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21 Maesi Caes

She is so flexible and an amazing dancer and shes great at hip hop

22 Vivi-Anne Stein

My favorite quote that vivi made is "I cut my finger on my mom's ring. I hope I can still dance" vivi was extremely good at a finger dance!

I don't like Vivi much, she isn't that great of a dancer

Vivi Anne is cute but she isn't that good at dancein

Vivi Anne is ok

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23 Paige V 1 Comment
24 Ariana Lopez

So pretty flexible energetic perect

Flexible & energiezed

25 Nick Daniels

Amazing dancer

26 Abby Lee Miller
27 Kamryn Beck

Kamryn was a member of the select team in Season 4 and was a very good dancer. She also had really good emotion and facial expressions and amazing technique and tons of talent.

Messed up at nationals. Not gonna forget

28 Fallon Chapman

Is she the one who forgot the dance and made it up, but abby got mad and told the judges to disqualify her?


29 Brianna Boyle

She is the coolest and I just wanted her to be on T.V.. THEY NEVER PUT HER ON. Everybody seems to forget about her, but she IS the best.

30 Tea Adamson V 1 Comment
31 Kaycee Rice


32 Jayden Bartels

Jayden is a very flexible, athletic, dancer that is a famous muser and should be higher on the list in my opinion

33 Saryna Garcia

Saryna is as good as (Jayden Bartels)Saryna use to dance with jayden,Saryna is very flexible.

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