Top 10 Most Dangerous Happy Tree Friends Characters


The Top Ten

1 Lumpy

In "In over your hedge" Lumpy gets what he deserved

The only character that had killed Fliqpy and Flippy(Flaky injured Flippy not killed him and in the end Lumpy did the finishing blow) - Martial0612

He accidentally everyone kills - ihatetrump

Not only is he my favourite, and by far the funniest character in the show, he can barely do anything without killing the others.

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2 The Mole

He accidentally kills everyone - ihatetrump

Let’s admit it. He can't see what happens to the people around him but he’s definitely one of the deadliest character in HTF. Also remember that he became a secret agent meaning he did have some experience in killing someone. - Martial0612

3 Pop

He accidentally killed his sn - ihatetrump

4 Flippy (as Fliqpy)

He killed about one thousand people.

He should have been the #1 worst character on this show

Fliqpy probably plays grand theft auto in his free time...

Should be 1 he kills everyone else

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5 Flaky

How is flaky dangerous?

Flaky sometimes kills people just by accident and it isn't her fault. She's only a shy misunderstood hedgehog who accidentally kills people because of her quills

Her sharp quills.

6 Cuddles

I wouldn't say Cuddles is that dangerous

What? Cuddles is more dangerous than Flippy? - AnthonyBayens

7 Handy
8 Sniffles
9 Petunia
10 Toothy

The Contenders

11 Giggles

Giggles is just a sweetie(or maybe a brat).How could she kill?

12 Splendid

He accidentslly kills everyone - ihatetrump

He once farted and killed flaky by the toxic fumes

He has killed a character intencionally
The mole and with no justice reason

13 The Ants

These ants are so sadistic whenever given the chance. - Qryzx

fk ants

14 Mime

Look at the episode "Mime to five"

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