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21 Chuckwagon Races
22 Endurance Racing

Endurance should probably be at the bottom. Yes, it has its dangers, just being on a horse is dangerous, but trust me, it is much safer than other events. The horse doesn't need to be going at high speeds, you don't really need to jump anything unless you decide you want to (if you break your neck then its your fault) and there's usually vets in the middle of this 'race' to make sure you are not pushing the horse too far as well as resting places. Plus most riders decide to go in groups, this helps the horse relax because it is in a herd with other horses, so it will be harder for it to be nervous or spook. The terrain is pretty silent, there's no crowd clapping or someone calling directions into a microphone that can scare the horses. Riding with other people and talking as they go also calms the riders themselves, which in turn calms the horse because their 'leader' isn't scared or nervous. It's all about how long the horse can go, not how fast and this alone makes it a pretty safe ...more

This event can be very dangerous. It can be very easy to get lost and if you are alone and get hurt it may be a while before you can get help. Most of theses are also in the woods, so it is very easy for your horse to get startled and either bolt off, buck, or rear making you loose control. You and your horse also have to be very healthy and fit to do this event because the usual length is 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles.

23 English Pleasure V 1 Comment
24 Polocrosse

You are going extremely fast, bending off a horse and the slightest fall can cause a lifetime of pain.

25 Saddle Seat

It's one of the less dangerous sports, but anything with horses in dangerous. I think this should at least be mentioned in the list

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26 Mounted Relay Races
27 Mounted Pony Games

I do mounted pony games and in the last year I'd say I have been in under my horse and stood on by him at least 10 times. Also in this you have to hurl yourself at a pint whilst they are galloping and jump onto then and before you even have your rains or stirrups you might have to bend down and nearly touch the ground if this is not dangerous what is.

28 Reining
29 Team Penning

You can fall in the middle of a herd of cows and get stepped on!

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