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21 My Beauty

The girls put that together nicely I wish MacKenzie was in it more though

22 Twilight

One of my favorites! The music was beautiful along with the choreography. Love when the others girls dance as well but I think this was the perfect trio of girls, along with Nick, to really perform this piece the way it needed to.

Really underrated, my favorite

I think Twilight is one of the best dances. It definitely deserves top 5. Cassandra Kubinski's music is amazing. The coreographie was flawless and elegant. The girls and Nick were amazing, their technique was perfect and they told the story. Very well done! My personal favourite.

23 Bollywood and Vine

I love this style of dance. The girls were just amazing!

24 The Panic Room

Really enjoyed this dance! The girls pulled of the story very well!

25 Black and Blue

The girls danced beautifully as a unit and Maddie really portrayed the rule of someone who has been tormented for being different. Just a great work or art!

26 Angels and Demons V 1 Comment
27 Straight Outta Pittsburgh

This one was great they all had good form and good taste I loved it Bryan and Kendall were the best in the dance I think

28 Pink Lemonade

This was a beautiful dance especially when they took there hats off and there hair all fell down

V 1 Comment
29 Bad Girls

It's was so jazzy and fun! The girls had so much attitude and they looked bad!

30 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Kendall was amazing in this dance as the lead

31 Bittersweet Charity

This dance was so entertaining, loved it!

32 Electricity

This. Was. Awesome. Where have all the children gone and last text are better though.

This dance is way to mature

33 Yum Yum

Very entertaining and different from what the girls usually do

This dance was so entertaining and sweet...i loved this dance

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34 Ups and Down V 1 Comment
35 Frost

Just a beautiful piece! Abby's choreography and costuming where spot on and the girls danced effortlessly and with such grace. One of the best dances the girls have performed as a group.

They couldn't hear the music at the start, yet continued to do one of the best dances I have seen in a long time.

36 Alouette V 1 Comment
37 Tell Me What You Want

The choreo was so different from
what they usually do and they used their sass and personalities to pull out off! Definitely saw the Spice Girls up there!

38 Collateral Damage

One of my favorite dances. The music was very different and the girls danced so well to it and really acted out the story. Loved it!

39 The Atlantic

This dance was incredible and the girls amazing!
I absolutely loved it, one of my new favourites!

40 No Laughing Matters

The costumes were incredible, I loves this dance!

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