic and ambitious - Britgirl

6 Longest amount of time you can spend with Justin Bieber

The record holder is obvious. Justin Bieber! With his underpaid bodyguards being second. He must have a pretty strong bond with them by now. - PositronWildhawk

This one wouldn't even be attempted let alone won by anyone - Britgirl

I won't spend a second with Justin Who even if I'm given a million dollars or pounds.
I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!?!? - Kiteretsunu

7 Number of comments on TheTopTens you can memorise in five minutes

I wouldn't even be able to remember this one. Good luck! - Britgirl

8 Number of times you can watch Lord of The Rings on a loop

Impossible. If my life, my family, my freedom and my very sanity depended on this I wouldn't attempt it - Britgirl

9 Length of time you can go without thinking

Oh all day. My mind's always a complete blank! - Britgirl

10 The number of hours you can talk without saying "I" "the" "of" "at" "it" "in" and "and"

OF all THE people IN THE world AT THE moment, who would attempt this AND break THE record?

Yep I did pretty well... - Britgirl

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