Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Of course, I will miss him. It saddens me that I will never get a chance to see him. When he did one of his concerts in 1984, I was still an 11 year old kid being raised in a small backwards hick town in the south, with no way to go and see him. Plus, I don't even think he came to my state. Janet did, but she is never going to be like him. No one will ever be him, and no one can ever replace him. I was in Seoul in June of 1999 and he was there. But I didn't go because he only sang about 3 songs, because it was one of those concerts where many singers performed. I would have loved to have seen ONLY Michael performing many songs. I am very happy that at least I can say I was inside the Raffles Hotel in Singapore last summer vacation. Michael is one of the celebs who stayed there in the past. That is the closest I will ever be to him. Someday, I will go to LA and put some gifts on his star at the Walk of Fame. I feel sorry for those who bought tickets for his London shows, and they can't ...more

Michael Jackson invented The Lean, popularized The Robot, The Moonwalk & Many many more popular dance moves. He is an innovator, A pioneer... And all the other dancers... I'm not gonna lie, they're great dancers... but they're no Michael Jackson... They didn't make small dance moves known all around the world, they didn't make dance moves there own... they're not well-known for there Amazing dancing... And they're not innovators or pioneers... they're followers... I'm not saying they can't dance I'm just saying they can't and will never be able to dance like Michael Jackson (= It's just impossible... although if you don't believe me and you can prove there's someone who can dance better I'd be happy to check them out :D... but until then Michael Jackson is the Best dancer EVER! XD All for L.O.V.E

M J is number 1 Dancer in world
His Dancing moves are Unique, and always pleasure to Eyes
His songs, and cloth style and and moves and presentation and with very smart mind, He knows his music, his dance and the thing which we want to see,... Dancing is one thing which every one can do! I mean to say that just moving your body with rhythm and song is not dancing... Dancing is some thing which gives pleasure to eyes and which make you dance and which we can not forget... And in that respect M J exactly knows how to do this... :-)
We love you M J

Michael Jackson will always be the BEST SINGER DANCER AND ENTERTAINER! Who gives a crap about Lady Gaga and justin beaver tail! MJ may be gone but he is always in our hearts and we love him for everything he has done! haters shut up because you will never have the truth, so don't waste your breath! love you mj! your biggest fan melis!

Hands Down! Michael WIN! He not only move like no other, he has his OWN style of dancing that one can only identify as "dancing like Michael Jackson. " HE INSPIRED AND WILL ALWAYS INSPIRE THE ENTERTAINERS OF TODAY, tomorrow and the future! No one will ever come close... NO ONE! Not even those he was inspired by. Anyone who tries can just "BEAT IT"

He is the king dancer of all time. He was a true creator and a self confident innovator. Unfortunately he was not lucky enough to see the true end of his wonderful career. If he had the privilege to use up all of the time he had in his lifetime he would surely be admitted in the hall of fame where only heavenly dancers have signed their names! Bravo Michael For what you have done in the midst of human race!

Michael Jackson is the King of Dance and Pop singing (King of Pop) no one in the world can take his place. He is the was best, he is best, and will be the best of all time in singing and dancing history. There is no match for him in the world, No one can take his place. He simply Rocks.
Love You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is such an influence to people all over the world! He was an inspiration to some the best entertainers of our GENERATION! No one can top him, he is such an unstoppable force. You just can't stop him. He was such a great man and he was done wrong. People mistreated him and people just need to appreciate greatness when they see it because they're going to be gone we can't see them again. Michael Jackson is a once in a lifetime type of person. He was a wonderful human being cared the earth. I don't get why people think he would do such awful crimes. God put him on earth so we can enjoy him not tear him down! GOD BLESS

Only one word.. beast dancer.. No one is comparable to this man.. Even though there is rumors that mj made a sexual relation ship with boy he is still most popular dancer, entertainer & man in the world.. This show what was the level of that man.. & critics also know that but they are just doing their work..

Michael Jackson is the best dancer and singer ever. I am his fan and impersonate him as good as I can. One thing is sure that no one can dance just like him. Because he is the best! He is very changeable, that makes him the best. He changes from danceing song Billie Jean, to a romantic song You are not alone, than changes to a song like They don't care about us! He's the best.

Michael jackson is the best dancer on Earth ever, no doubt! He will always continue to reign as the King of Pop! No one on Earth has been able to beat him so far, and I don't think anyone will ever will! He'll always remain the best for me... And millions of fans! Love you Michael... We are with you, always and forever!

Michael Jackson was one of the dancers who loved dancing not like others who didn't liked dancing but they were forced to do it for their daily earning. He enjoyed dancing, he loved it, he gave a level to it and last but not the least, he was god gifted fr it.

Even if he had masters to learn from (EVERYONE had), he simply was born to dance. Watch any move of him that you want and you'll see nothing but natural. It's just his Human Nature to dance. He may need to take some lessons how to walk, because his body only knows how to dance.

He's born with really great legs and he dance great. He is filled with infinitely energy, the stage comes alive every time he dance. It's like he's the god of dance or we can say that he's next to james brown and some other great dancers in history.

What impresses me about Michael is that he is admired by many dancers from other genres, and cultures. That's when you know you've made an impact. I could provide countless quotes from everyone from Fred Astaire, Nicholas Brothers to Michael Flatly about their love and admiration for Michael's impact in the dance world, but I'd be here all night. MJ is the only and first singer to be inducted in the Dancer's Hall Of Fame. He was an artist, a singer, song writer, composer and a beautiful dancer. He was one of the greatest dancers among other great dancers. Long Live the King!

Michael Jackson is definately the best dancer, entertainer, vocalist, pop musician of all time and even presently cuz no one can beat his records... MJ u rock my world... Love u to death... To all haters "BEAT IT"!!!

Michael incorporated all of the great dancers -- Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Patrick Swayze, Mikhail Barishnikov, and many others -- and created a distinct style alllll his own. Try as they will, no dancer will ever top the King of Pop. - fleurdemimi

Michael was a natural with any type of dance and performance. He made it look effortless to us and he enjoyed what he was doing. The thrill was in his expressions and from the screams of his fans... he was beautiful and an example... Come Together video... love mj xo - love4mjj

His dancing has opened so many doors to other entertainers and inspired many artists to go above and beyond. He introduced and invented many dances such as the Moonwalk and The Lean that mesmerized people. He is truly talented and an inspiration to me personally. Rest in peace Michael

Extraordinary dancer. Extraordinary talent in so many areas. A man who studied the greats and became even greater. He was a one of a kind who can never be replaced. The world lost a never to be replaced talent. Rest in peace, dear Michael.

Easily the best by miles, I don't know who this Indian guy below him is but I don't think he should have 8% of the vote that could be much better used on voting for MJ - IIBK

He is truly the best that ever lived. If someone tried to copied his moves then everyone would know who there from. He was extremely talented. He will always be my favorite singer and dancer of all time! I love you MJ! The king of music and dance forever and always!

With out a doubt the worlds best dancer ever, Moonwalking, spinning, forward falling he his Just flawless at everything with out a doubt. He made his own unique moves thats so hard to do but he did it GENIUS! I carnt take my eyes of him. Incredible dancer. - princessbev28

Of course Michael is first, I mean, he did all these amazing moves WHILE singing! He is incredibly talented! He could sing, dance, produce music, play piano, draw, make own choreography, play basketball and possibly much more. He was so famous, more than any artist could ever be. Everybody knew his name, and many peoole still do. AND he handled the fame so good! He was born to amaze us all. I'll be surprised and ashamed if I meet someone who doesn't know who he is.

The reason why I have made it this far is because of this amazing, talented, person. I've been dancing for almost 3 years, and I would have never performed in front of hundreds of people if he wasn't here. - silverthehedgehog0777