Top Ten Best Dangan Ronpa Ships

A list about the best ships in the DR franchise so far!

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1 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x Peko Pekoyama (SDR2)

They're so adorable together. I'm a peko kin and I just LOVE the ship.

mm! love this ship, the chemistry was great, and pekoe trial was heartbreaking because of fuyuhiko! I can easily see them together/

Their bond was something special in my opinion and peko's execution made me cry like a baby the first time I watched it. these two are so good for each other.

This ship is so wholesome they really deserved better in my opinion. Plus I love them both!

2 Makoto Naegi x Kyoko Kirigiri (DR1)

adorable AND canon! it warms my heart how makoto cared for kirigiri and how they developed till the end of the killing game.

Literally the only one that has actually been proven to be canon. Also awesome chemistry.

I feel like they were just meant to be together from trial 1 bro.

I love this ship so much it was like they were made for each other!

3 Kaito Momota x Maki Harukawa (NDRV3)

This ship is so adorable! Although, I really wish Kaito would show SOME kind of sign that he cares about Maki, because once she professes her feelings for him, he just sort of brushes it off... overall, I think they're great together.

I cried a lot in Momota execution... Harukawa is like, breaking down...

*cannon noises* when Kaito hugged Maki I almost screamed haha, and Maki said she had feelings for him so.

HH adorable! many scenes of them together (hug, training, etc.) they seem so lovable and awesome!

4 Shuichi Saihara x Kaede Akamatsu (NDRV3)

When kaede got framed and executed and shuichi tried to get her down

I ship them even though I wanna ship kaede with a girl because she's a bisexual queen

These two are so precious together and they deserve to be happy in my opinion

my favorite drv3 ship! they had a lot scenes together and during her trial, shuichi really showed that he loved her.

5 Sonia Nevermind x Tanaka Gundam (SDR2)

They go together and when she talks to him he always has the blushing sprite

princess x goth edge lord, hell yeah! even if I might not like gundham that much, this ship is adorable!

I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be actual couple because their interactions are so adorable

I love this ship <3. So wholesome, and its not some stupid ship that has a bad relationship.

6 Kokichi Ouma x Shuichi Saihara (Ndrv3)

I mean, kokichi had a crush on shuichi, Shuichi was the only person who was trustworthy in kokichi's eyes, after everyone left then virtual world and it was only kokichi and shuichi kokichi practically confessed to him, and in the love hotel scene shuichi was shuichi and kokichi was kokichi, the game confirmed this and shuichi after kokichi left said "i caught myself wishing he would stay" so yeah

Kokichi practically professed love/feeling to Shuichi. Shuichi was just clueless. Overall, I find this as a cute pairing

Kokichi basically confessed to Shuichi I ship this so hard best ship

Honestly, they are just so cute together, and I feel like they actually like each other, compared to some other ships on this page.

7 Aoi Asahina x Sakura Oogami (DR1)

Okay, friendship: Wholesome and great. Ship: lovely and pure. Ships between best friends: The best thing ever, and that's what this ship is - Porck_Bunzz

This one is so CUTE! Hina literally has Sakura protect her when she's scared, which is so precious!

Ok but like they go on daily runs and then take a break at a local donut shop for a date

I Ship it so much they have a wonderful friendship what about as a girlfriend and girlfriend?

8 Tenko Chabashira x Himiko Yumeno (NDRV3)

AGGGHH I wish Himiko were more kind to Tenko when she was alive, but they're just such beautiful lesbians

They're so cute together, it broke my heart how sad Himiko was when she realized that she was never gonna see Tenko again

I respect it because I find them more in friendship not in relationship. I ships Tenko with Rantaro because he is the chilliest boi in dah game, and himiko with Kokichi bec they perfect (this is mah opinion TvT)

Tenko deserved better

9 Hajime Hinata x Chiaki Nanami (DR2)

This ship fits perfectly in the anime their bond is to cute to not ship uwu

Their relationship is definitely far from cannon, but it is kinda hard to deny that there was good chemistry between the two. With AI Chiaki in the game or real life Chiaki in the stand-alone anime.

They are so cute together!

I love these two together!

10 Hajime Hinata x Nagito Komaeda (DR2)

I get that this couple is not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally really like it.

Honestly I feel like this ship is super sweet and I really ship them

Really nice ship, honesly after Dr3/2.5 it became one of my favorites

They are so cute together idc what people say there adorable...period

The Contenders

11 Mondo Owada x Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Dr1)

MOST CANON! it was confirmed by spike chunsoft too! I love the sauna scene, their brotherly bond, and how take reacted due to mondo being the culprit

*it was heartbreaking to see how Kiyo was after Mondo's execution

This ship is very heartwarming. Plus the scene where Ishimaru didn’t wanna believe Mondo was the killer (MY HEART DIED).

Its obvious open your eyes when mondo was eliminated it was just like peko and fuyuhiko

12 Nekomaru Nidai x Akane Owari (SDR2)

In the DR3 anime, they kept fighting (? ), but from the SDR2 game, we can see that they both cared for each other especially in that one moment (can't say more 'because of spoilers) - MLPFan

Why is this one so underrated? - BestGrillIbuki

So sad when Nekomaru died and I saw Akanes reaction

Athletic babeys

13 Byakuya Togami x Toko Fukawa (DR1)

Although this is quite single sided but I feel like they could have gotten closer

I kinda ship this? I mean, Togami is a dick, but I feel like they could grow close

TOKO HAS FEELINGS FOR BYAKUYA. She calls him Master and that’s pretty kinky-

It's really cute and funny! I wished they would be canon, but the story chose to let their relationship as one sided and I have to face that. - MLPFan

14 Byakuya Togami x Celestia Ludenberg (DR1)

Wow, I like all the while a lot of people dislike!
Naegiri is Canon
Saimatsu deserves love
I have nothing else to say

They may not be a real thing, but I kinda ship it because they are similar in interests and both have the talent related to ambitions, money, and sucess. Also, they both seemed to be interested in European culture and fancy stuff. - MLPFan

SHIP! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

This is my OTP - TwilightKitsune

15 Mondo x Ishimaru (Dr1)

Why else would Taka be so sad when Mondo died?

They are gay for each other



16 Miu Iruma x K1-B0 (V3)

very cute! the idea of inventor x robot is adorable and I love the idea of them together.

She's a disgusting se xual hara sser and the fact that she's "hot" doesn't erase that. It's toxic.

Miu literally gave kiibo maintenance in chap. 3, if you know what I mean ;))))) - starryrcad

Best Semi Cannon Ship

17 Komaru Naegi x Toko Fukawa (Dr1 + Drae: Udg)

Its practically cannon, the scene where they were sleeping next to eachother was so cute too

Heckk yeah this is the true mvp of dr ships, my mind cannot be changed

Okay, honestly this ship is really adorable and closer to canon than most Toko ships. Like, Toko actually considers Komaru as her friends and they both build each other up and live together (as shown in DR3). Also, Komaru accepts Genocider Syo/Jack/Jill instead of being freaked out by her all the time (she does freak out at first, but warms up to her), unlike everyone else who is either scared of or disgusted by her. I honestly can't believe this ship is so underrated I love them-

I have to ship these two together!

18 Nagito Komaeda x Hajime Hinata (Dr2)

Wild card x voice of reason are always my favorite ships

I love this ship so much, it brings me so much happiness!

Best ship ever >:D

Okay this is my second favorite ship my first one is saioma Shuichi x Kokichi they're really cute and also this the most popular ships I've seen on pixiv and fandom 💜

19 Kokichi Ouma x Himiko Yumeno (Ndrv3)

This is a ship that I actually hate, to be honest. He helped her and all she can do is bull y him along with everyone else because she's just a bad copy of Hiyoko. Frankly, I think that it's mostly because I hate Himiko that I despise this ship. Also, Kokichi has canon feelings for Shuichi, so stop saying that he loves her! And she clearly despised him, so she did not love him either! So stop saying it's canon, please!

So cute since she lost Angie and Tenko I think kokichi filled it. And to be honest Himiko never yelled at Kokichi when he made her annoying. Maybe she likes him? C;

Its adorable!

It's adorable! - fym173

20 Kazuichi Soda x Gundham Tanaka (Sdr2)

They are always going next to each and ghbfuhbjjh urs so cUTe I can't even-

I ship this so much

Best ship I’ve ever seen

21 Hiyoko Saionji x Mahiru Koizumi (SDR2)

cuties! I love how hiyoko trusted mahiru and how mahiru helped her with tying her kimono, and when they took a bath together.

You can't forget the bathroom scene...

Hiyoko literally has a shrine of mahiru

They are the best of friends so...!

22 Kokichi Oma x K1-b0 [drv3]

Cutest ship, I love how k1-bo is one of the only ones whp puts up with him

They're so cute together and they're chemistry is like... *Fangirls*, they could be pretty cute together

It's just cute ok lol. Also Keebo was one of the only ones to believe in Kokichi's last words


No words just yes.

23 Mikan Tsumiki x Ibuki Mioda (Sdr2)

I love wild card x more calm person so of course I love this ship, Band aid Rights!

Yin yang, red oni blue oni, manic pixie deam girl, this ships basically got it all, also I'm a sucker for ibuki helping mikan with her self esteem that's good stuff

Band aid baby

Yes. Just yes

24 Miu Iruma x Kaede Akamatsu (Ndrv3)

Personally, I hate Kaede (for a couple of reasons) but she'll constantly flirt with Miu and it's so cute, I can't not ship them.

The scene where Miu got flustered when Kaede bowed to her made me ship this.

Honestly I think the chemistry would work great.*no more cause spoilers*

Kind of an aesthetic ship but you can't deny that it's cute.

25 Kiibo x Shuichi Saihara (Ndrv3)

This is legit my favorite ship out of all the Danganronpa ships

This one is basically canon (mostly seen in the manga)...


26 Byakuya Togami x Makoto Naegi (Dr1)

Byakuya wants 2 raw him to be honest

27 Leon Kuwata x Sayaka Maizono (DR1)

I feel like Leon never wanted to hurt Sayaka in the first place

I know killer-victim ships are bad, and that Maizono is my least favourite character, but I have to admit that even my least favourite character deserves to be loved, too (and not by Naegi because I hate Naezono and Naegi belongs to Kirigiri) - MLPFan

Fun fact: The Danganronpa developers hated Leon and Sayaka. That's why they wanted them to be the first to be killed off - TwilightKitsune

I think Leon was misunderstood and didn't had any bad intentions (he killed Maizono because of shock, he didn't planned to kill anyone) but I agree with Sayaka. Haha! - MLPFan

Leon and Maizono would be so cute together! Leon never wanted to be a baseball player but in fact a rockstar and since Maizono is a Popstar she could teach him, they were also great friends before the tragedy but didn't remember each other during the killing game, and ended up killing each other (technically) which breaks my heart

28 Makoto Naegi x Junko Enoshima (DR1)

God dammit at this time opposites don't attract.

Hope and Despair.

Why is this even a ship ew

29 Kaede Akamatsu x Rantaro Amami (NDRV3)

For me, they have a better chemistry than Saimatsu, I don't know why but they just look so good together!

It's cute, plus that scene where Rantaro paints Kaede's nails is so adorable.

The scene where he painted her nails. Adorable

I mean, nail painting scene

30 Chihiro Fujisaki x Chiaki Nanami (Dr1+2)

Fujisaki is sort of her dad...

I ship it

Same tastes

31 Gonta Gokuhara x Ryoma Hoshi (DR3)

This is a huge comfort ship for me, and I always have a soft spot for tall x small ships.

I don't know why I just think that the gentle giant should be with the adorable tennis pro ( ^ω^ ) They would be cute together


32 Makoto Naegi x Mukuro Ikusaba (DR1)

This ship doesn’t get nearly enough attention, I like it much more then Makoto x Kyoko

Mukuro has a huge crush on him, so

Mukuro and makoto seems cool

It makes to much sense to meh-

33 Kaede Akamatsu x Tsumugi Shirogane (Drv3)

Tsumugi legit had Kaede take her clothes off

Best ship :,)

34 Celestia Ludenberg x Kokichi Ouma (Dr1/ndr3)

In my opinion they would fit together very well, they both lie very well so I think that such a relationship would be interesting

35 Mondo Oowada x Chihiro Fujisaki (DR1)

Love the comparison of this ship
They both cared for each other
Mondo felt sorry for chihiro after his death

There brothers and (I kinda shipped them )

Cute, cute, cute

36 Aoi Asahina and Makoto Naegi (DR1)

I love how they are so caring for each other, theyll stop at nothing to protect the other.

I just honestly think it's cute

A mi me gusta mucho osea...en la 3 temporada se ve tan real :')

37 Kaito Momota x Kokichi Oma (V3)

I think this ship is so cute but very... Unliked? Sure. (spoliers→ HE DIED ON TOP OF HIS JACKET, HOW CUTE IS THAT?! It's sucks though... Kokichi had so much to live for, like lying, lying, truly broke my heart)

38 Izuru Kamukura x Junko Enoshima (DR1/SDR2/DR3 anime)

Hopeful Despair x Actual Despair.


39 Celestia Lundenburg x Hifumi Yamada (DR1)

Pretty cannon ship. (Also, I’m almost positive Hifumi has a crush on her...)

She is so mean to him but it's so adorbs

40 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x Hajime Hinata (Sdr2)

A rare ship but cute nonetheless

41 Kyousuke Munakata x Chisa Yukizome (DR3-Anime)

Well, they're dating. So... - MLPFan

42 Kyousuke Munakata x Juzo Sakakura (DR3-Anime)
43 Mahiru Koizumi x Sato (Dr3-anime)

So cute!

They cute or whateva

44 Sayaka Maizono x Makoto Naegi (DR1)

It probably helps that Sayaka is my favorite character, but come on. This is clearly th only ship that works for her.

45 Peko Pekoyama x Mikan Tsumiki (DR2)

The Sexy Soup scene was a lot of source for Peko x Mikan, it was pretty hot and weird.


you have dis

46 Ryoma Hoshi x Kirumi Tojo (DRv3)

Honestly, these Stockholm syndrome ships are generally terrible, but these two have such great chemistry, and Tojo really cared about him. She just cared a little more about her country though-


47 K1-B0 x Shuichi Saihara (DRv3)
48 Leon Kuwata x Kanon Nakajima (DR1/UDH)
49 Makoto Naegi x Leon Kuwata (DR1)

I was on a roblox roleplay and makoto was single and begging everyone to be his waifu or husbando and he wouldn't leave leon alone and kept asking to become his husbando so pretty valid for me-

50 Leon Kuwata x Kiyotaka Ishimaru (DR1)
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