Top Ten Danganronpa Comparison Questions to Ask to Users

Both for the animes and the games ^ ^
Comparisons for the V3 game is also allowed but be sure to add some spoilers if you decide to put some spoilers to It!

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1 Despair arc or Future arc?

While Future arc has more action and has the forbidden action system, I prefer Despair, to be honest. But when It comes to the class year I prefer Classroom 78th over Classroom 77th, eventhough I like both. - MLPFan

After rewatching Despair arc, I have to say I rather have Future arc. Despair was disappointing to me - MLPFan

2 Naegi or Hajime?

I think both have different personalities even they're both the main character in the story of their respective story, but maybe Hajime. I liked how unlike everyone else who are Ultimates who belong at the main course, he was a normal student from the Prepatory course. That was a novelty, and made us shocked. When we all were still watching the first season or only played Trigger Happy Havoc, we thought that It's 100% true that all of the Hope's Peak students must be 'ultimate' students who are the best at what they do. And then, when we were all introduced to Hajime and the class 77th in Super Danganronpa 2(game) and Danganronpa 3 - Despair arc (anime) we all realized that not everyone who goes to Hope's Peak is instantly an ultimate. - MLPFan

3 Danganronpa 1 Byakuya or Danganronpa 2 Byakuya?

Danganronpa 2 Byakuya. I didn't really liked how cocky and arrogant the Danganronpa 1 Byakuya is. But I gained more respect to the DR1 Byakuya when he made his appearance in the DR3 Future arc. - MLPFan

4 Monokuma or Monomi?

Both are adorable, but I liked Monokuma better. He was hillarious and the dance he did in the animation OP was funny. - MLPFan

5 Hajime or Izuru?

Both, I guess. It's a bit hard to answer this. That they're pretty much in the same body but have different souls and minds, a bit like Touka and Genocider Jill/Sho. - MLPFan

6 Kirigiri or Maizono?

Kirigiri.All.The.Way. I hate Maizono. Maizono lacks likability, personality, and is too mary sueish for me. Too unbearable for me. - MLPFan

7 Trigger Happy Havoc or Goodbye Despair?

I always compare the cast and storyline... Goodbye Despair is better! - Tuana123

Goodbye Despair - MLPFan

8 Trigger Happy Havoc or V3?
9 Goodbye Despair or V3?
10 Shuichi or Kirigiri?

Both are the ultimate detectives in their story(Shuici=V3; Kirigiri=Trigger Happy Havoc and the DR3 animes) but I prefer Kirigiri - MLPFan

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