Why I Don't Ship Naezono (Ship Breaking #2)

MLPFan Hi, I'm MLPFan and honestly, I felt that I should've made this post for a long time. I hate Naezono (Anti-Naezono ftw) and I'm gonna tell you why I don't ship this.
For those who like If not, LOVE this ship, you can read on (although you don't have to) and disagree, but don't use rude grammar or try to abuse or cyberbully me for writing my hatred towards this ship.
For those who also dislike this ship, welcome and keep on reading!
Yet EITHER WAY, please avoid any flame wars and especially shipping wars and enjoy!

1. What Maizono did to Naegi
She tried to use a boy's kindness for her own benefits. That's just terrible!

2. Maizono was NEVER Naegi's childhood friend
I did said "Childhood friends are the best!" With Peko x Kuzuryuu and you might be thinking "Naezono are childhood friends too, you hypocrite!".
Okay for your information, Naegi and Maizono are NOT childhood friends!
Their "past" with each other is like Ash and Serena's (except with Naegi and Maizono, They never had any contact AT ALL). They have almost zero interactions with each other in the past yet everyone is like "OMG!!! THEY'RE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!!! 1111!!!!". Please open a dictionary in what Is a childhood friend, otherwise what you're claiming is pure BS.

What I consider Is a childhood friend:
1) Someone you've known for 4+ years
2) You usually interact and played with the person in the past
3) You are FRIENDS with the person from childhood
4) You could go to the same school as the person in mind and you guys hang out a lot at school and even outside of school in the past
5) You've technically grown up with this person

What I DON'T consider as a childhood friend:
1) You went to the same school with the person In the past but you don't interact or had any contact with the person when going to the same school
2) You saw the person once but the other person didn't saw you, nor had any interaction with you
3) You only knew them for 3 years and even below.
4) You didn't grew up with them
5) You first knew them when you were teenagers (dude It's called CHILDhood friend for a reason)
Unfortunately the 5 I list as 'NOT Childhood friends' Is what Naegi and Maizono's "past together" was. They just went to the same MIDDLE SCHOOL (they went to different elementary schools), Maizono saw Naegi save a crane and wanted to talk to him but they never talked or had any contact, even at graduation. That's NOT what childhood friends do. I have several REAL childhood friends and I knew what childhood friends are.

3. Naegi's crush on her sounds like worship
I get it, many people would see their crushes as a god/goddess, but in Naegi's case, It sounds weird. I'm fine with him talking about how pretty or smart or whatever she is, but the scent thing gave me nerves! He'd talk about her unfamiliar, yet amazing (if not heavenly scent). IMO, Maizono's not even the prettiest one. Kirigiri, Junko and Celeste (as of DR1) are a lot prettier than Maizono. Maizono's character design is so bland and mediocre to be honest. She doesn't look as amazing as everyone else (I'll be honest, even Naegi's character design looks slightly cooler than Maizono's. I like the hoodie) not to mention according to the wiki, she plasters her face with make up.

4. Monochrome Answer is an annoying song
According to Maizono's CV, Monochrome Answer is about Naegi and Maizono's past before the killing games, I'll admit It, they might interacted at Hope's Peak, but as seen in the photos all they did was stand next to each other. And their past in middle school? What past? They didn't interacted in middle school! So It can be about their friendship at Hope's Peak. And to the point, yes, I find Monochrome Answer annoying. I listened to It once and the vocals killed the song for me! The instrumentals sounded awesome (I'm talking about the guitar that played before Maizono started to sing) but then, Maizono started to sing and I was like "Ok. I'm out". Her voice is so high pitched and squeamy! Mariah Carey also has a high pitch, but Mariah CAN sing and her voice wasn't annoying. While Maizono doesn't sound like how the SHSL Idol/ Pop Sensation would and her voice rather suits a six year old. Maizono doesn't sound like she deserves the title anymore (at least to me. No offence If you thought her voice was great). I've heard Celestia, Mukuro and Nagito sing before and they all sing WAY better than Maizono will ever dream of. And their talents have NOTHING to do with singing!

5. It's forced
It doesn't feel natural at all. They didn't interacted at middle school, although they remembered each other for some reason, we were forced to spend our first 3 FTEs with her for no clear reason, we were forced to talk to her on some discussion instead of someone who made more sense for the topic in question, and from the time she was introduced, Naegi ALREADY had a crush on her. Picture this:
Naegi: Who is she? I felt I saw her before but she's sooooo pretty and she looks perfect and-
Maizono: Hey, didn't we both went to the same middle school although we never talked before?
Naegi: Oh yeah! I remembered! The good old days when we went to the same school without having any interaction whatsoever! But you were so popular and amazing! And I will do everything I can to protect you!
Maizono: And we will be OTP and the viewers will ship us!
Kirigiri: (from the background) pfffft... :-P
That is Naezono in a nutshell.

6. The only other thing that Naezono fans excuse as proof that it's "canon" is how Maizono wrote 'LEON' on the wall.
They claimed that Maizono really did loved Naegi because of that, while it doesn't literally mean "love". She may have done it because to Maizono, Naegi is a very good friend of her, or from regret and pity.

And those are some reasons why I hate Naezono. I have some other reasons, but I'm too lazy to write all of them and It'll take forever for me to finish this If I were to write more. Seeya next time!