Top 10 Most Dangerous Happy Tree Friends Characters


The Top Ten

1 Lumpy

Not only is he my favourite, and by far the funniest character in the show, he can barely do anything without killing the others.

2 The Mole
3 Pop
4 Flaky

How is flaky dangerous?

Flaky sometimes kills people just by accident and it isn't her fault. She's only a shy misunderstood hedgehog who accidentally kills people because of her quills

Her sharp quills.

5 Cuddles

I wouldn't say Cuddles is that dangerous

What? Cuddles is more dangerous than Flippy? - AnthonyBayens

6 Handy
7 Flippy (as Fliqpy)

Should be 1 he kills everyone else

He is a veteran bear with post-traumatic stress disorder. Enough said.

How is this not on the list yet?!

How is he NOT number 1?

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8 Sniffles
9 Petunia
10 Toothy

The Contenders

11 Giggles V 1 Comment
12 Splendid

He once farted and killed flaky by the toxic fumes

He has killed a character intencionally
The mole and with no justice reason

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