Best Dance Moms Season 4 Dances

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1 Just Another Number

This dance is AMAZING! I loved the costumes and the song, but the girls did AMAZING in the dance! The choreo was great and different, and they all had great facials. It told a great story.

2 Party Party Party

Party party is so fantastic

Wonderful dance!

This dance was the dance that started it all! It was energetic and fun, and is a historic dm dance

3 Where Have All the Children Gone

This dance was so goodd I loved everything about it! It was kinda creepy but it was a great dance to watch and it told a really good story. but vivi and mackenzie kinda were human props

4 Cry

Maddie is my fave dancer EVER and this solo that she did is so good! She is so perfect and I want to b able to dance like her one the!

5 Witches of East Canton
6 Return to Grace

This dance was flawless and beautiful!

7 Yum Yum
8 Bollywood and Vine

My favorite! The girls hit a home run with this one. It was also a refreshing change from their usual lyrical. The moves were sharp and the girls hit all of them and were very in sync. Mackenzie and Kalani were the stars of it for me. I hope they do more dances like this.

9 The Seven Dancers

The costumes were cute

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