Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Sweden

The Top Ten

1 Malmö

Most dangerous parts and in the middle of the city, you have to go out of the city to avoid it as opposed to Stockholm and other big cities where the dangerous parts are far away from the city. - indo299

No doubt the worst city

2 Stockholm Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most populous urban area in the Nordic countries; 962,154 people live in the municipality, approximately 1.5 million in the urban area, and 2.3 million in the metropolitan area.

Central stockholm is fine. Just avoid suburbs at all costs - darthvadern

Where we get the term, 'Stockholm Syndrome.' - clusium

Central Stockholm is safe, but the suburbs such as Rinkeby, Tensta, Norsborg, Hallunda, Fittja, etc. should be avoided, especially at night.

3 Hofors
4 Gothenburg
5 Sigtuna
6 Helsingborg
7 Landskrona
8 Burlöv
9 Fagersta
10 Västerås

Västerås is fine - darthvadern

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