Top Ten Dangerous Jobs

Some jobs challenge the fortune of survival to many workers by exposing them to extremely dangerous situations.

The Top Ten

1 Roofer

Risk of falling leads to suffering serious injury. - illusion

2 Deminer

Takes patience, effort, carefulness to remove mines; risk is quite small, but could result on injury or death if removing mines in a careless manner - illusion

3 Miner

Mining is one of the most riskiest jobs; in a regular routine, miners inhale dangerous dust, chemicals. Risky accidents can also occur. - illusion

If anyone asked me to do this, I'd catch the next plane to the last place they'd look - PositronWildhawk

4 Logger

One of the most if not, most deadliest job. Workers get injured the most in this profession, many getting killed in the process. - illusion

5 Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector
6 Stuntman

No, I'd never do that! - HezarioSeth

7 Construction Worker

Higher chances of deadly accidents via forklifts and other machines. - illusion

8 Commercial Fishermen

And the things you may have to *gulp* catch. - PhoenixAura81

9 Professional Aircraft Pilot

Risk of unexpected aircraft failures, severe weather conditions, environment. For newer pilots, the salary may not be enough due to expensive training, but it all depends. - illusion

10 President

This should be first. JFK, people.

The Newcomers

? Sheriff Sheriff

The Contenders

11 Coast Guard Search & Rescue
12 Firefighter

True. The fire scene is a very dangerous place. If the fire doesn't kill you, the explosions and collapses can. - MChkflaguard_Yt

13 Electrical Power Lines and Repairmen

The risk of being electrocuted if not trained for this job properly. - illusion

My dad is one of them

14 Police Officer

Risk of being injured/killed if encountering an armed criminal. - illusion

15 Military Personnel

High expectations of dying during a war you're a part of. - illusion

You are expected to die doing this job. - sprotz

I agree with Sprotz

16 Farmers And Ranchers

Majority think farming is safe; farm workers are frequently exposed to toxic gases by synthetic fertilizers, manure and other hazards, thus making it a dangerous job. - illusion

17 Truck Driver

Accidents, if you're not careful. - illusion

18 Pornstar

Poses a risk of STDs; not an ideal job to consider. - illusion

19 Paparazzi
20 Astronaut

Has high risk hazards ranging from radiation, and a range of body weaknesses when exposed to space for an extended period of time. - illusion

There's always a chance you could die out there in space, or your spacecraft getting lost and never being found.

21 Bank Teller
22 Structural and Steel Worker
23 High-rise Window Cleaner

Very terrifying job, if you have a phobia of heights. Fortunately, accidents from this job is rare, but could mean fatality. - illusion

24 Dildo Maker
25 Hitman

You can get killed while killing - ListCreator

26 Security Guard

Stop it (gun fire Is then shot! )

27 Athlete

Accidents happen; mostly injuries, but could be fatal. - illusion

I mean people can get hurt anywhere doing anything, but most athletes increase that risk. If you don’t believe me watch boxing or football or wrestling and then think of the brain damage if not anything else

28 Zoo Keeper
29 A Member of Jackass
30 Refuse And Recyclable Material Collectors
31 Taxi Drivers

Most of the day driving, higher risk of collision accidents; suspicious passengers also applies as a factor. - illusion

32 Kindergarten Teacher
33 Painter

Majority of them fall from painting building walls at high altitudes. - illusion

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