Joseph Vijay


He is Pretty Awesome Dancer. His Dance was Awesome To watch... He has the Best grace and Expression to his Steps... No age Category for his Fans for Dance... The Dance was appraised Even by Small Childs. His Dance are International Standards...

He is 37 yrs old... But dances like a dream... He can excel any of the so called young dancers... East or west thalapathy is d best... His expressions are cute n a treat to watch for... Dance is not aerobic exercise... It should be a bliss to watch one dance... Nw a days youngsters do aerobic gimmicks in the name of dance... But vijay is a natural dancer... His ease n elan is incomparable... Example for his dance skills is his film's audio albums... Be it an avge one... The thought that vijay is gonna shake legs for that songs makes the album a super duper hit...!

While shooting... If his dance maser, someone like prabhu deva gives vijay any hard movements... Vijay just watches it once and performs those steps without any strain on his face but with his cute expressions which attracts most of the audience by his side... If you look at his face... You will think that its all easy for him even though those steps are new to him!

Like MJ and Prabhu, he is not a professional dancer. Still he has proved himself excellent in the art for which he hadn't had any formal training or learning.

His movements aren't stereotypical as MJ's and Prabhu Deva's. Irrespective of the genre of music he is given, he can carry himself beautifully with ease. Even his haters can never deny the fact that he is a fabulous dancer. I rank this Ekalayva First for his mastery of the art without a master!

Effortless dancer, others listed in the post stick to one or two type of dance or dance the most which suits them very well, but vijay has the ability to dance all type of dance without missing single rhythm of music. Even in a melody song he will rock. He is the person next michael jackson and prabhu deva because they choreograph and dance very well. He deserves for at least for no3 position, no matter if he is first. His moves are amazing, can't beat

Vijay is the best dancer not only for his dance steps for his cool expressions and his own style of effortless dancing. He is the only one who can attract children as well as all age group. No one can deny he is the best, even fans of other actors. If he is there in the song or in any frame in the movie, the eyes are fixed on him, that is the charisma he has. He is a gifted dancer.

Thalapathy the king of dance, demigod of south India...
One of the best dancer our tamil cinema. And also a good hearted human being. Entertains with action, romance comedy and last but not least with Electrifying Dance Movements on screen and in real life humble person and an example for other actors... Thalapathy rocks forever... Always a brother for us

He is a perfect dancer to bring out what does a choreographer wants... Even though the steps are difficult but he wont show the strain on his face... Such a capable artist... Even he gave wonderful expressions while dancing perfect choreography with a power pack performance and with wonderful expression is the perfect combo of a dancer... Which that will be a treat to watch for the people who love dance... Vijay rocks forever

One of the finest talent in India. Just watch his steps he is a true rockstar

He might be confined to a region (telugu & malayalam, tamil, karnataka)... Definitely he is going to rock in future..

He is the upcoming great dancer with putting great efforts,
Even dances with grace...

I love him so much dancing skills acting skills.. He is the next super star

The best dancer of CHENNAI at present, he is young and dynamic in steps
He always rocking in his own way of dancing
Superb & stylish dancer number 1 can beat my VIJAY anna
ILAYA THALAPATY VIJAY always goes in his own passion

He is a great dancer, his moves are fantastic, his body language is simple and awesome, he did not learn in any dance skills but dances all type of dance, fast number, slow number, peppy songs, rocking songs, The lyrics of the songs will reflect on his face, meant to say such an expressions, without any strain shown on his face, effortless dancer.

He dances very superb. Compared two his dance no one can dance like vijay in Tamil film industry. He is also the best actor in Tamil film industry. He has won the best Tamil actor in Kerala. He is having the more fans next to superstar rajni. He is also called as the next superstar in Tamil.

ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY is the KING OF DANCE IN INDIAN CINEMA! For decades, He has been dancing absolutely Stunning where none other could beat it to date!
The Unequalled King of Dance, The Unmatchable Flawless one of the very few FINEST DANCER IN INTERNATION. He truly deserves to be in No.1 place in this list.

Watch vijay's ellaappuzhum(azhagiya tamil magan)video song, his performance is very amazingly. I like them. When he perform a dance, no strain on his face, my one of the favourite dancer is vijay. (1st vijay, 2nd hrithik roshan,3rd MJ... Etc) best of luck ilaya thalapathi vijay.

Dance movements are attention grasping... Awesome face expressions, attractive smile while dancing. Stamina is good enough for even a long shot, assault performance even for difficult steps. Dance is an art and he the only artist to do dance as art.

He is very next to prabhu deva in dancing...
Makes awesome expressions and effortless dancing skilled actor

Vijay is the best wow no words to express it he dances so well next to prabhudeva it is mind blowing and also next to ragava lawrence what a dance

he is the best will rock for ever...

vijay is the one and only mass dancer in tamil industry.. prabhu deva may be better than vijay.. but he couldn't become the mass actor... there are mass actors like rajni, ajith, surya... but they can't dance like vijay.. all have come together for thalapathy only.

Actually I want Vijay to be in the top 5. I really love him a lot and his dance... Dancing is in his blood... Proud to be his fan... He's one in millions, even billions... That's all I can say...

I can surely say that joseph vijay is not next to allu arjuna arjun.. Sorry to all the allu fan's (even I'm also)... But comparatively we have to accept vijay is better then allu but not then the raghava lawrence... So lawrence is 3 and vijay is 4 then allu... If your agree this vote for vijay and please add raghava lawrence...!

Cool charming actor
He loves his films and fans very much and awesome vijay rocks forever forever and I love vijay anna very much
Even I may compare vijay anna with Michael jackson but its not possible to dance as michael but vijay anna is different

Darling of Dance... He is Really a great Dancer Very Next to Prabhu Deva Master... Being the Role model for many dancers, He will Reach Huge Heights For sure...

The best dancer of CHENNAI at present, he is young and dynamic in steps he may not be as flexible as MJ are prabu deva but surely he is the master of his own skills

He is a legend and he should be first... He is a leading dancer in today's film industry... Vijay is a mass hero and has its capability of capturing a step at a sight of seeing itself... He is a real hero in dancing... He is rocking... And he will be rocking

Vijay is the best dancer... He is nearing his 40th age but he is dancing like youngster.. He is next to MJ... He is the best Indian dancer..