Best Dance Music Singles/Eps of 2016

house, techno, and everything in between
HM: Mall Grab - Menace II Society, Umfang - Riffs, Perfume Advert - Big Gete Star

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1 Winona EP - DJ Boring/Miagma

Side A ("Winona") is the true definition of a slow burner. Swooning synth pads, a satisfying groove, an excellent buildup, and a real emotive vocal sample makes this one of the best tracks of the year period. Side B ("You") is relatively more aggressive, but still comfy all the same. - Erucu

2 Outer Acid EP - Mr. Fingers

This 4-song EP proves that the originator still has it. Tracks 1, 2, and most notably 4 ("Aether", easily one of his best, most touching songs) are especially dreamy acid/deep house affairs, while track 3 is an undeniable body-shaker. "What's going on? /Qwazars/" - Erucu

3 U - DJ Seinfeld

Dumb ironic name aside, this track did what Andres did with "New For U" 4 years ago by delivering an emotional, bordering on melodramatic, piano-driven deep house track. An immensely beautiful song. - Erucu

4 AS EP - Amnesia Scanner

Some of the most mindbending tracks you'll probably hear all year, these 2 German producers based in Berlin offer some warped, twisted, distorted takes on UK bass and instrumental hip hop/trap. Peep the chipmunk rap on "AS Crust" and the dubby freakout "AS Want It." - Erucu

5 Workshop 23 - Willow

Even with only 5 tracks out (4 of which are on this 12"), Willow is definitely one to look out for. With skittering rhythms, deep sub bass, and off-kilter vocal clips & synths, she's undoubtedly indebted to dubstep/future garage as much as, though these 4 minimalistic house songs convey an uncanny atmosphere unlike any other this year. - Erucu

6 Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach - Bored Young Adults

My personal favorite modern-day producer, Blawan, adopting a brand new alias to deliver another set of heavy, sinister techno. However, these three tracks are overall a bit more subtle and laid back compared to some of his other hard-hitting releases like Long Distance Open Water Worker, and his other somewhat disappointing EP that dropped this year, Communicat 1022. Track "Check Up from the Neck Up" is the one to look out for. - Erucu

7 High Life EP - Byron the Aquarius

Some of the smoothest deep house in a minute, Byron the Aquarius injects some real deep infectious grooves with jazzy keyboards and even live drumming (track 2, "Run Sa," drums by Dimitri Walker). First track "Aquarian Voyage" truly has the perfect groove, it's a mystery as to why this dude is so underrated. - Erucu

8 Chapa Quente - DJ Marfox

Principe Discos mainstay Marfox dazzles once again with an incredibly joyous 6-track EP, taking influence from the techno, house, and rave music he's been exposed to while touring the US and Europe and merging it into his usual hi-kinetic kuduro and batida. The rave-influenced opening song "2685" is especially notable, with flute line is so infectious you'd be hard-pressed NOT to replay it! - Erucu

9 Sun Ra - Mall Grab

The 2nd Sun Ra shoutout on this list, coincidentally, this is some of the best lo-fi outsider house I've heard since Delroy Edwards' stellar Can U Get With in 2014. Closing track "Can't" is already lowkey poised to become a classic, and for good reason; an immensely touching song off of a great EP. - Erucu

10 Doornroosje - Marquis Hawkes

2 disco-influenced deep house tracks from UK born producer Marquis Hawkes. Expanding off of his relatively solid album Social Housing comes these funky, upbeat tracks, with a filtered yet highly catchy loop for Side A ("Discopuss"), and piano stabs + acid flourishes for Side B ("Doornroosje"). Good stuff! - Erucu

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11 Sala One Five - PLOY UListen to Sample
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