Top Ten Best Dangan Ronpa Ships

A list about the best ships in the DR franchise so far!

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Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x Peko Pekoyama (SDR2)

Their relationship is really interesting for me, and it's quite sad knowing that Peko are dead. I thought she did not deserve that kind of punishment.

They're so adorable together. I'm a peko kin and I just LOVE the ship.

The relationship between the two of them from when they were only kids to now. they are need to be together !

mm! love this ship, the chemistry was great, and pekoe trial was heartbreaking because of fuyuhiko! I can easily see them together/

Kaito Momota x Maki Harukawa (NDRV3)

I love these two so much, It's basically canon. When Maki confessed her love for Kaito before he was going to be executed in had me in tears, love these two.

They definitely liked each other canonically, plus it's really cute and they've got a good dynamic, one of the only good straight ships tbh


I think there a really good pair because Kaito was the only one who tried to get to know her more after everyone found out that she was the ultimate assassin

I really like this ship. Like Kaito was the only person to really try to reach out to Maki

Shuichi Saihara x Kaede Akamatsu (NDRV3)

Honestly, I think Kaede and Shuichi are adorable! Kaede was the first person who show faith and believe in shuichi, then convincing him to believe in himself too. Shuichi was pretty sad when Kaede was execute

The truest and most wholesome ship of all Danganronpa. You can't complain just because it's the main ship of the game. These two are my favorite together. Also, the bonus modes just enhance this as the primary ship.

This is the best ship of the whole Danganronpa series! Can't express how much chemistry they built together or individually while supporting the other. Love both of these two cuties to death. Saihara x Akamatsu for life!

When kaede got framed and executed and shuichi tried to get her down

Makoto Naegi x Kyoko Kirigiri (DR1)

They have been close since the beginning. If you spend all of the free times with Kyoko, she will always blush when you say that you want to hang out with her. THIS SHIP IS LIFE!

I like how this ship is 100% canon, also they help each other in every situation

I honestly just ship this because throughout DR1, they seem to get closer and they become like the top 2 "I know who dunnit" people. Ship!

adorable AND canon! it warms my heart how makoto cared for kirigiri and how they developed till the end of the killing game.

Sonia Nevermind x Tanaka Gundam (SDR2)

when sonia asked him if they could go on the rollercoaster in hell together, when he was about to be executed she begged monokuma not to kill him, and when she makes him blush when she compliments the four dark devas of destruction is so sweet also their personalities are really compatible for each other sonia being intrested in serial killers and the occult and gundham being into the underworld they're made for each other

Tanaka is my favorite character in the series. That's why I love this ship

They go together and when she talks to him he always has the blushing sprite

I watched just now the 4th class trial and reflecting on Sonia saying that Gundham is more than the Ultimate Weapon and Gundham's reaction I smiled and thought "Dead Nekomaru is now my idol" soo... yeah this is it.

Aoi Asahina x Sakura Oogami (DR1)

Sakura cared so much about Hina, and honestly, I feel like if Sakura had survived they should have totally got together. Like, come on! They are ultimate ship! ( Pun not intended )

Well... the 4th chapter's class trial... When Aoi blames herself for Sakura's suicide and says that everybody should have died with her was pretty cute, that's all.

They have a really great friendship. I almost cried at Sakura's death

Okay, friendship: Wholesome and great. Ship: lovely and pure. Ships between best friends: The best thing ever, and that's what this ship is

Tenko Chabashira x Himiko Yumeno (NDRV3)

Himiko got a lot of character development after Tenko died, although I think she's a bit boring and shouldn't have been a survivor, I think she realised she should've treated Tenko a lot better after she died and she got a bit more likable in my opinion, and this ship is adorable,


It was very clear that Tenko has strong emotion to Himiko and never let us down with this ship.

AGGGHH I wish Himiko were more kind to Tenko when she was alive, but they're just such beautiful lesbians

They're so cute together, it broke my heart how sad Himiko was when she realized that she was never gonna see Tenko again

Hajime Hinata x Chiaki Nanami (DR2)

It's practically canon in DR3, when Chiaki shouts Hajime's name and he stops, she wants to tell him something but is too nervous to.

I like Hajime and Chiaki more than Hajime and Nagito. Even, if Nagito might of liked Hajime, it was clear that Hajime didn't like him. I really liked this ship!

Their relationship is definitely far from cannon, but it is kinda hard to deny that there was good chemistry between the two. With AI Chiaki in the game or real life Chiaki in the stand-alone anime.

this ship is kinda similar to me like makoto and kyoko

Kokichi Ouma x Shuichi Saihara (Ndrv3)

I mean, kokichi had a crush on shuichi, Shuichi was the only person who was trustworthy in kokichi's eyes, after everyone left then virtual world and it was only kokichi and shuichi kokichi practically confessed to him, and in the love hotel scene shuichi was shuichi and kokichi was kokichi, the game confirmed this and shuichi after kokichi left said "i caught myself wishing he would stay" so yeah

I'm honestly pissed that Kaede and Shuichi is higher than this ship, because this ship is cuter! I love these two!

Pure chaotic energy
Childish x just wants to have a full nights sleep

I swear to karen everyone who says "sHuIcHi AnD kAeDe" are basic as hell! kokichi and shuichi belong together... PERIOD

Nekomaru Nidai x Akane Owari (SDR2)

both have a muscle inside their head, not a brain xd I like them together

Even after the despair disease she still cried for him. It's soo cute and almost cannon.

In the DR3 anime, they kept fighting (? ), but from the SDR2 game, we can see that they both cared for each other especially in that one moment (can't say more 'because of spoilers)

Why is this one so underrated?

The Contenders

Hajime Hinata x Nagito Komaeda (DR2)

They are super cute and love each other, best danganronpa ship

I get that this couple is not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally really like it.

Well...if it isn't obvious... When Nagito says to Hajime "Won't you feed me?" or something like this well... it sort of makes me laugh lmao and that was cute, I don't lie

Protag x Antag ships are always really good, but this one and Saiouma have to be in my favourites, Naegami didn't really do it for me, Nagito loved Hajime and these two are also officially canon, which I'm really happy about. All Nagito wanted before he died was someone who loved him and Hajime would be literally perfect for him, he needs someone to care about him and build his self-worth, give this boy affection please-


Mondo Owada x Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Dr1)

This ship is my life now.
Taka even voted for himself because he didn't want his best friend (or BOYfriend) to die. Their souls even merged together. This ship is too pure for this world.

Honestly, seeing Taka literally screaming and dying inside after Mondo's execution made me believe it actually could be canon! And ohmygod I hope it is because I ship them SO MUCH-

YES- They had a short period of development but Taka and Mondo really cared for each other, this is such an amazing ship, when Mondo got executed Taka was so upset, that was one of my least favourite moments in thh, he even voted for himself, I wonder what they were doing in the sauna though lmao-


Just the kind of homie relationship that only true bros would understand. These two are precious and would be married, wondering if its gay, but it shouldn't be because they said no homo

Byakuya Togami x Toko Fukawa (DR1)

Byakuya being cold and Toko being a bit too obsessed makes it one of my best ships actually

Although this is quite single sided but I feel like they could have gotten closer

I kinda ship this? I mean, Togami is a dick, but I feel like they could grow close

It's really cute and funny! I wished they would be canon, but the story chose to let their relationship as one sided and I have to face that.

Byakuya Togami x Celestia Ludenberg (DR1)

Wow, I like all the while a lot of people dislike!
Naegiri is Canon
Saimatsu deserves love
I have nothing else to say

They may not be a real thing, but I kinda ship it because they are similar in interests and both have the talent related to ambitions, money, and sucess. Also, they both seemed to be interested in European culture and fancy stuff.


This is my OTP

Miu Iruma x K1-B0 (V3)

They really looked cute in my opinion. If you search this ship on Google and look at the pictures, you can see some wholesome pictures. I thought it was really cute. And the Inventor x Robot idea feels good.

Oh dear... when Shuichi peeks in Miu's lab and sees both I laughed and got a bit disgusted and thought "I ship it"

very cute! the idea of inventor x robot is adorable and I love the idea of them together.

She's a disgusting se xual hara sser and the fact that she's "hot" doesn't erase that. It's toxic.

Komaru Naegi x Toko Fukawa (Dr1 + Drae: Udg)

Its practically cannon, the scene where they were sleeping next to eachother was so cute too

For Toko, Komaru kinda feels like the right type of person to show Toko that she doesn’t need to be basically stepped on to feel loved. And also, Toko can see that Komaru truly cares for her and she cares about Komaru too, despite her usually cold exterior.

Heckk yeah this is the true mvp of dr ships, my mind cannot be changed

Okay, honestly this ship is really adorable and closer to canon than most Toko ships. Like, Toko actually considers Komaru as her friends and they both build each other up and live together (as shown in DR3). Also, Komaru accepts Genocider Syo/Jack/Jill instead of being freaked out by her all the time (she does freak out at first, but warms up to her), unlike everyone else who is either scared of or disgusted by her. I honestly can't believe this ship is so underrated I love them-

Mondo x Ishimaru (Dr1)

This is actually a cute ship, they were very close friends, I've heard that if they both survived they would of lived together and fallen in love.

They had gotten so close, and it was seriously like ment to be. And when Taka didn't vote for Mondo, it really showed how much hope he still had that he wasn't the murderer, and he wasn't actually going to die. It broke my heart seeing Taka so crushed though.

Best ship. They're besties and I'm certain at some point they would have fallen in love

I don't know what to type here, but I'll tell you that tis BroTP is wholesome, even though both are dead. So this ship should be semi-canon.

Nagito Komaeda x Hajime Hinata (Dr2)

Canon as hell. You can clearly see komaessa liked hajime and hajime refused to show his affection, nagito killed himself and I instantly cried under my house becsuse hajime had a 'thank god he's dead now' reaction instead of 'naegi found sayaka' reaction

Wild card x voice of reason are always my favorite ships

I love this ship so much, it brings me so much happiness!

Make his pockets hurt Hajime

Byakuya Togami x Makoto Naegi (Dr1)

Honestly, I am not sure why I ship this, but I do. I seriously do. Especially after Makoto says he threw Byakuya off during Chihiro's trial for the first time. It was then when I knew I shipped it.

It's not a popular ship, but I love it. Byakuya shows some form of kindness to Makoto even though he's stern and rude.

this ship is the best
I think that Byakuya truly had feelings for Naegi, but he just cannot admit it
it kinda looks like a canon ship :3

Byakuya wants 2 raw him to be honest

Mikan Tsumiki x Ibuki Mioda (Sdr2)

Bandaid rights, Mikan just needs love and affection and someone to care about her and reassure her she's doing fine, and Ibuki would literally be perfect for that, these two are so adorable


I love wild card x more calm person so of course I love this ship, Band aid Rights!

Yeah, Mikan killed Ibuki in the neo world program but they would be a really cute couple! And I can’t think of anyone else to ship either of them with so-

Yin yang, red oni blue oni, manic pixie deam girl, this ships basically got it all, also I'm a sucker for ibuki helping mikan with her self esteem that's good stuff

Kazuichi Soda x Gundham Tanaka (Sdr2)

Sonia doesn't deserve these babies tbh, they're so precious, This is a really good ship, I love it


A hate you yet love you relationship, but theyd bond over small stuff so its okay

They are always going next to each and ghbfuhbjjh urs so cUTe I can't even-

So cute! I feel like they’d just be confused about everything tho, but it would be cute, also the fact that Kazuichi might be jealous of the closeness between Gundam and Sonia, it could be an OT3, but I just love kazuichi x Gundham. >o<

Hiyoko Saionji x Mahiru Koizumi (SDR2)

cuties! I love how hiyoko trusted mahiru and how mahiru helped her with tying her kimono, and when they took a bath together.

It would be sooo cute :) Mahiru is like the only person Hiyoko likes

Hiyoko literally has a shrine of mahiru

You can't forget the bathroom scene...

Kokichi Oma x K1-b0 [drv3]

I smelt that gay, no matter what, robots need equal love. so you're gay now

Cutest ship, I love how k1-bo is one of the only ones whp puts up with him

They're so cute together and they're chemistry is like... *Fangirls*, they could be pretty cute together


No words just yes.

Leon Kuwata x Sayaka Maizono (DR1)

I don't know whether to ship this or not but I kinda do. Leon even had a crush on Sayaka (I'm pretty sure at least) but its kinda sad how Sayaka tried to kill Leon (Leon only killed her for self defence)

I feel like Leon never wanted to hurt Sayaka in the first place

I know killer-victim ships are bad, and that Maizono is my least favourite character, but I have to admit that even my least favourite character deserves to be loved, too (and not by Naegi because I hate Naezono and Naegi belongs to Kirigiri)

Fun fact: The Danganronpa developers hated Leon and Sayaka. That's why they wanted them to be the first to be killed off

I think Leon was misunderstood and didn't had any bad intentions (he killed Maizono because of shock, he didn't planned to kill anyone) but I agree with Sayaka. Haha!

Kokichi Ouma x Himiko Yumeno (Ndrv3)

This is a ship that I actually hate, to be honest. He helped her and all she can do is bull y him along with everyone else because she's just a bad copy of Hiyoko. Frankly, I think that it's mostly because I hate Himiko that I despise this ship. Also, Kokichi has canon feelings for Shuichi, so stop saying that he loves her! And she clearly despised him, so she did not love him either! So stop saying it's canon, please!

When "Kokichi" in the exisal says "I like you to Himiko and she said "Nyeh..." I obviously thought of a ship-
ok I ship people too easily ;-;

So cute since she lost Angie and Tenko I think kokichi filled it. And to be honest Himiko never yelled at Kokichi when he made her annoying. Maybe she likes him? C;

I mean, do I have to say why?

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