Top Ten Best Dance Moms Mini-Team Dancers

Hi guys I decided to make this list because I was bored... XD

The Top Ten

1 Elliana Walmsley


I don't even know why Lilliana is so high on the top 10. Elliana is just perfect: her tumbling, her flexibility, her technique (with Lilliana lacks of). Lilly has just flexibility and some "bouncy" moves - JustOneUser

Elliana is like Kalani and Maddie combined but a smaller version! She is my favorite mini on the show! Plus she was on DWTS JR so bonus points for that! LOL! Elliana is also a gorgeous little girl! Elliana can also do many styles which includes Acro, Jazz, Lyrical, contemporary, and more! Ps ( She can now do ballroom! )

Elliana is a perfectionist, which is why she gets upset some times. If her mother, Yolanda, didn't ruin everything for her, I think Elliana could be the next Maddie.

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2 Lilliana Ketchman

She may be the youngest, but she has loads of talent!

Lilliana has so much flexibility, plus she's great at ballet, and has amazing turns. She's got it all, plus, she's the youngest. - Mimiroanne

Lilliana has great acro skills and flexibility as well as showing expression when she dances

3 Areana Lopez

She's a turner. She has great technique, but Lilly has more flexibility, which is why she's first. - Mimiroanne

I think Areana will soon come out with a more spicy video to compete with this: t=102 - boce

4 Peyton Evans

Peyton is the youngest dance mom dancer and she is the best at acro and she is really good for her age

She's like Kenzie. She's only given Acro which she's awesome in, but she can also do other dance styles and she should be given a chance to do them. - Mimiroanne

5 Maesi Caes

Alright even though she isn't as young as Elliana or Lilliana, she isn't as old as Brynn so she's in between. She's great at hip hop, and she can do tricks that even the minis can't do. But she doesn't have the best facial expressions like the others, and not as good turning. But she's still amazing. - Mimiroanne

6 Alexus Oladi

She can do every dance style it seems, she's awesome, but she doesn't have a style that she's great in. Lilly can do stunning acro, Elliana and Areana can do Lyrical, Maesi can do hip hop, they all do it great, but Alexus can only do everything good. - Mimiroanne

7 Alysa Owen

Alysa was my favourite until she left.she was so sassy and picked up the choreography fast and pretty too

8 Kendyl Fay
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