Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

There are bad internet challenges, but not everybody knows the comparison of worst or simply just dangerous.

Worst can also mean annoying, or vulgarly inappropriate, but this is just meaning dangerous, and some internet challenges are extremely dangerous.

Here are the most dangerous internet challenges.

The Top Ten

1 Fire Challenge

I would NEVER even think about doing that.

Don't EVER try this challenge, you will BURN and even DIE!
So will your house and/or environment. - nelsonerica

2 Salt & Ice Challenge

Some easily-led and foolish people have never heard of this. Now you've just told them all about it. Well done. - Britgirl

This isn't that bad iv tried it and actuaky did it more than 20 times on my stomch the worse that happened is it hurt for a week then peeled now its just a dull grey circle..js it ain't that bad

It is an unimaginable act of pouring salt on your skin and putting ice on it.
The salt will absorb heat from your skin and cause perhaps the worst frostbite of your life.
It'll BURN like HELL! and you'll be injured perhaps forever. - nelsonerica

3 Charlie Charlie Challenge

Don't ever do this challenge. A ghost will kill you

You summon a "ghost" named Charlie, and something moves, and you will freak out to the point of death.
Charlie would get you alive. - nelsonerica

4 Cinnamon Challenge

You'll choke from the cinnamon fumes, and when they get into your throat and/or lungs, you would suffocate, and it can kill you. - nelsonerica

5 Plastic Bag Challenge

You wear a plastic bag and you'll suffocate from the oxygen deprivation. - nelsonerica

6 Boiled Water Challenge

If you pour boiling water on yourself or others, it'll burn and you could pass out from it. - nelsonerica

7 Taser Gun Challenge

It'll hurt like bleep, and you'll be paralyzed.
That's what happened to one person. - nelsonerica

8 Cactus Eating Challenge

If you eat cacti, their needles will poke your mouth, and if it goes further down, it'll poke your stomach, and you'll suffer. - nelsonerica

9 Eraser Challenge

The friction and abrasion from the eraser would rub your skin off and burn it. - nelsonerica

I remember this, got banned at my school. - Skullkid755

I did this like 10 times, leaves bad scars - Lucretia

10 Tide Pod Challenge

Eating Tide pods was originally an internet meme/joke of sort before some idiots decided to base the next internet challenge that involves doing stuff that can hurt or kill you around them. If you eat one of these, some of the things you could experience include mouth irritation, vomiting, chemical burns, irritation of the stomach lining, gastrointestinal distress, respiratory distress if inhaled, burning and abrasions if it gets into your eyes, or even death in severe cases. - WindWakerFan

I give praise to Daym Drops making a video dedicated to spreading awareness about preventing people from taking part in Internet challenges involving the ingestion of home cleaning fluids and Tide Pods. Trust me, it's a great video everyone should watch. Seriously, I can only say I fear for what the new generation of our youth will be like if they continue to partake in these dangerous acts of idiocy that are so-called Internet challenges. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders

11 Pepper Challenge

If you eat really "hot" peppers, they'll trick your heating pain receptors into thinking you're eating fire, and it'll sensationally burn like Hell. - nelsonerica

12 Warheads Challenges


13 Backpack Challenge

Whats the backpack challenge

14 Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge really first started as a way to raise money for Als but as reality teens have to turn it into a game instead of doing it for the real cause. This was a serious cause and it was good to do in the summer and it helped the als foundation. It's sad that teens have to turn it into a game with other dumb rules. Please bring back the original challenge!

15 The Knife Game

♫I don't wanna know know know know♫ - WindWakerFan

16 Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
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