Top 10 Dagames Songs


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1 Build Our Machine

My favorite song to play on the piano

The tiny clarinet parts fit in perfectly for an old timish song. All the verses were perfect! This should be the best song he made yet!

This should be up higher. build our machine is an amazing song, for 1- the beat is on top and although it may be overrated- it still has an amazing style of music that fits the game and the lyrics are also good and don't go into different things. - Purplederps

2 Until Dawn
3 Break My Mind

It was such a hard choice but I had to pick this one. It's Time To Die, March Onward To Your Nightmare, I'm The Purple Guy, Game Over, Build Our Machine, Gospel Of Dismay, Heart Of An Artist, Get Out, Left Behind, they're all amazing but this was definitely the best. Everything is great about it! - TheRhysterRabbit

It's so good I listened to it when I was seven

4 Summon the Wave
5 It's Time to Die

Oh, gosh. It was such a tough choice. I love every single one of these songs. I still stand by my decision. - LeiaSkywalker

6 Brothers in Arms

This Song is great. I Love the Animations and the Music is a masterpeace

7 I'm the Purple Guy
8 March Onward to Your Nightmare
9 Not Here All Night

the rhythm

10 Heart of an Artist

I didn't realize this was already on the list. I added it again without knowing. But this song speaks to all the artists out there controlled by their fanbases. Along with that, I did this at my school's lip sync battle and the crowd LOVED it. It's an awesome song, very relatable. - Essention

The Newcomers

? Take My Breath Away
? Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat

What An Awesome Song Its Definitely Underrated I Think Should Be In Top 5 At Least!

In My Opinion His Best Song!

The Contenders

11 Dear Brother Dear Brother
12 Game Over
13 Flumpty's Jam
14 Left Behind (Sister Location Song)
15 Draw the Line
16 I Will Not Be Moved
17 Unfixable

At first, I thought, "oh great, another fnaf song." But then I listened to it and LOVED IT! It is so techno, and a good feel song.

18 As the Light Goes Out

I actually like this song for some reason

19 Get Out
20 Born Champion
21 Turn the Final Page
22 Open the Chest
23 Here Come the Ladies

Fun, catchy and amazing - Purplederps

24 Die Die Die
25 Another Date

I love it,and the beat is awesome

26 Brother of Arms

It's the best hit yet fron Dagames

27 Gospel of Dismay
28 The Path of Genocide
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