Top Ten Most Dangerous Cars In History

The Top Ten

1 Ford Pinto

A mis-designed gas tank made the car prone to explosions even in low-speed accidents. would explode when it was hit. - RustyNail

You forgot to mention that only rear end impacts caused this to happen - 8chAnonymous

2 Yugo GV

Its light frame made it susceptible to gusts of wind, strong winds have blown them off bridges, and poor materials and workmanship caused parts to rattle and fall off the vehicle over time. - RustyNail

Strong winds will blow any car around, the Yugo was just really unreliable though. - 8chAnonymous

3 Chevy Corvair

Unsafe at any speed.

The engine was located in the back and had a tendency of pumping toxic fumes into the cab, and its steering wheel ( actualy a piece of it) could break and gore drivers on impact. the steering was horrible, and it spun out a lot. - RustyNail

4 Pontiac Fiero

Had engine fires all the time, due to poor design, oil tended to leak onto engine parts after the connecting rod broke, igniting the blaze. - RustyNail

5 Smart Fortwo (Smart Car)

At 40MPH, the car could go airbourne in a crash, do to its light weight. and in any crash with this, weather a pickup truck to a semi truck, that tiny car is going to be demolished, and the occupants would be dead for sure - RustyNail

6 Suzuki Samurai

At speeds of 40 MPH or more, when turning it had a mad tenedcy to flip over. resulting in horrible crashes. so pretty much you COULD be safe, if you DIDN'T TURN! - RustyNail

7 Audi 5000

The engine would rev and the car would accelrate on its own, resulting in over 600 crashes in this cars history - RustyNail

8 Ford Explorer (90-95)

It would flip in turns like the Samurai, but the tires the company, ford, or the dearlership put on it. the preasure was lowered to avoid more crashes, but made it worse. the tire tread would de-tread, resulting in more horrible crahes. - RustyNail

9 Delorean DMC-12

Famous for Back to the Future. the car in crashes doors didn't have safty features on it, and the windows were to small to exscape if wreaked. - RustyNail

10 Toyota Yaris

When crashed, the driver/ passengers had no room for when imapct hit in the car - RustyNail

The Contenders

11 Velorex

A Czechoslovak design, which is basically a small trike encompassed by a steel/leather body. Also, the braking is criminally bad.

12 Ford Mustang
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