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A list about the best ships in the DR franchise so far!
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Kokichi Ouma x Shuichi Saihara (Ndrv3)

I love this ship with all of my heart. You could tell Kokichi had undeniable feelings for Shuichi, he felt he could trust Shuichi and that Shuichi was the only person he could befriend. And the fact that Shuichi realized he couldn't change Kokichi's lying addiction, and decided to try and understand him and his lies. Shuichi is probably the only person that actually knows how Kokichi feels and that he exaggerates his emotions to make everyone think its all some joke when its really how he actually feels. Kokichi regularly calls him his "beloved Saihara-chan" in the Japanese version, and occasionally calls him "mister detective" or "mister Ultimate Detective". He also once called Shuichi "Shumai", as a parody to Kaito's "Maki Roll" nickname for Maki. Kokichi enjoys his company, finding him the most interesting person in the group when they were having their tea party and praises him often. He has also more than once mentioned that he is ...more

There is so much proof that this is cannon. In all the love hotel scenes Shuichi would play the persons ideal, but in Kokichis love hotel Shuichi is Shuichi and Kokichi is Kokichi. So everything Kokichi says to Shuichi is real. And at the end of the scene Shuichi actually wants Kokichi to stay but quickly smothers the thought. This ship is just too cute.

1. Kokichi sees Shuichi as his friend and probably the only friend in the killing game. Kokichi has issue on trusting people, but in all of the people in the killing game he thinks that Shuichi might be trustworthy than others (Which shows at Kokichi's whiteboard, he write "Trustworthy?" beside Shuichi's picture.)
2. Shuichi is probably the only one who understands and shows care to Kokichi. He bandages Kokichi's finger after the knife game incident, he always can see through Kokichi's lies, he tries to understand him.
3. They are the total opposite. Kokichi tell lies and in the same time Shuichi afraid of the truth, so they are OTP to me.
(There's a lot I wanna say how I adore this ship but I think it's too long so yeah-)
I pretty sad that Kaede X Shuichi ship is higher than this, this ship is underrated! O-Q

This ship is my favorite. I thought it was a weird ship when I first started to play v3, but then at the end of Chpt.5 when Kokichi said he was in love with Shuichi broke my heart. Because Kokichi died thinking the only person he loved hated him. And Saimatsu, I don't like it. I just don't.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x Peko Pekoyama (SDR2)

Can I just say that this is one of my favourite straight ships ever?!
It’s freaking adorable!
Fuyukiyo sees Peko as his one and only best friend, but I definitely see a spark there!
As for Peko, she protects her young master by all costs, because she sure loves him, but just cannot see it too much because of her duties.

At the end of the 2nd Class Trial in V2, we can sure see Fuyuhiko loves Peko, even he asks her to do t go and stay with him! The tear in their eyes are love!
I'm really say Peko died (But good he game was only a simulation!) , but it is such perfect!

One of the best and most canonic and not controversial shippings. It's cute, it's sad, and you know what? It's extremely well-written!

OTP I'm so sick of people saying they are related because they are not! Fuyu and Peko grew up together but that does not make them related, they were childhood f r I e n d s it's canon that fuyu has a crush on peko and just wanted peko to understand she's not a tool and she means more to him. Peko cares about Fuyu that even when she was getting executed she held him in her arms to make sure he was okay. they love each other and both of them deserved better!

Their relationship is really interesting for me, and it's quite sad knowing that Peko are dead. I thought she did not deserve that kind of punishment.

Shuichi Saihara x Kaede Akamatsu (NDRV3)

I feel like these 2 had such a great relationship with eachother and there is literally a scene where Kaede and Shuichi grab each other's hands before Kaede gets executed. It's really sweet and yes I prefer it over Saiouma.

This is the best ship of the whole Danganronpa series! Can't express how much chemistry they built together or individually while supporting the other. Love both of these two cuties to death. Saihara x Akamatsu for life!

Even though we don't get to fully see kaede spend time with Scuichi for very long, it's still pretty cute because of the fact that Kaede has faith in Shuichi. ^_^

Honestly, I think Kaede and Shuichi are adorable! Kaede was the first person who show faith and believe in shuichi, then convincing him to believe in himself too. Shuichi was pretty sad when Kaede was execute

Hajime Hinata x Nagito Komaeda (DR2)

Can I just say this is an amazing ship?

Lots of people see it as a legit disgusting ship, but think about it! Nagito may be a little bit out of control, but he legit tried flirting with Hajime that one scene where he asked to be fed by him-
Oh. My. God.

I can even say the fanart of it is super cute, if you look at it in a positive way.
And for me, gay ships are the one with the most chemistry!
Hajime and Nagito all the way up!

Well it IS cannon that Komaeda likes Hinata, and I just love the way that they act together. Besides, Komaeda needs a support like Hinata. Komaeda also has one dream, not to die alone. And that's why he kinda leans towards Hinata. Hinata's just too fREAKING blind to see it!

Nagito actually gives Hajime an indirect confession of his love. Ngito says that he loves 'the hope that sleeps inside hajime'. I'm guessing that Nagito was just to shy to actually say. But Nagito still flirts a lot him Hajime. Why does Hagime gotta be SO FRICKIN DENSE.

Their relationships aren't just about "aww look, nagitos is cute but he has hard life n he's depressed n sad :( he needs someone now n he needs hajime!"
Nagito's love to Hajime is truly something special, it something it's hard for him to tell aloud, and it also one of the human parts in him - this isn't because he loves him for his hope or talent, he loves him because he is just... him.
"I don't know why I still care about you."

Sonia Nevermind x Tanaka Gundam (SDR2)

Definitely my Danganronpa OTP.


I'm a sucker for opposites attract, and day and night ship tropes. Plus, their chemistry is my favorite.

They interacted once in Chapter1 where in Sonia compliments Gundham's hamsters. Gundham, not used to compliments- blushes, but their relationship developed more in Chapter 4 of DRv2, I really wanted them to interact more but I jut gotta say that their relationship definitely changed during their time at the funhouse bc they both like Occult, so I guess those were good enough. Yes, I love Gundham constantly blushing bc of Sonia- even in the trial...

Some may argue that their interactions are purely platonic- Sonia likes talking to Gundham bc of their similarities and Gundham only blushes bc he's not used to compliments. I beg to differ, there's definitely something more. I like to think that's why they got close in the first place, those two finally found another person they can relate to and accept them- and for ...more

These two are such opposites and they are absolutely perfect for each other. Gundham and Sonia share similar things they enjoy and Sonia is the only one that has ever made Gundham blush.

I love this ship! Sonia was also the only person to make Gundham blush. She was also really upset when she found out he was the culprit.

Both like the darkness and horror, love animals, what else? They are soulmates written on rocks!
Sonia and Gundham’s relationship goes further more than just a coincidence on liking the same things, they demonstrate caring and loyalty to each other!
It is amazing, adorable, and so strong!

Makoto Naegi x Kyoko Kirigiri (DR1)

Só sweet and amazing!
Kyoko projects Makoto and she always cared for him a lot! Even at that bedroom scene, golly!
I think both are really meant to be a perfect pair!

They have been close since the beginning. If you spend all of the free times with Kyoko, she will always blush when you say that you want to hang out with her. THIS SHIP IS LIFE!

I had another vote and who doesn't ship this. I personally prefer naegiXbyakuya but eh well hello go vote hajime X Komaeda or monokuma will make you the first execution for the upcoming non existant series of gay ships

I honestly just ship this because throughout DR1, they seem to get closer and they become like the top 2 "I know who dunnit" people. Ship!

Tenko Chabashira x Himiko Yumeno (NDRV3)

Clap clap* OKAYYY THIS SHIP IS AMAING WANNA KNOW WHY!?- Tenko Kept Himoko safe The whole Time, And Let me say She did a damn good job Himoko Ended up Living, Tenko's Death hit me Like a Train and I will never forgive Korekiyo for making me this sad, Himiko cried sobbed and was very VERY Worried at Tenkos death, I think this is a great ship Bc They cared so much for eachother And Himiko will never let Tenkos Death go down in Vain

It was so sad when himiko ran over to tenko's dead body and started to cry and call her name when she saw her dead! She didn't realize how much she meant to her until she was dead which really gets me

Absolutely adore this ship. The fact that Himiko was crying after Tenko’s death, made me feel so bad and I started to love the ship. I really wish Tenno lived

Tenko was so les for her, and the way Himiko cried after Tenko died, it was the most important Tenmiko moment to me and my heart was like fwa-dummm. Rip Tenko - Susie

Byakuya Togami x Makoto Naegi (Dr1)

The biggest comfort for me. Byakuya seems to have such a big connection to Makoto, to the point that he broke free of despair because of him, went into the neo world to save him, AND got kidnapped so Makoto could see his sister again. That's just the tip of the ice berg. I am in love with these two

I really do ship this-since obviously Byakuya feels nothing towards Toko and none of the other ships make sense. I like this sort of dynamic because of their strong connection and honestly its just a comfort ship for me

Well I know Makoto is shipped with almost all the girls he talked a while for. (Kirigiri, Sayaka for example) well other than that Byakuya and Makoto has a thing between them. We can see that in V1. The part about Naegiri (naegi x Kirigiri) is that Makoto only cried when Kirigiri died so different possibilities

Ok, this is going to be a rant/ vent.
Byakuya clearly doesn't like Toko. The reason for this is he was TW, sexaully assulted by his sister, and Toko reminds him of this sibling. AND, he was abused by his father, trauma on top of trauma on top of trauma. And Makoto is a bottom. No questions Makoto's a bottom.

Aoi Asahina x Sakura Oogami (DR1)

Literally the most canon ship in the entire series. Aoi and Sakura clearly have a great relationship, but it may have been something more...I wish that Sakura was able to survive, as she and Aoi would've had a great life together after they escaped the killing games.

I could see this being a thing really, since it did seem like Hina really did like Sakura. Sakura also seemed rather protective of Hina, which just made me squeal. These two seem really good for each other! In my book anyway,

Sakura cared so much about Hina, and honestly, I feel like if Sakura had survived they should have totally got together. Like, come on! They are ultimate ship! ( Pun not intended )

Well... the 4th chapter's class trial... When Aoi blames herself for Sakura's suicide and says that everybody should have died with her was pretty cute, that's all.

Kaito Momota x Maki Harukawa (NDRV3)

It's obvious Maki likes him since she ended up confessing her love to him before Kaito dies. One of her voice lines is literally her screaming, "KAITO!" She obviously had feelings for him and Kaito said he wanted to see Maki smile before he died. This is probably one of my favorite ships in the franchise and it's a huge comfort for me.

What can I say except it is cannon~?
Maki literally confessed to Kaito before his execution- Is there anything else to say?
Oh- Nothing! Both are meant to be!

Love it’s like pretty much cannon right? Tsumigi said she maid maki in love with Kaito and like makis taundere and kudere vibes mmh

I love these two so much, It's basically canon. When Maki confessed her love for Kaito before he was going to be executed in had me in tears, love these two.

The Contenders
Komaru Naegi x Toko Fukawa (Dr1 + Drae: Udg)

I can imagine Komaru buying Toko fairy lights for their room because she knows about Toko's trauma of the dark. I love this ship so much.

This might work though one love hope and the other love rich boy, they do Have the same problem though I have theory of it but still thinking.

Okay, honestly this ship is really adorable and closer to canon than most Toko ships. Like, Toko actually considers Komaru as her friends and they both build each other up and live together (as shown in DR3). Also, Komaru accepts Genocider Syo/Jack/Jill instead of being freaked out by her all the time (she does freak out at first, but warms up to her), unlike everyone else who is either scared of or disgusted by her. I honestly can't believe this ship is so underrated I love them-

For Toko, Komaru kinda feels like the right type of person to show Toko that she doesn’t need to be basically stepped on to feel loved. And also, Toko can see that Komaru truly cares for her and she cares about Komaru too, despite her usually cold exterior.

Hajime Hinata x Chiaki Nanami (DR2)

THESE TWO ARE ADORABLE AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE! They both had feelings for eachother which was very obvious in DR3. Honestly I cried when watching their last interaction before Hajime went with the Izuru Kamakura project. And he wanted to participate in the project also because he wanted to be worthy of her TwT. And I have a feeling that Chiaki was actually going to confess to him that dayyyyyyyy! Also their freetime events in the game are adorableeeeee! And then there’s the last trial in SDR2. Do I need to explain more? TwT

I like Hajime and Chiaki more than Hajime and Nagito. Even, if Nagito might of liked Hajime, it was clear that Hajime didn't like him. I really liked this ship!

It's practically canon in DR3, when Chiaki shouts Hajime's name and he stops, she wants to tell him something but is too nervous to.

Their relationship is definitely far from cannon, but it is kinda hard to deny that there was good chemistry between the two. With AI Chiaki in the game or real life Chiaki in the stand-alone anime.

Celestia Ludenburg x Kyoko Kirigiri (DR1)

Ok, I LOVE this ship. Our QUEEN Celeste is an odvious lesbain. But, my crush is a Kyoko kinnie and her gf is a Celeste kinnie and so they are the real life Celesrigi. It's quite sad because I'm a Celeste kinnie. Why can't I be the Celeste to her Kyoko. May I get a F in the chat

So cute, OTP. I love Celesgiri so much, It just works! I'm awful at explaining so if any other Celesgiri fans could help I would be greatful!

I just thought it would be better for them to be together!

Well this is not like a impossible one but it’s not possible either. But for me it’s still the best best ship

Mondo Owada x Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Dr1)

Mondo and Ishimaru really cared for each other and Ishimaru really cared about him especially while he was getting executed. The chemistry between the characters is great and if they survived they would have ended up getting an apartment together and maybe ended up together. I'm pretty sure they are both canonically gay too.

Taka voted for himself to keep Mondo alive, which was really sad. Taka really cared about Mondo a lot. This ship is really cute

Holy crap, I don't think there are words to describe why this ship should be number one. Just... read the other comments. They do the job.

In my opinion this is the best ship because Taka and mondo are just so adorable togetherness and their personality’s balance each other one out since one loves following rules and the other loves breaking rules. If they never turned out togetherness I would probably be a little annoyed but this is still an amazing bromance

Maki Harukawa x Kaede Akamatsu (DRV3)

I just think that they are so cute together!

This ship should be more popular! Have you not seen the offical art?

Too underrated. It's so cute! I love them so FREAKING much!

Nekomaru Nidai x Akane Owari (SDR2)

Who else cried in that chapter four scene

Imagine what it would be like to be Akane and be casually heading to grape tower when the body discovery announcement plays. Obviously there are still 8 people besides you, so any of them could be dead. But when you get to the tower, you see the sight that truly breaks you.

And she even felt upset she never payed him back. But I'm reality, all he would really want is for her to be happy.

Akane was always worried about nekomaru whether he gonna make or not, but not Just that the two them did share deep bond by training together.

The massage seen just made the Mua! It was cute how akane reacted in chapter four to nekumaru ded also DR3 it’s just like nekumarus behind a Akane

I already shipped them while watching the playthrough of the game and seeing as they cared abt eachother so much that Nekomaru jumped in the way when Monokuma was going to kill Akane. And when he came back as Mechamaru she was very sad at his death. And I also loved their interaction in the smexy soup scene which I thought was adorable and hilarious 😂

Miu Iruma x K1-B0 (V3)

Keebo said that he knew Miu wasn't a bad person once she died. He was the only one who really understood her and was close to her.

One of my favourite ships by far! Especially when Miu died, Kiibo said he wanted to cry, but Miu never installed a crying function. OTP

THEY ARE MY OTP! I was introduced to Danganronpa by an animatic of these two with the song ‘Stupid with Love’ actually.
And I have shipped them since then. (And back then I didn't even know who they were lol) If I tried to write my reasons as to why I ship them so much, It would probably take a day to write, and a day for you to read TwT

I just want good things for miu I’m going to be honest, another thing though is that he seemed to be sad about her death, and she really liked him.

Cute none the less.

Kazuichi Soda x Gundham Tanaka (Sdr2)

So cute! I feel like they’d just be confused about everything tho, but it would be cute, also the fact that Kazuichi might be jealous of the closeness between Gundam and Sonia, it could be an OT3, but I just love kazuichi x Gundham. >o<

So...its just me or Gundham wanna be Kazuichi's friend? When I play danganronpa 2 I always suspect this.. - Bea

I ship them. That's all I have to say. Maybe I'm just I'm love with their dynamic?

A hate you yet love you relationship, but theyd bond over small stuff so its okay

Sonia Nevermind x Chiaki Nanami (SDR2)

I really love how much sonia cares about Chiaki!

They Care And love eachother so much- I just-

OTP adorable amazing I love this


the way sonia cares so much abt chiaki right before she died is so amazing to me they’re so cute

Nagito Komaeda x Hajime Hinata (Dr2)

I honestly just really love their dynamic. I think it's valid if you don't ship it. But this ship is adorable and a comfort of mine

Canon as hell. You can clearly see komaessa liked hajime and hajime refused to show his affection, nagito killed himself and I instantly cried under my house becsuse hajime had a 'thank god he's dead now' reaction instead of 'naegi found sayaka' reaction

Pretty sure this is canon, they need each other and Nagito tried to confess and it’s actually a failed confession and he tells Hajime he loves the hope inside of him instead-

Wild card x voice of reason are always my favorite ships

Mikan Tsumiki x Ibuki Mioda (Sdr2)

I love this ship! Ibuki clearly takes a liking to her and I think she is the confidence Mikan needs, as Mikan liked Junko but Junko was toxic, Ibuki should have been a good match instead!

This should have been canon, also I love the opposite attract thing, like with mikan being really shy and sensitive, and Ibuki being easygoing and loud.

I mean ibuki did have a crush on mikan when ibuki had the despair disease and mikan had a TINY crush on ibuki to so its canon in some ways

Yeah, Mikan killed Ibuki in the neo world program but they would be a really cute couple! And I can’t think of anyone else to ship either of them with so-

Mondo x Ishimaru (Dr1)

Bromance is cute, this is cuter though! The sauna scene was yes, they got so close and seeing the second trial hurt. I literally had to stop watching the anime for like ever! - Susie

They had gotten so close, and it was seriously like ment to be. And when Taka didn't vote for Mondo, it really showed how much hope he still had that he wasn't the murderer, and he wasn't actually going to die. It broke my heart seeing Taka so crushed though.

This is actually a cute ship, they were very close friends, I've heard that if they both survived they would of lived together and fallen in love.

Practically canon, they clearly care much about each other and Spike Chunsoft themselves said if they lived they would have lived together but not realised they were romantically interested-

Hiyoko Saionji x Mahiru Koizumi (SDR2)

OmG oMg this ship is so cute! I absolutely love the aesthetic and how Mahiru helps hiyoko take a shower when every one else is complaining about how she stinks

Mahiru helped out Hiyoko so much and Hiyoko cared about Mahiru a lot, they never hurt each other and I don't ship this to fetishize them I think their platonic love is beautiful and is a great message.

I love how Mahiru was patient whit Hiyoko even with her always insulting everyone, I hated Hiyoko so much, and that's why I admire how Mahiru was patient. - Bea

Okay this has to be canon, Hiyoko only warms up to Mahiru and slightly to Hajime but she even tries to kiss Mahiru and takes a shower with her-

Byakuya Togami x Celestia Ludenberg (DR1)

They are so meant to be, it might not be canon but there is so many hints it is. They're perfect for each other money love for life. they make me so happy and I feel like if they were in a relationship they could help each other change for the better by learning about each other. In chapter 3 Togami always inserts himself in the case about h e r he didn't really do that for the others and I think he cares about her. I mean he was really respectful to her and even when she got executed ( r.I.p queen) he talked about her for a bit saying she probably hid it in the dresser room once again inserting himself. Also, in the game and animation they talk after each other and Togami was the one who cornered Celeste into her lie causing her to outburst revealing Yasahiro. He clearly cares for her more than Toko ( sorry for the shippers but it's true) even if he doesn't show it. AND they sit together so of course they talk and they stayed back together at Kyoko's Recess. In the Animation Celeste ...more

They may not be a real thing, but I kinda ship it because they are similar in interests and both have the talent related to ambitions, money, and sucess. Also, they both seemed to be interested in European culture and fancy stuff.

Wow, I like all the while a lot of people dislike!
Naegiri is Canon
Saimatsu deserves love
I have nothing else to say

I usually don't like straight ships but I love this one.

Miu Iruma x Kaede Akamatsu (Ndrv3)

Personally, I hate Kaede (for a couple of reasons) but she'll constantly flirt with Miu and it's so cute, I can't not ship them.

The scene where Miu got flustered when Kaede bowed to her made me ship this.

Honestly I think the chemistry would work great.*no more cause spoilers*

These two are super cute together, they have some chemistry and I prefer this over Saimatsu 100%!

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