Top 10 Most Dangerous Elements on the Periodic Table


The Top Ten

1 Caesium

It looks like gold but don't be fooled for it is explosive in water and cannot be used as a jewelry! - JuliaRandomly

Pyrophoric and vigorously reacts w/ water.

2 Plutonium Plutonium

Used to make nuclear bombs. Ingestion of small amount can be lethal.

It belongs on top of this list.

3 Polonium

It's found in tobacco! Another reason to stop smoking! (It's highly radioactive, with it's most stable isotope being about 139 days. For comparison, uranium's most stable isotope being around 4.5 billion years! )

Not really. Polonium 210 is far from the most stable. The actual most stable isotope has a half-life of 2000 years. - bstrz04

4 Uranium

What r u talking about? I literally am around this stuff.


its goes boom

5 Mercury
6 Technetium
7 Fluorine

Reactive, electronegative and an oxidizer, Fluorine must deserves the first place!

8 Tennessine
9 Arsenic

Preety dangerous, toxic and has many allotropes although my favorite among the metalloids. - JuliaRandomly

If you try to combine even a few micro grams of this element it will explode, since you can only combine so little, scientist can't even be positive on what it looks like
That is why this is the most dangerous element

10 Oganesson

Just is dangerous. Don't mess with it

The Newcomers

? Curium

Trust me, you don't want to get anywhere near this one. - Rocko

? Hafnium

Because eating hafnium is bad for you.

The Contenders

11 Francium
12 Thallium

Sure kills lots of people. Dangerous is it's word.

13 Astatine

Yep it sure is


14 Radium

This element is rather notorious for being the one that killed Mary Curie. - Rocko

15 Chlorine
16 Lead

Toxic that was once abundant in uses - JuliaRandomly

Very rare Theese days


17 Californium
18 Radon

I think it's RAD

This is a radioactive noble gas, thus unable to create any compunds or be in a stable state.
Also this is the 2nd most common cause of lung cancer after smoking.
Might not be as dangerous as plutonium but definitely one of the most dangerous elements.

19 Hydrogen

Can kill you

20 Cadmium
21 Beryllium
22 Carbon

Well you need carbon to live, so...

23 Chromium
24 Protactinium

Super deadly. One bare touch and your dead.

25 Berkelium
26 Einsteinium
27 Potassium
28 Thorium
29 Osmium
30 Actinium
31 Lithium

Lithium is expletive if put in light to long

32 Titanium
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