Most Damaging Real Addictions

If an addiction is defined as compulsive behavior despite the negative consequences, what are the worst? There are lots of things people say they are addicted to but aren't. We all do things sometimes despite negative consequences, but we could stop if we choose, so there is no compulsitivity. Conversely, we may engage in a behavior compulsively, but there are no significant negative consequences (like creating Top Ten lists)...

The Top Ten Most Damaging Real Addictions

1 Drug addiction

I’d vote for masturbation, but drugs are worse, as they risk your life and can damage your body. - TopTenTed

Heroin addiction is what killed him. And it shows an alarming fact. The number of heroin users is increasing in U.S. every year! And it has spread to the rural areas too (thus not confined to cities only). - Kiteretsunu

This killed Philip Seymour Hoffman two days ago. He'd been clean for 23 years and relapsed. Within eight months, he was dead. - Blue_Devereaux

2 Alcohol addiction

Not only a killer of the addict, but of everyone on the other side of the wheel... - keycha1n

This is the #1 killer - Curti2594

3 Sex/porn addiction

A deadly addiction that can ruin your life. Stop. - TopTenTed

4 Food addiction
5 Nicotine addiction

Killer of the user, as well as those around them... - keycha1n

6 Gambling addiction
7 Compulsive spending
8 Internet addiction

Oh, crap. I'm basically dead. - PositronWildhawk

According to an online survey, I'm severely internet addicted. Ah well... - keycha1n

It’s another of the deadly addictions. Enjoy your beautiful life! 😧 - TopTenTed

9 Gaming addiction
10 Work addiction

The Contenders

11 Sugar addiction
12 Masturbation addiction
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