Best Danganronpa V3 Characters

The best characters in New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (THIS LIST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS)

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1 Kokichi Ouma Kokichi Ouma

His role as the anti-hero was played out nicely, especially since he would point out flaws that no one wanted to admit.

"You're too scared to point your fingers at others, so you hide behind the word trust. How do you expect to find the culprit when you're all worried about each other's feelings? " - Kokichi Ouma

He's done some morally dubious things, but he was the one who wouldn't play the mastermind's game. The fact that he calls out overly cheesy things and how people would only care about one another when they're already gone makes me like him even more.

Best boi, fight me

My boi is happy to be here owo

God, Imma love this damn loveable grape till my last breath, I tell y'all.

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2 Shuichi Saihara Shuichi Saihara

Definitely the best protagonist so far, finally one with a lot of story and character, just like we wanted. Still would've preferred Kaede however. - Danganronpa

That development

Cute little perfect cinnamon rolls

First of all, his design is pretty awesome. Probably has my favorite design out of all the DR characters. He's also my favorite protagonist. You may argue that he's a two dimensional chopped up version of Makoto or Hajime. I thought that at first too, but I changed my mind at the end of the game. Shuichi might've had the best character development out of all the characters. He's suffered so much, and had many of his friends die, and he had a lack of confidence. But, because of those who helped him, he managed to overcome his fear of revealing the truth, another theme of the game. Just like Kokichi represents lies, Shuichi represents truth. - MilesRS777

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3 Miu Iruma Miu Iruma

Best Girl in the entire series. Fight me

She is the best character in whole series.

She's one of the few characters that made v3 entertaining and funny. Best girl 10/10.

I was super late to Danganronpa, but Miu was seriously one of the most useful characters there. Yes, maybe she was extremely lewd and loud, but she first of all guessed the culprit twice and got it right on the first try, and she even guessed the mastermind right! Plus, if Kokichi hadn't asked her to invent a bunch of different things like the electro hammers and bombs, not even his own plan would have worked out! She deserved way more love, and I wish she could be higher up on this list. She really is an interesting character, that has a lot more to her than what meets the eye.


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4 Maki Harukawa Maki Harukawa

Best girl she was really well developed as well uwu

The worst girl. Selfish and edgy. Shouldn't be on this list.

Maki Roll! She's really badass, she's the ULTIMATE ASSASSIN, for crying out loud, and almost killed that pain in the butt Kokichi. The reason she isn't that up there, is because she can sometimes be a bit annoying. - MilesRS777

Best girl

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5 Ryoma Hoshi

Actual best boy, also he's still got a ways to go. - Danganronpa

He is best boi cause I have depress and he has depress

Still got ways to go

Severe outside, but kind inside. Ryoma overcame a lot of suffering and deserves true love.

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6 Rantaro Amami

He is such a nice calm, sweet, generous avocado! I wish he could've been in the game a bit longer, or for at least once class trial.

He's my favorite character because he had been a great help especially to Kaede. He's my Avocado Boi!

Rantaro is well... intriguing, especially for what appears to be his personality.
He should be more noticed by fandom, in my opinion.

(Sorry for the bad English, Brazilian here)


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7 Kaede Akamatsu Kaede Akamatsu

The best

Wish she would've been the protag honestly, loved her so much. - Danganronpa

I actually loved her ;-;

Oh, Kaede, how I miss you... Poor Shuichi had to suffer with the fact that Kaede's dead, and was framed for something she didn't even do. Kaede's optimistic and upbeat personality is just another reason to love her. She was also one of the people to keep Shuichi going, so I'll give her that. - MilesRS777

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8 Kaito Momota Kaito Momota

He's such a bro and I love him

Man Kaito was great. I need a Kaito in my life.

The best of the boys

Larry Bu- I mean Kaito Momota is the best bro you could ever have. Just like how Kokichi's the typical villain stereotype, Kaito's the typical shonen hero stereotype. He and Shuichi are sorta my BrOTP, and sure the typical "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" might've been a bit corny, like I said, he's the best bro - MilesRS777

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9 Gonta Gokuhara Gonta Gokuhara

Why is he so low? He is such a cinnamon roll and he's so pure and cute and kind and just wants to protect everyone!

he's baby

Gonta is a precious cinnamon roll! - lantern-tan

He's your typical gentle giant, but will get angry if you talk bad about bugs. I never really got what was so likable about him, but I'll admit, I got emotional during Chapter 4 - MilesRS777

10 Kiibo Kiibo

He is my pure child and I will fight you that!

I love Kiibo so much - Danganronpa

He is too pure for this world

Rip k1-bo because of kokoichi

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11 Angie Yonaga Angie Yonaga

Best girl

Used to hate angie, but now I love her a lot and atua. - Danganronpa

I love this character! People aren't attracted to her quirkiness and cuteness. I agree that she only wants to help those around her and spread hope in a hopeless situation.

I like her, should be higher! - aieesa

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12 Korekiyo Shinguji Korekiyo Shinguji

To be honest I think he's hot-

I love him, he was just so mysterious, so smart and so interesting!

Don't know how he's not in the top 10 list, who can't love Korekiyo :( - Danganronpa

Betrayzed by ze ded zizter...SAL-In other words,Kiyo needs more love.Poor guy...he needs therapy.Also... ZEE SSSAALTTT

13 Tenko Chabashira Tenko Chabashira

Tenko deserves more love ;-; - OrangeRin

Worst character

She deserves more love ;-;

best girl

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14 Tsumugi Shirogane Tsumugi Shirogane


Me in a nutshell - buttersock

15 Himiko Yumeno Himiko Yumeno

She's too sweet

Himiko is too precious for this world!

Himiko is best girl

She was the BEST cinnamon roll!

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16 Kirumi Tojo Kirumi Tojo

She is so underrated TvT - OrangeRin

(Spoilers) What?! She's below the mastermind?! As much as I like Tsumugi, Kirumi is tied for my favorite in this game (competing only with Gonta).

What?! She's so awesome! Why is she down here? I love her!

I feel She should be on top :|

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17 Monokuma

OwO I wuv monokuma

18 Hajime Hinata
19 Monotaro


20 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima

Junko is like the perfect evil and hot character to be honest don't no why people don't like her lmao who cares if she's the evil one

Because she's evil, not many people are attracted to evil but I am

21 Monosuke
22 Hiyoko Saionji Hiyoko Saionji

This is a list for V3 characters why is Hiyoko here

I don't understand why people don't like her! She's the same as Fuyuhiko with the fact that they were both jerks before Chapter 2. If only she had survived at least another chapter, maybe she would get the love she deserves.

23 Monodam

"First of all, he is already being threatened to death by the fat named Monoxide. He d e s e r v e s more love."

24 Monophanie

I like her puking noises

25 Monokid

I've GOT A ROCK HARD RAGER - Danganronpa

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