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1 Phil is not on fire

I showed this series to my friends and we are all obsessed now! I LOVE DAN AND PHIL!

PINOF for short, this is their collab done on AmazingPhil's channel where they answer questions and wear sharpie cat whiskers. - AnonymousChick

2 Reasons why Dan's a fail

The Danisnotonfire wideo with the silly jingle at the star where he tallks about something he does and then everyone relates. - AnonymousChick


3 Dan and Phil play The Sims 4

There's like, more videos of this than any other type, or their collab channel, DanAndPhilGames - AnonymousChick

4 DanAndPhilCRAFTS

This is why people know, and hate us... and we must respect that.


What started as a silly april fool's joke created one of the most known YouTube phrases of all tome
"Don't cry, craft." - AnonymousChick

5 DanAndPhilGAMES

In general, where they play games. - AnonymousChick

6 Phil's videos where he tells a story

Basically he tells a story about something that happened in his life. - AnonymousChick

7 Story time with Dan

Where he tells a story - AnonymousChick

8 Everything related to their book or their tour

This year was amazing, becuase these people who upload once a month uploaded once a week for a while, all of them related to their tour. - AnonymousChick

9 Danandphil play undertale

This video series was the best!

I absolutely adoree this series

10 Internet Support Group

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11 The internet is here

Can we just take a moment and appreciate this song? - AnonymousChick

12 AmazingDan

This is the PINOF like collaboration that they do on dan's channel, but they haven't done it in years so that's why it's so far down. - AnonymousChick

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