Top Ten Most Dangerous and Exciting Types of Weather

The Top Ten

1 Tornado

O-O That is just...SCARY! - BloodFang

2 Hurricanes
3 Thunderstorms

I like Thunderstorms, but, it can be quite dangerous. - BloodFang

Yeah it can be exciting and dangerous to get a severe thunderstorm warning, it sometimes cool to see the lightning or hear loud thunder, but if it starts hailing like golf balls than it wouldn't be cool

We just had a thunderstorm an hour ago, there was lots of exciting thunder and lightning, one really bright lightning and them boom - trains45

4 Hailstorm
5 Floods
6 Blizzards
7 Gale
8 Sleet
9 Waterspout
10 Downpour

The Contenders

11 Snowstorm
12 Cloudy
13 Volcano Eruption
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